Saturday, March 2, 2013

"It Hated Me First"

[Brian Westley said...
"Sorry, no cookie. Humans will and always have defined what "right", "wrong", and "evil" means."]

Bingo!  You've found the cookie!  Indeed, humans will and always have defined what "right" and "wrong" and "evil" mean . . . because, as "says THE LORD JEHOVAH: I shall put my law into their minds, and I shall write it upon their hearts."  --Heb. 10:16
Because there ARE absolute rights and wrongs, good and evil . . . humans have always been led to establish them in laws, morays, taboos . . . .

[Anonymous said...
"my thoughts would be that when preaching in the true spirit of the word of God it wouldn't provoke violence...I have to wonder....but love would offer hope to an already lost and hurting world."]

With all due respect . . . I see that it is probably just the opposite of that.  If it were true that "preaching in the true spirit of the word of God . . . wouldn't provoke violence" . . . then are we to suggest that Paul, who was stoned, beaten, imprisoned many times over, for preaching the Word of God . . . did not do so in "the true spirit of the word of God"?

How about all of the other Aposteles, who, we think all but one perhaps . . . were beaten, crucified, stoned and each violently attacked . . . when they preached?  Did THEY not have the "true spirit of the word?"
And all of the Christian martyrs thereafter by the hundreds, the thousands who were likewise violently opposed, tortured, murdered . . . ?  Are all the Christians now sitting in dark, rat infested dungeons, being tortured, beaten, starved, executed . . . for their beliefs and often for their preaching of the Gospel . . . NOT "preaching in the true spirit of the word?"
In the early days of his public preaching John Wesley was many times assaulted, attacked by angry, violent mobs . . . . Who suggests that HE did not preach in the "true spirit of the word of God?"
And, of course, surely we don't suggest that Jesus, who WAS the Word . . . AND the Spirit AND God Himself . . . did not preach in the "true spirit"?  What was the reaction to Jesus?  Why did the people of Jesus' hometown, once He started to preach, chase him out and attempt to throw Him off of a cliff?  Another time, why did they pick up stones to kill Him?  Why, indeed, was He betrayed, beaten, scourged and crucified? 
Because the natural "man" HATES God and often violently reacts to the preaching of the Word of God.  The Gospel is offensive, foolishness to "those who are perishing."  --1 Cor. 1:18
The Bible is clear . . . that the world hates the Gospel and that the natural man is enemies with God.  Jesus said that if we are hated for His sake, we must know that He was "hated" first . . . . --John 15:18
False Gospel teaching does not provoke to anger or violence, on the other hand.  Look at the "mega" churches, such as led by Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren . . . . These false teachers are invited to the top levels of (worldly) government and the media.  Their watered down, tickling of the ears, "God is your girlfriend"/"God is your 'homeboy'" false doctrine does not offend and few in the WORLD have trouble with it when Olsteen says he doesn't like to preach that "Jesus is the ONLY way" . . . .
It appears the case, looking at the Bible's own description of the matter, and the records of all the martyrs, through the ages to the present time . . . that it is not only feasible--but to be expected--that the preaching of the Word of God causes violent, angry reaction in the unsaved and perishing.  It is a great offense to the natural, rebellious, fallen person . . . .

Indeed, God's love does offer hope to a lost and dying world . . . but His justice, His perfect holiness infuriates the renegade self seeker, who abhors that there will be ultimate consequences for his or her deeds--law breaking and rebellion . . . .
"Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets."
Luke 6:26
God bless and thanks for the comments and ponderings--I do enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions.

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