Thursday, January 31, 2013

Driving To Systematic Theology and Other Fun Sounds

 . . . .Meanwhile, I usually have 2-3 books going, through which I plow alternately in bits and pieces, finishing roughly one every month or so; 9 times out of 10 they are on some topic of theology or church history . . . . Right now, I'm reading "Broken: 7 Rules Every Christian Should Break As Often As Possible" by Jonathon Fisk (2012) . . . also a great old book my wife found for me that I wanted for Christmas, "In The Steps of the Master" by H.V. Morton (1934) . . . and "The American Evangelical Story" Douglas Sweeney (2005) . . . .

The drive to work is usually roughly the same distance every day.  Most my jobs tend to be in the same general area of town, though not always, which is averaging lately, with the terrible traffic and bad whether, an hour to an hour and a half drive each way, sometime less if the roads are clear.

I listen to a bit of national and/or local talk radio to check the news of the day, then quickly switch over to our great local Christian radio station.  The station features a number a decent preachers and shows, including Chad Harvey, John Macarthur, R.C. Sproul, Dr. Michael Brown, Wretched Radio (Todd Friel), Dr. Michael Youseff, and several local Pastors of differing stripes.  I listen to that while I drive, sometimes praying as well over something or someone . . . and also will usually have a theological cd in the cd player to flip on when the radio programs to commercial or top of the hour news.  Just got done going through C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" audio book on cd this way . .. . and now am into the 3rd disc of  20 from R.C. Sproul's "Introduction To Systematic Theology" series which he specially offered recently for a small donation . . . .

Because of the tedious, mostly repetitive, non-brain requiring kind of work I do (house painting) I am able to listen to audios while I work most of the day.  In fact, one of several reasons I continue to paint . . . and not, for instance try to find a job using my law degree and make better money . . . is because the painting allows me to study and focus on the Gospel and related matters . . . .

At home, though I'm still using cassette tapes, lol . . . I manage to get recorded off the internet . . . about 5 hours per day of various topics and speakers I am studying . . . . Over the past year and a half, for instance, I have listened to approximately 170 one-and-a-half- hour shows which include debates, dissertations, interviews, sermons and various apologetics presentations.  Between the radio station and the tapes I play while working and commuting I probably listen to 8-9 hours of teaching or preaching every day except Sunday. 

Some of the topics I have delved into include many on creationism vs. evolution, intelligent design vs. evolution (especially re "irreducible complexity", "fine tuning of the universe", old earth vs. new earth . . . DNA design signs . . . . . . I've listened to about 22 2 hour debates with William Lane Craig taking on various comers (atheists, Muslims) . . . about 25 debates and/or presentation by James White on such topics as Trinitarian vs. Onness . . . vs, Romanism etc.

And many others . . . classics included, like Walter Martin, Leonard Ravenhill . . .. "Unbelievable UK radio program" . . . Fighting For The Faith . .  Christian Answers . . . Paul Washer,  Sermon Audio, Steven Myer,  . . . a whole host of Christian street preachers and apologists towards Mormons like  Asaron Shafavolov, Matt Slick, Bill McKeever, Jeff Durbin, Andy Poland, the Tanners etc. . . . .

Some of the issues I have been focusing on:

Oneness, Modalism vs. Trinitarianism
Jehovah's Witnesses
Young Earth vs. Old Earth
King James Onlyism
Free Will vs. Election (Arminian vs. Calvinist)
L.D.S. history
Islam/Koran teachings
Theist vs. Atheist arguments
Intelligent Design arguments from science
"Proofs" for the Resurrection
Bible manuscript history
Catholic works-based salvation vs. salvation by grace
history of Pentecostalism
church history (Luther, Calvin, Edwards, Spurgeon, Augustine, Wesley, Moody)
The teachings of Apostle Paul
History of Missions since Apostolic times

If I could, I would be at Bible college or a decent seminary, getting my "pastors degree", heh . . .  but since I can't at present, I am doing my best to study the fundamentals of the various contending theories, doctrines and history etc., firstly because I simply love the topics and am motivated by the Spirit to dwell on the matters of the Spirit and church . . . and also, because I write this blog, I feel responsible to have some well thought-out basis for my opinions and offerings rather than just fling a bunch of half-baked suppositions based in emotion, un-examined "tradition" or uneducated opinionated hubris . . . .

Next, to finish up, I will cover what we do with our evenings and weekends related to this . . . as a family.... [After that, I have some thoughts on Heaven I hope to share, based on scriptural authority . . . . what it will be like in some respects . . . . What to be looking forward to!]

And, as I began this, recalling . . . my other point is to share what I have found to be helpful in NOT being caught up in the madness and deliberate sidetracking underway in politics and the media, so as NOT to start drifting from the Spirit and get lost in the temptations and garbage of the fallen world, which is so aggressive and pressing right now . . . .

[p.s. quick house keeping note . . . I have been a certain job for a few months where I have been under someone else's authority, making extra demands on my time . . . which is coming to a close, but has made it very difficult to keep up on any correspondence and communication . . . . Woefully behind on all that, which already usually the case . . . . I hope to catch up soon....]



John Phelan said...



Stay away from the seminaries and getting your "pastor's degree!"

If you do that you will be lead AWAY from God and TOWARD denominationalism or even atheism!

As it stands right now, as a painter, a writer, a disciple of Christ Jesus -- you are being lead by the HOLY SPIRIT.


If you were to change this, by going to the seminaries, you will be going BACK to the world!

God Bless!

Linda L. said...

What's wrong with a lot of seminaries these days? They're infiltrated with New Age teachings, too. So a biblical seminary is hard to find these days. Check this out:

Anonymous said...


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