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Same As It Ever Was

That thread at glp looks like it has gone the way of trolls and shills as they say and usually do . . . so hard to tell if any truth to it, but I have heard from other sources that nasa itself recently put out a warning to expect to see more fireball/meteor-type objects hitting earth because of entering a space cloud of debris or something . . . . I also wouldn't be surprised if the same interests who are capable of spraying chemtrails nearly every day everywhere were also capable of creating a "fireball" storm . . . .

Meanwhile, whatever the case, nothing is more clear to me than the overall totalitarian takeover I've been expecting and seeing for years . . . which is here . . . and I've always thought the political/social/cultural "fireballs" and catastrophe . . . would be far more pernicious and oppressive and terrifying than any "natural" events . . . .

And that the only way to prepare . . . is the same age-old way to prepare regardless of the "times", as there have been political totalitarian AND natural disasters since the Fall . . . and that is to make God--the God revealed in Holy Scripture--the Lord of your life, above all other gods and idols, and to love Him above all else, including your life (your fallen, mortal, death-cursed life) and to realize that He is Sovereign and that everything you "naturally" do . . . is wrought from hating God and loving self, motivated by evil, so that, you finally surrender and the Holy Spirit takes over your life, purging and purifying out steadily the old, rotten and dead you, giving you a new heart and filling you with light and truth and beginnings of holiness . . . so that the lies and corruption of this world no longer have their hold on or in you--you are free--and growing in assurance and joy and conviction and humility steadily . . . so that the wicked may do what they will, but what you care most about is getting others saved before the end--before the final bell tolls, which it will . . . .

* * *

Okay, just for kicks and in case there are some new readers who haven't read this before and may be interested I am reposting a couple of the old fireball mentions, a brief one about my "St. George vision" experience back in '04 and then later the "Marduk" dream . . . .
2-7-7:    This is about the third or fourth time an instant–what I would call ‘confirmation–has followed mention of the “fireballs”…….So, I suspect and believe myself that they are going to be a significant event.

What are they? Well, for me, “fireballs” became something to note as part of a solid 3-hour incredible visionary experience I had on April 16th, 2004. Among a series of images, scenes I “saw” was one of large, house-sized fireballs hitting towns and areas . . . exploding whole communities to bits. It was nighttime when these were raining down, and the balls themselves seemed to be made of sort of pitch material, so that when they exploded on the ground, everything in proximity was sprayed with a near-liquid fire… that everything was catching fire all around.

2-22-07:    There have been a few times when very clear visionary experiences have occurred to me — I think everyone has them from time to time, and there is a distinct sensation accompanying these prophetic visions which is qualitatively different than, for instance, typical dreaming, imagination or hallucinations. They appear in the mind’s eye usually amidst a quiet, sober lucidity, and a spirit bears them which makes a point of attracting and holding the seers attention.

The visions seen . . . almost always feel imminent–as if they are about to happen, which is why so many visionaries crash on the shoals of date giving.

Unless told specifically otherwise, one avoids giving dates or timelines too specific, based on spiritual vision . . . but certainly one can prognosticate the timing of things using simple human reason and analysis. Sometimes these two modes of “seeing”a blend a bit, and, combined with the fluctuations that are occurring in the space-TIME continuum right now ……..well……….it is nearly impossible to predict dates . . . . . no doubt, for good spiritual reasons. We are, for the most part, MEANT to be in the dark . . . where FAITH can develop genuinely . . . . . .

But events . . . yes, they are seen and eventually arrive. At least for me, I am satisfied about the inevitability of various things I have “seen”–putting aside the potential dates for such.

One thing I fully believe is coming . . . relates to a dream I had during a very intense time of “visionary downloads”, about 2 years ago.

Forgive me for reprinting it here for those who have already read it . . . .

It was a quite unusual dream . . . very directed . . . very specific . . . and set before my mind’s eye in such a way that it was obvious to me that it was something I was suppose to see…….

Not because I have felt or “seen” anything about it recently–BUT, simply because I see that seemingly related concerns are continuing to pop up again…..I thought I would repost the original wording, recording of the dream which I had in May, 2005……….

For myself, I don’t doubt that what I saw in the dream of “marduk” will eventually come to pass. The way the news is being handled right now, for instance–the daily sensationalist, lurid diversions–is very similar to how I saw it in the dream ……… story after sidetracking story occupying the public attention . . . while a true threat loomed and drew near, unnoticed……

Anyway, here it is, a bit of a blast from the past, from the “lamb cafe” days …….. God bless


here’s the dream about ‘Marduk’ i posted 5-25-05:

“had a repetitive dream towards early morning today…….a couple of scenes/messages kept playing over and over like a repeating record or tape loop….two components switching back and forth….:

ONE PART was like seeing the pages of newspaper headlines and stories…and internet stories and different conspiracy theories and fringe topics…….with a voice saying that more than ever in the next weeks, stories and all kinds of floated theories would be put out as diversionary tactics………they were all diversionary…….


SECOND PART, where I saw outer space and an approaching ‘cloud’ of debris……..ob-jects… a big swarm ……and earth was entering or crossing its path……
and a voice said THIS is what’s coming, THIS is what ‘they’ fear and are aware of ………a giant rock storm from space…with objects of varying sizes……but devastating like a shotgun blast…… be hitting the earth…..and my mind thought of these and how they would manifest in the atmosphere and upon earth maybe as fireballs I’ve seen so starkly in vision before…. but also…….all kinds of sizes…….some harmless…..some not……….that increasingly…..they would start hitting… a trickling rain at first…a few here and there….over days, weeks….then increasing to virtual torrent……..eventually……

THEN, the scene would switch back to the diversionary headlines and geo-political events…..
then back to the vision of space and this cosmic debris cloud…..massive which the solar system was crossing paths with….or being struck by……..

On another level….the word “Marduk” kept being repeated…or associated with the alternating scenes…….

THIS went on for a while….in a kind of fitful sleep state…until I woke up……..

Don’t know if its just random subconscious babbling….or a direct message….or mix of both……….But it was stark and had a good degree of that ‘quality’ which prophetic type dreams seem to have………

just thought I’d register it, fwiw…if anything….
take care bros and sis’s……back to the fray…………….in Him for Him, my Lord and Master, Saviour, friend and Father….

thomas…… “ published 5-25-05, Lamb Cafe, by brother thomas,


When I had the dream I did not know what the word “Marduk” meant. I’m not sure I was conscious of even having ever heard it before. Back then when I googled it and checked around for what it might mean I was a bit shocked when I saw the results. Some of these are pasted below:

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marduk and his dragon, from a Babylonian cylinder seal · Enlarge … In the south
Marduk reigns supreme.

Marduk [mär’dook] (Sumerian spelling in Akkadian AMAR.UTU “solar calf”; Biblical Merodach) was the name of a late generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon, who, when Babylon permanently became the political center of the Euphrates valley in the time of Hammurabi (18th century BC), rose to the position of the head of the Babylonian pantheon.”

Ancient myths suggest that a giant comet may have visited the Earth a few thousand years ago, raining fireballs and meteors …. The Marduk-Tiamat conflict from Babylonian mythology, dated around 1400 BC. Tiamat, representing primaev-al chaos, gives birth to giant snakes, a horned serpent, assorted dragons and the like in preparation for a war with Marduk …. Other hints of an interest extending beyond the practical need for a calendar are to be found in the omen astrology of the Babylonians, which was largely fireball-based (a fireball is an extremely bright meteor), and in the widespread occurrence of icons apparently depicting comets, such as the omega symbol found throughout the Near East.

February 22, 2007

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Mark said...

We must be blind so we might see.

Who heal's the blind?

They trying to use you to fire up the fear generator.Their goal is to cause doubt and doubt is lack of faith and trust.Yes....all flesh passes, the spirit is eternal.

I'm no expert and like I said the sun is in a transition (growing up), watch the solar flares.All sorts of cosmic bodies are both entering and leaving our solar system.

The only thing I can suggest is quit listening to "Experts".now is not the time for anyone's intellect.

Like it says in "THE WORD".


Fear and doubt is Satans way!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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