Friday, March 29, 2013

GF to my BF's

Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God.
Silent prayer.
Almighty and eternal God,
long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and your teaching to Moses.
Hear our prayers that the people you called and elected as your own
may receive the fulfillment of the covenant's promises.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

+    +    +

The noble Joseph when he had taken down Thy most pure Body from the tree wrapped it in fine linen, and anointed it with spices, and placed it in a new tomb.
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.
The angel came to the myrrh-bearing woman at the tomb and said:
Myrrh is fitting for the dead, but Christ has shown Himself a stranger to corruption.


Linda L. said...

Amen. Continuing to pray that the Jewish people will find their Messiah who has already come.

Linda L. said...

and blessed Good Friday to you, too!

Mark said...

I set before the an open door.

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