Saturday, December 29, 2012

Instant Confirmation

Considering the question re raising of the dead and believing such a thing or not . . . and in general the Acts-like Holy Spirit abilities and powers at work in these latter days . . . I was pondering it and immediately given direct response to confirm it--external, objective response that was obvious and clear to me, coming from, little doubt, the Holy Spirit himself . . . . I hope to relate it tomorrow morn and add a few more details related to my "quiet investigation" of the matter . . . . In short, I believe the instant confirmation I got was just the sort of thing you would expect . . . if indeed . . . the Holy Spirit is extra active in these ways today and that it is important for believers to seize hold of the times, take advantage, press forward . . . into the "more" . . . .

God bless us all in this!  Exciting! . . . .

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