Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fireballs anyone?

"There are many things, but first will be a massive clamp down on the
Something semi man made even though it will make no sense to hear
me say this. Watch the fireballs coming in the skies. They will continue, and
they will get much bigger. As big as football fields.
A long run of crazy
events are set to begin starting now, and they will pick up into the summer. All
will be accomplished by the end of his term!
I don't know how long I'll
be able to post."

The above was part of a strange post at website GLP . . . . It struck me because of the description of the fireballs . . . . Older readers here will recall my earliest of writings and talk show appearances discussing my dreams and "visions" of "riots and fireballs" . . . . The part about them starting small and getting bigger and bigger . . . is exactly what I have always described . . . . I will find and repost some of those early mentions and warnings asap . . . .
God bless

And yes, URGENCY abounds . . . :)


Linda L. said...

Two comets approaching and now viewable in Northern Hemisphere from new place in Hawaii.

ROGER said...

Hello Bro. T...

Thanks for the update on the meteorite and fireballs.. Yep, I does appear that we are going to see more of these things falling from the sky.. Thank you for everything you do for all of us...

Peace and many blessings,

I did find some stories on that meteorite over South Africa..

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