Sunday, February 24, 2013

My How The They Rage . . . .

I have a bit more and more specific things I want to say following up the last post . . . . The morning has been spent digging out of snow drifts, and now it's about time to make the church and bible study rounds, so I will be back . . . . But in the meantime, if you wish, please check out this video of some street preachers in Scotland . . . and see how the heathen rage.  Why do they rage?  What is it about the Gospel that is so offensive, though preached in love and concern for the lost, that it drives sinners mad with vitriol, anger, violence even . . . ? As it has always been.  They crucified the most perfect, loving, sinless man in history . . . and the Apostles.  Merely for proclaiming God's Word and the message of eternal salvation.

Darkness hates the light.  Some are more subtle in their rejection, more civilized . . . . But the offense taken at the Gospel is the same.  We are sinners and we naturally hate God.  Only by His grace are our hearts changed, our eyes opened, our ears made to hear what was once before like burning coals on our conscience . . . becomes sweet light and liberation . . . .

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