Sunday, January 27, 2013

As The Death Rattle Fades . . . .

There are only two kingdoms . . . .

One of God, the other of the devil.  Both are under God's ultimate authority.

The Deceiver's great trick is to bewilder and cause doubt as to the power of the evil one.  The Liar designs an environment of the seeming inevitability of his rule over the world and the lessor kingdoms of the world.  Why is it that evil appears to be continuously winning . . . and that the good and the meek are so constantly abused, beaten, conquered?  How is it that almost everything seems to be going the devil's way--lawlessness and immorality abounding and even prospering . . . ?

The answer is . . . found in the question.  It only "appears" and "seems" as though the kingdom of the devil grows strong.  It is only an elaborate bluff, by the Liar, to demoralize and distract away from what should be the Believer's daily confidence:  "It is finished!"

How can we forget that the Messiah is already victorious--that death is conquered and all the sinners saved who "believe in the Lord Jesus Christ."?  (Acts 16:30-31)

As you see the kingdom of the devil reigning and causing chaos, mayhem and darkness--its tentacles reaching now into every law and ordinance, corrupting all levels of government, controlling the police powers, infiltrated throughout churches and schools defiling the air with blasphemous, rank teachings . . . tearing apart families, homes, communities . . . where evil is being called good and good, evil . . . all you are seeing . . . is the last, fading momentum . . . of a cancer metastasized . . . spreading out through a body . . . which body . . . is a corpse . . . that is already dead.

What do we care that the remnants of a disease persist and consume . . . the last appendages of a fallen, dead body, laying there inert and ready to be dust . . . in but a few more moments?  For there is no life in the kingdom of Satan, but what only appears so . . . as the corpse lastly twitches and a final release of air shudders its members to a final close.

Meanwhile, despite what your fleshly eyes may be looking at, the kingdom of God is marching triumphantly along.  Does not that old fool yet realize that when he attempts to persecute the saints and so blatantly try to force his vain, violent and mad will upon the living Body of Christ, that the Body only grows stronger, purer and lean more to its conformity to the very image and person of God Himself in the Son Jesus Christ?

Countries, towns, cities may be lost and under the apparent control of the Corrupter Of Minds (2 Corin. 11:3) but the kingdom of God, invisible to the eyes of flesh, continues to grow as people throughout the whole world hear the Gospel, convert and are saved for eternal life.

As has happened since the beginning, the followers of the Lord are purified, blessed and gain clarity through suffering.  He sends judgments upon the gatherings of the elect . . . in the form of wicked rulers and with armies of both cultural and militant devils . . . so that the pretenders among the flock will be exposed and excised from the Body; for the false converts and wolves among the sheep . . . will not tolerate persecution for His Name's sake, but will flee from the congregation, showing their true faces--their unrepentant God-hating nature--and join with the demonic opposition . . . .

Good riddance.

We should not be anxious as we watch the flailing death spasms of kingdom of the darkness roar like a wounded and dying lion all about us . . . . We have no worries, no fainting fears, no concern to try and fix or better the condemned Beast . . . . But instead we know that His Words "will not pass away" nor will the "gates of Hell prevail" against His Church, His living Body . . . .

A disciple of the Lord does not stand fretting on the sidelines--whimpering, shouting or fighting over the perverse machinations of wretched kingdoms of man or that of the Evil One . . . .

Instead, we busy ourselves daily learning His Word, His Ways . . . relishing His victory over sin and death and over all the pride of the flesh . . . our love getting stronger, deeper and more earnest for the unsaved and more sincere and powerful one to another of His Children . . . letting the dead bury the dead, while we advance the glorious Kingdom, steady at the Holy work commissioned to us by His divine mouth . . . .

Why would we foolishly try to finish in the flesh . . . what was begun in the Spirit?  (Gal. 3:3)

Take heart and be of good cheer!  WE have won already, in Christ . . . it is WE who are in the "mopping up stage"! 

What care have we about "the world of carnal enjoyments, of godless pleasures, of the pursuit of earthly riches and reputation and sinful happiness. It carries on without Christ, following the counsel of the ungodly and being animated by the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that works in the children of disobedience (Eph. 2: 2) . Its religion is a form of godliness, without power, which has a name to live but is dead. It is, in short, unregenerate human society romping on its way to hell, the exact opposite of the true Church of God, which is a society of regenerate souls going soberly but joyfully on their way to heaven."  (Tozer, "Dwelling Place of God")

God blesses you with His power and purpose TODAY, understanding these things, holding fast to that which is true, such that the puff and bluff, smoke and mirrors . . . by that old fool serpent . . . do not dissuade, do not confuse, do no harm, but clatter away in your presence (which presence holds the presence of God) as but a powerless--maybe slightly annoying--fading . . . death rattle . . . .

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