Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is It Finished . . . or not?

What distinguishes the Gospel, The Way, Biblical Christianity . . . from ALL other religions or so-called "paths to God?"

Why is it such "good news?"

The answer is found in Justification, upon which all saving theology rests--it is the linchpin, the CRUX, if you will . . . . Are we justified by what Christ did . . . or only partly by what He did and then we must do some more?

Can you lose your salvation?  If you can, what "good news" is that?  Is it not a terrifying, depressing notion to think that someone completely "DEAD IN THEIR SIN" has to somehow yet be "alive" enough . . . to choose rightly?  And that God is dependent on that . . . rather than God chooses who He will and none who chooses shall be lost?  Which is the "good news?"  And why do some supposedly choose God, but other don't?  Is it because the former are better . . . more righteous?

Oh, the many subtle ways "works righteousness" keeps slithering into the plain, glorious Message!

When Jesus said, "It is finished" . . . was it really finished?  Did He finish it then and there?  Or is there still something you must DO?  Is God able to save all those He wants to save?  Or does man have the power to resist God, to thwart His Sovereign will?

Do we worship God . . . or the free will of man?  Does God save, or is it up to man to save himself in the end?  The world will answer one way.  Jesus, when he answered such a question, offended the thousands that were following Him who all went away angry, discouraged and rejecting . . . . Only a few remained.  Are many called but few chosen . . . or are all called and many accept?  What did HE say?

Is God's love the same for every single creature, or does He love some more than others, in a different way; like how we may love a friend, a sister, a leader . . . but we love our wife or husband or child differently?  Do we reject hard truths, perhaps because we don't understand them, and then create our own notions of how God OUGHT to be . . . and then make doctrine of that?

More . . . in a bit . . . .

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Anonymous said...

I remember your advice to read books that aren't necessarily of the "modern" mindset. I recently discovered Donald Gray Barnhouse, and am reading his book, The Invisible War,The Panorama of the Continuing Conflict Between Good & Evil. Extremely interesting read. He comes from a Calvinist that's been interesting too. Have you read any of his work??

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