Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On The Flip Side, Imago Dei

On the flip side of the same coin, we are Imago Dei, made in the image/likeness of God.  Fallen, yes . . . . a shattered mirror which only reflects a semblance of the divine image . . . but in potential, a glorious, wondrous, beautiful and perfect being.

I tend to beat up on you here, because I like you.  I expect that, besides those few who spy and lay in wait to catch a faux paux, anyone who visits here to read has got to be as serious about God as I am, and so, isn't interested in happy-slappy talk, fluff, ear tickling, or worldly self-esteem poison.

So, I hammer away on the ego--the "old man"--as I myself appreciate and enjoy when I hear a "hard" sermon or teaching that convicts me . . . on a regular basis.

At the same time, I don't lose sight of the goal and of the blessed, awe-striking gift . . . we ARE, and are GIVEN, which is to be a child of God!  To know that God, the Creator of the universe, of all that is, Who can hold it all in the hollow of His hand He is so big! . . . Who always was, is and will be . . . . Who is perfect love, power, knowledge, mercy--a PERSON . . . Who made and loves us--who is divinely jealous for us . . . .

This life is hard.  We live under curse.  This is obvious to anyone with the "eyes" to "see" . . . . Our fallen nature is devious, consistently wicked, the enemy of God and desperately pathetic; yet He loved us to rescue us and now we have eternal joy, peace, fellowship . . . creativity . . . among other things to look forward to!  As wretched as we are, still there are flashes and reflections of our God in us, and as Christ lives in us, we see Him in each other, through the fog, gleaming in the darkness!  What wonder!  What hope!

Some will judge the earth with Him . . . . Crowns of glory will be passed around . . . . We will dine with the Lord and He will serve us, we who ran the race of faith and are mustered into the Kingdom! . . . . We have Paradise restored, new again . . . to inherit, and we will be blissfully comfortable and belong there.  Just as we barely understand or recognize the depths of our actual depravity and sinfulness in this life . . . we also do not in any way really appreciate the glory and reward that awaits us in the hereafter.  Glimpses are given . . . . We know that the troubles of this life are not to be spoken of, in comparison to the glory to follow!

We look around and . . . the trials and troubles of this life, for many, are horrendous!

Thus, the reward to come is not equally as good . . . as this place is "bad" . . . but even far beyond an equal comparison! 

Because it is so astonishing and glorious--what we have to inherit--He tries us now, and suffering is our constant companion, so that we remain in a place to be humble, broken, not puffed up, that we may be constantly seeking Him for solace, for friendship, for direction and meaning . . . .

Let us hurt and pray for those who "have it good", for nothing could be scarier and more alarming, than when "things go your way" . . . . We know He chastises those He loves!  What is it with these who seem to prosper and float easily . . . in a world--this world--ruled by the Liar?

God blesses and loves you today!


Mark said...

Amen,..tough love yes,abusive no.


Anonymous said...

pray for maria. pray for me.

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