Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Ready For The World To Come

Yes, "they" are busy working at taking away more fundamental rights (2nd amendment) and there are rumors of war and a whole host of stories and propaganda meant to agitate and misdirect, but I think one of the most ominous, disturbing and portentous of recent assaults along the front of "total war" . . . is what just happened to the Amish.  This is Soviet style oppression right here, right now!  And it won't be the end of it; it is only beginning, so be prepared (spiritually) for its continuation and expansion. That is, the deliberate targeting and persecution of Christians in the so-called "land of the free."

15 years in prison has been the judgment against some Amish who were simply involved in an internal matter of what we might call "church discipline."  Pedophiles, rapists, murderers and banking/corporate/government thieves who steal millions and billions are given no jail time, but a few women (mothers) and men are being sent to the gulags for cutting some beards.  Here is where the phony, trumped-up "law" of "hate crime" has all along been intended to be used--against the religious, especially Bible-toting Christians. 

Oh, you may have disagreements and concerns about their doctrine . . . but "first they came for the Amish and no one spoke up" . . . will lead to a wider and wider net, combined with new definitions of "mental illness" which will include such things as "believing the Bible is the word of God" . . . and simply believing in God at all . . . . Forced medicating, imprisonment, "re-education" etc. will be the order of the day--NOT just some random exception.  It will be standard operating procedure.

Ah, but here is where we will see the lambs separated from the goats.  Are you really a disciple of the Lord or will you buckle instantly or soon after the first stones fly?  Whatever we, in our limited, self-centered opinions may think of it, God often uses evil men and women, led by the hatred of the Evil One . . . to purge the Body of tares and CINO'S (Christians In Name Only) . . . .

And not only that, but we are to be in such a state of being and INTENTION . . . that we find ways to yet love the ones who spitefully use and abuse us . . . .

Our work is cut out for us . . . . Praise God, persevering . . . .


"When is cutting someone’s beard a hate crime worthy of a life sentence? When the federal government says so.
Sixteen members of an Amish community in Bergholz, Ohio, were convicted of hate crimes for a hair- and beard-cutting attack on other Amish in fall of 2011 .
Prosecutors charged them for hate crimes because hair has spiritual significance for the Amish, who believe the Bible instructs men to stop shaving once they marry.
The haircuts were meant to shame fellow Amish for straying from religious guidelines. The defendants argued the government was wrong to intervene in what was a family or church dispute.
The 16 men and women were convicted in Cleveland last year of charges including conspiracy, assault, hiding evidence and hate crimes.
Instead of the life sentence recommended by the government, a federal judge sentenced community leader Bishop Samuel Mullet to 15 years in prison. The judge sentenced 15 of Mullet’s followers to two-to-seven years in prison, including six women."



Jon said...

Hi Brother Thomas,

I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me over the past 4-5 years that I have followed your blog and have created my own in the spirit of "Brother Thomas Blog."

If you have a chance, I'd love for you to read some of my posts and tell me what you think.


Jon said...

Hi Brother Thomas,

I want to let you know that your posts over the past 4-5 years inspired me to create my own blog in the style of "Brother Thomas Blog." I would love for you to check it out and see what you think.

JC, PP's Bro-in-Law

Mark said...

In nature "the world"(mother) will have to consume it's spawn (religions) for survival of speicies. The "isms" are tower of Babylon religions and their turn comes

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