Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Second Of Pain

Never forget . . . .

No, really . . . . Everyday or at least when trials and troubles are bogging you down . . . .

Happiness . . . is not the purpose of this life; happiness in this life . . . is not the point of life.

Knowledge of God is.  "Knowing" . . . in the scriptures can refer to an intimate relationship with another . . . .

Happiness, holiness . . . the knowing of God . . . FOREVER . . . is the purpose of this life.

Imagine someone with the authority and ability to provide the result offered, said this to you:  All you have to do . . . is suffer a sudden burst of pain--yes it will be severe, excruciating--but only for one second.  Then after the second of time is gone, there will be no more pain--none--and nothing of it will remain, not even an unpleasant memory of that second of pain . . . and for a reward, you will be a billionaire, have perfect health, have perfect loving relationships with all your loved ones, who also will be as wealthy and healthy as you . . . whom you will adore, and they will adore you, and nothing and no one will ever be able to take it all away from you . . . for the rest of your life . . . . BUT, if you don't go through the moment of great discomfort, you will have to suffer in continuous pain . . . for the rest of your life, with no hope of relief.

Which would you choose?
Would you not say yes to the second of suffering, knowing what lies just beyond it, in but a flash?

Would anyone reject such a wonderful proposition?  Well, there might be someone who is so myopically focused on that one second of pain that they just can't bear going through with it . . . . But, agreed, such a person would be a fool and it would be hard not to blame them for failing to accept such a fantastic offer . . . .

THAT is a rough picture of our lives here.  Yes, this life is tough.  Some suffer incredible, terrible pain. 

But compared to eternity . . . this flash of pain . . . is even less than the second described above.  And as that eternity stretches on . . . and on . . . and on . . . FOREVER, it is shown to be an infinitesimal price to pay for the great reward offered.  It is an unimaginably gracious and beneficent gift we are looking at here . . . !

What small minded creature dares to question the God of the universe and time and all that is, "But I don't like the way you have set this up!  I think it would be better if ___________?"

Who is it that puts forth such pride and vanity and arrogance to debate how the Creator ought to have designed the thing? 

Regularly, daily . . . putting our little run of life here into perspective, compared to the inheritance and reward to follow . . . remembering that the purpose of this life is not just to be "happy" . . . then die, but rather, to be happy AND holy . . . FOREVER . . . is crucial . . . to maintaining the grace and poise and joy and strength . . . to carry on through the challenges, temporary disappointments, struggles.....

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Linda L. said...

Unfortunately its more than one second.

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