Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making It Real

No fear . . . no worry . . . . . .
--Has got to be the state of mind, place of being as we enter into the days of tribulation and persecution.  The anti-Christ spirit is everywhere and spreading . . . . Militant global Communism's "long march" through the culture, through the government . . . AND through the churches . . . is wrapping up it's positioning and the final hammer blows are about to be struck.
Where do you stand?
With Whom do you stand?
Consider the many, many martyrs and persecuted Believers . . . who have, down through time, been willing to die--and happily--for the truth, with little thought or concern over their worldly affairs.
What state of mind must you be in, so that when the troubles are near and fierce, you remain calm, confident, at peace and even full of joy for the promise you believe and live by?
There is nothing, in terms of preparation, right now that is more important than to daily be becoming familiar with and living in and as that person--the one whose faith is strong, unshakable . . . . Jesus said, finally, have faith and love--with these two commands, all the rest fall into place . . . .
Pursue God every day, truly as if it were the last day and nothing else mattered but to be close to and pleasing Him.  Shun darkness, turn from sin, abandon once and for all that "old man" who died on the cross with the scapegoat, with the Lamb . . . .
Nothing is more sure than death . . . for one and all.  Don't be caught surprised when that day arrives, as it may come quicker than expected.
But what is to fear?  Nothing . . . NOTHING! . . . to those who have already final victory and who really, truly, deeply BELIEVE AND LIVE it!
The reality of the coming world, of ultimate justice and especially of ultimate grace . . . should be to you every day far more real than the to'ings and fro'oings of this corrupt, wayward, evil loving world, which is slated for destruction . . . and then comes the renewal--the new heaven and the new earth!
Don't let this just be intellectual, faint wishes . . . just words half read, barely believing but ignored in the moment-to-moment, day-to-day.
No, have it be REAL! Living faith! Powerful, convicted, broken, grateful . . . EVERY MOMENT--as often as possible, upon waking, while working, in the evening . . . .

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Mark said...

Read Daniel 1-4.

I have revealed "the rock"

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