Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Change of Mind


Hey, here's some pygmies singing Hallelujah!  Pretty neat, huh!


Many things were learned through 2012 . . . . One of the top ones was realized in a phrase something like "It's all about what/Who you are looking at."

So much of our present reality, our spiritual trajectory, development, growth, sanctification . . . is in what or who/Who . . . we are looking at . . . . Where is our mind's eye looking . . . our interest, our attention, our time and energy?

Are we letting the God hating, world-worshipping demoniacs focus our attention on all manner of negativity and perversion?  Is that what fills our vision, our mind, our thinking?

Or, are we simply and profoundly and whole-heartedly looking at Jesus, at the Cross?

The Greek word for "repent" is “metanoeo” . . . which means to change the mind--to change your mind, your way of old thinking . . . to a new way within and by the kind of God's . . . .

We are bombarded daily by depressing and horrendous news . . . . And yes, there is plenty to mourn and commiserate over . . . .

But also, there are incredible, astounding works of the Lord and His people occurring all over the world . . . like never before . . . . The dead are being raised, the blind are seeing, cancers cured, healing of all types, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual . . . . While the Church in the West is under particular attack and become corrupt in many aspects, nevertheless in other parts of the world the Gospel is tearing down strongholds, infiltrating totalitarian states, miracles are winning converts along with just the message of the Word . . . . I have been investigating this quietly for a while and am convinced that something profound, big, blessed, powerful . . . is going on with an outpouring of Spirit . . . and disciples are going out, as they always have, to the darkest and most dangerous corners of the earth, preaching the Good News and souls are being won in record numbers . . . . In diverse locales . . . and often in what ought be and usually is, the most repressive, antagonistic, anti-Christ type of places . . . .

Do not be discouraged by the filth and slop and degradation we are subjected to for the most part here in the decadent, enervated, lazy, drug and sex-addled West . . . . The glorious work of the Lord and His servants is carrying on and in mighty ways!

What are you looking at?  That "more" I have been addressing . . . is found in the flowering of faith--through strong, child-like, daring, determined FAITH and hope, by focusing the mind--by changing the mind to a whole new way of thinking, looking at His glory--staying locked on that and immersing in His Word and prayer and the good works inspired by the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Praise God!  And we all have roles to play . . . .
(brother, thomas)

[developing . . . :)]


david said...

Just a thought.. not necessarily a correction... regarding your comment about the word in comparison with miracles a witness to the world. Time and Scripture Itself make His Word the Supreme Witness of all time. Blessed are those that believe His Word as witnessed to by His Spirit above those that have seen or touched. David

david said...

A primary comment toward you is to thank you for your continued faithfulness in putting the Word out there for a generation that has precious little to feed upon in comparison to the glut of filth in the world and the extreme perverseness of "christiandom's" message. Yes indeed, our God is about His business without any let-up or trace of interference.Love you bro.

In Search of The Great Physician said...

". . . . The dead are being raised, the blind are seeing, cancers cured, healing of all types, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual "

The dead are being raised?

Help my unbelief. I want to believe this, but I am struggling here.

Linda L. said...

I love that video. I want very much to be a part of something like that some day. Indeed, from what you say in this blog, and in thinking of how much political correctness pressure and conformity in my environment, with no local Christian fellowship, I am convicted of the need to read more books about what God's people have done in their service to him. I'm starting to read a book, Sister Freaks, about young women in biblical and other times who have given their lives to serve God.

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