Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting With His Glory

Hopefully not being overdramatic . . . but I dare say that the forces of darkness are quite active on all fronts; not just in the social/cultural/political external realm, but up close to a person, trying on all sides to thwart, prevent, block, stymie etc., the retelling of God's glory and purposes--the feeding of the sheep . . . .

But for me, I will fight through it, so that in whatever humble, small corner salt and light are to be represented, THEY ARE . . . . Which is what we all must do . . . and WILL do . . . who BELIEVE!

Meanwhile, I want to talk some more about God's chosen people . . . .

I am more convinced than ever, due to ongoing experience, but especially from scripture, that God is COMPLETELY Sovereign . . . and that Jesus WILL and DOES save . . . to the utter end . . . ALL the lambs that He has been given by the Father.  He is not a beggar, dependent on some supposed relatively "good" and autonomous "free will" of DEAD, SINFUL, GOD-HATING man.  He is a conqueror!  He is the perfect king and shepherd of the flock, and He came for His bride and will have her.  Not just some of her.  ALL of her!  Victory.  No defeat.  Satan does not win a single soul that the Father created for fellowship with Him in Heaven . . . .

Now, one of the foremost things to understand in comprehending the whole plan, as far as humanly possible, is to get some notion of the GLORY OF GOD.  Not just as an abstract, vague statement.  But this is what it is ALL about, in the end.  Glorifying God.  However, we cannot impose OUR small, petty, self-centered ideas about what glory is or how and why God would want to do such a thing . . . .

First . . . we must get out of the way, realize it is not really about US, but about GOD and His infinite, majestic, I AM THAT I AM creative, personal glory . . . .

Then, from there, we can easier understand why it is that He designs a people---a Chosen people--for Himself, for that purpose . . . .


Patrick Poer said...

Brother Thomas - greetings my friend :) I've been reading these comments and on many fronts, I grasp the point and conquer, Christ is KING and the final authority in all things.

However, where I struggle is not that the elect are chosen, but the differentiation of the damned? If God saves to the utmost, how are those that are damned determined to be damned if not by their own choice? Otherwise, we are lead to universal salvation (all will eventually be redeemed) or a capricious God who ignores His own Gospel and picks and chooses the saved?

God gave us free will and by that free will man fell (and each of us has continued that choice personally) and by that choice we were damned ("in dying ye shall die"). And the call went out "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and ye shall be saved!" Implying a choice, believe and be saved or don't and be damned?

And if there is no free will, then what's the point of the Great Commission, evangelism and missions?

I believe the Bible clearly teaches BOTH pre-destination / free will, which are hard to reconcile in our 3-D thinking, but actually unite in more eternal realms. However, I believe both MUST be taught!

It's hard to capture all of this in a comment, and even in a short writing (maybe I need to attempt a longer, more detailed dissertation), but these are the questions raised when I read your post, and some recent ones like it.

As always, not submitted combatively, but in a Spirit of humility to seek your view in light of the above ideas!

Love you!


Mark said...

"Show me your Glory" Exo 33

......not mine

Gods chosen go by the name Israel

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