Sunday, December 30, 2012

Zealous To Be Salt & Light

 “When I look at the World I am distressed and when I look within myself I am depressed. Only when I look at Christ I am at Rest." 

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

“Trying to do the Lord's work in your own strength is the most confusing, exhausting, and tedious of all work. But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then the ministry of Jesus just flows out of you.”   Corrie ten Boom, Dutch Believer, survivor of a Nazi prison camp.


I hesitate to relate the specific Evangelists, Pastors, missionaries etc. that I have heard giving testimony of the miracles they have seen, performed or been a part of . . . because I know that a quick search on the Internet can yield vicious critiques and negative reports on virtually any person named . . . . I mean, good grief, google Jesus and all kinds of blasphemous, defamatory, vitriolic opinions and charges will show up . . . .

But I can tell you this.  I am myself very cautious in believing reports from men or women.  I know there are a lot of charlatans and false prophets running about making claims.  I am also wary of those who casually and willy-nilly assert the "Holy Ghost told me this, showed me that . . . God said ______ to me . . . " . . . as I know that fallen self is a great deceiver, as is the heart and "feelings" . . . and demons and the devil himself can appear as an "angel of light" . . . and there is a supernatural realm of magic "powers" . . . meant to deceive . . . . So that, just because we hear tales of healings and the blind seeing and the lame . . . does not necessarily mean the activity is of God . . . .

I do not want to be deceived.  I don't want false hope or to be pretending and imagining the works of the Holy Spirit.  I want what is true, real, anointed and pleasing to the Lord--not to be entertained with fantastic tales offered by wolves in sheeps' clothing.

I test things . . . study . . . pray . . . look to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth to confirm to me, combined with--nay, resting on--the foundational rule of the Word of God . . . to give me confidence in the veracity of the speaker . . . .

Anyway, a couple of days ago, in the early morn I had been telling my wife my recent thoughts and impressions on the power of the Spirit in these days, and of the stories I had heard from different quarters . . . and then, full of such thoughts and spirit I left for work . . . turned on the Christian radio station and the preacher was giving a sermon on the very exact topic.  He was repeating word for word in some cases things I had said or heard . . . addressing some of the doubts and relating his own experiences . . . . I took it as an instant confirmation.  Later that same day, several other of the different radio programs and pastors also happened to be addressing the exact subject, again sharing their own testimonies and witnessed events--pastors I trust.   More confirmation . . . .

Andrew Wommack, who both my wife and I like to watch in the early morning on our Christian cable station . . . that same week talked about at least 58 instances he knew of where the dead had been brought back . . . and other miraculous healings. I have heard the testimony of several missionaries from China speak about the incredible Holy Spirit revival underway there (where it is reported that up to 30,000 people a day are turning to Christ!) . . . where, whole villages were getting converted upon seeing certain healings and raising of the dead . . . . Randy Cark, Rex Burgher, Dennis Balcombe . . . were some of the names involved if I remember correctly . . . . There are quite a few reports coming out of the Darfur region in the Sudan via the "Lost Boys of Sudan" which I have heard and believed . . . amidst the terrible violence being waged against the Christians there by the Muslims . . . miraculous escapes, healings, protection . . . . I have heard personally from some who have gone to Africa and been a part of such things . . . Reinhard Bonkke I have heard interviewed describing many such events, miracles . . . . Bree Keyton's tales are quite incredible, but listening to her, I have not yet found reason to doubt or question that she is lying.  She is obviously there and the videos show that she indeed among the Pygmies . . . and one can witness the Pygmy chiefs proclaiming conversion and discipleship under Jesus . . . . She recounts more than a few amazing instances of bringing back the dead, whole villages witnessing it and converting, plus other adventures in being protected from the Satanic and violent militant gangs there in the jungle who hate her . . . bullets being stopped in mid-air . . . snakes and weather being stopped through the power of Holy Spirit . . . . Similar things are going on in Eastern Europe, in old communist strongholds . . . . I have heard Dr. Michael Brown on his radio show tell of many miraculous healings and events that occurred on his mission trips to India . . . and have heard some the Indian pastors in their broken English tell of them as well--all were clearly sincere . . . .
And this is just a handful of the reports I have followed and believe . . .
having listened to hours and hours of these interviews and reports . . . and researched the facts of the various missions involved . . . .

This, combined with what the Word tells me to expect . . . and what the Spirit is showing me . . . convinces me that these things are indeed happening.  AND, that we are to be audacious in searching out and claiming the power of God . . . !

We are to be Spirit-filled agents of the Lord Jesus Christ!
We are a holy people . . . called to be light and salt for a fallen world!
We are being led to ask for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit!  To be zealous . . . in manifesting His healing, blessing, comforting, correcting, uplifting power!
"As the Father sent Jesus, He's sending me to be a Spirit-filled servant of the Lord and His power!"

And we need not be shy about it.  We are not to think, "Oh, I am not worthy . . . . I am broken . . . I have parts of me yet sinning; I don't warrant His power working through me . . . . "

Exactly!  We are not worthy!  Jesus is!  THAT is Who works the power through us, through our brokenness.  In our weakness He is shown strong!  We DON'T warrant His power working through us . . . . He GIVES it to us freely, through His wondrous grace!  A gift! 

A well loved and renowned faith healer preacher at the turn of the 20th Century . . . was often sick--gall stones, failing eyesight . . . arthritis . . . . He said that when he was sickest . . . the power of the Holy Ghost was at His most powerful . . . .

I have more to say on this . . . .
God bless you

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Instant Confirmation

Considering the question re raising of the dead and believing such a thing or not . . . and in general the Acts-like Holy Spirit abilities and powers at work in these latter days . . . I was pondering it and immediately given direct response to confirm it--external, objective response that was obvious and clear to me, coming from, little doubt, the Holy Spirit himself . . . . I hope to relate it tomorrow morn and add a few more details related to my "quiet investigation" of the matter . . . . In short, I believe the instant confirmation I got was just the sort of thing you would expect . . . if indeed . . . the Holy Spirit is extra active in these ways today and that it is important for believers to seize hold of the times, take advantage, press forward . . . into the "more" . . . .

God bless us all in this!  Exciting! . . . .

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Friend & Response

My Friend
My friend, I stand in judgment now
And feel that you’re to blame somehow
While on this earth I walked with you day by day
And never did you point the way
You knew the Lord in truth and glory
But never did you tell the story
My knowledge then was very dim
You could have led me safe to him
Though we lived together here on earth
You never told me of your second birth
And now I stand this day condemned
Because you failed to mention him
You taught me many things, that’s true
I called you friend and trusted you
But now I learned, now it’s too late
You could have kept me from this fate
We walked by day and talked by night
And yet you showed me not the light
You let me live, love and die
And all the while you knew I’d never live on high
Yes, I called you friend in life
And trusted you in joy and strife
Yet in coming to this end
I see you really weren’t my friend
(author unknown)

My friend, you stand in the judgment now
Knowing you've yourself to blame for how
You've come there by the great broad way,
Never having listened to anything I say.

Whenever I would tell the story
Of the Lord in all His truth and glory,
Your eyesight became oh so dim --
And you didn't want to hear of Him.

I wanted, while we were on the earth,
To tell you of the second birth;
But now you stand there, self-condemned,
Your still proud heart as yet uncleansed.

Oh we discussed some things, that's true,
Like evolution; but you'll rue
Those arguments you gave so fast,
To keep from facing up at last.

We walked and talked by night and dawn --
'Bout most anything you would go on.
Except when it came to things on high,
You'd rather just live, let live, and die.

Yes, I called you "friend" in life,
And tried to teach you joy through strife,
But now, on coming to the end,
I'll have to say, "Goodbye, my friend".

 (Cleve Bishop)                                       
 “For whoever is ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38)
  "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."
(2 Cor. 4:3-4)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Change of Mind


Hey, here's some pygmies singing Hallelujah!  Pretty neat, huh!


Many things were learned through 2012 . . . . One of the top ones was realized in a phrase something like "It's all about what/Who you are looking at."

So much of our present reality, our spiritual trajectory, development, growth, sanctification . . . is in what or who/Who . . . we are looking at . . . . Where is our mind's eye looking . . . our interest, our attention, our time and energy?

Are we letting the God hating, world-worshipping demoniacs focus our attention on all manner of negativity and perversion?  Is that what fills our vision, our mind, our thinking?

Or, are we simply and profoundly and whole-heartedly looking at Jesus, at the Cross?

The Greek word for "repent" is “metanoeo” . . . which means to change the mind--to change your mind, your way of old thinking . . . to a new way within and by the kind of God's . . . .

We are bombarded daily by depressing and horrendous news . . . . And yes, there is plenty to mourn and commiserate over . . . .

But also, there are incredible, astounding works of the Lord and His people occurring all over the world . . . like never before . . . . The dead are being raised, the blind are seeing, cancers cured, healing of all types, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual . . . . While the Church in the West is under particular attack and become corrupt in many aspects, nevertheless in other parts of the world the Gospel is tearing down strongholds, infiltrating totalitarian states, miracles are winning converts along with just the message of the Word . . . . I have been investigating this quietly for a while and am convinced that something profound, big, blessed, powerful . . . is going on with an outpouring of Spirit . . . and disciples are going out, as they always have, to the darkest and most dangerous corners of the earth, preaching the Good News and souls are being won in record numbers . . . . In diverse locales . . . and often in what ought be and usually is, the most repressive, antagonistic, anti-Christ type of places . . . .

Do not be discouraged by the filth and slop and degradation we are subjected to for the most part here in the decadent, enervated, lazy, drug and sex-addled West . . . . The glorious work of the Lord and His servants is carrying on and in mighty ways!

What are you looking at?  That "more" I have been addressing . . . is found in the flowering of faith--through strong, child-like, daring, determined FAITH and hope, by focusing the mind--by changing the mind to a whole new way of thinking, looking at His glory--staying locked on that and immersing in His Word and prayer and the good works inspired by the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Praise God!  And we all have roles to play . . . .
(brother, thomas)

[developing . . . :)]

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stumbling Into Holy Intimacy

I've written about it a lot . . . because I think it is one of the recurring puzzling and often distressing aspects of the spiritual Walk . . . .

That is, when the Spirit seems to recede and we kind of forget some earlier experiential realizations . . . lose our passion . . . and generally enter a drift . . . which can even include new bouts of sudden doubt to varying degree . . . . I've called it the "desert walk" . . . the "valley walk" . . . "the dark night experience" . . . etc.

Anyway, talking about this with my wife early this morning an analogy came to mind which I feel prompted to share.

You have no doubt seen little, tiny, newborn pups . . . or kittens, or nearly any animal . . . when it is just days old . . . . But let's consider the most common example:  newborn puppies.  They are blind . . . deaf . . . squeaking . . . . They shudder and shake and tip over.  Their legs don't work well.  They bumble about in circles . . . . Yet, something (instinct in this case) is calling them, urging them to strive . . . for something.  They know not what . . . . But they are compelled to move, to walk, to find food from their mother.  Somehow, they grope around in that ignorance and darkness . . . until they find the source . . . of what they need.

In our "dry times" of Spirit . . . or, also . . . in this phase I have  been describing . . . where . . . you are saved, yes . . . and believe . . . yes . . . BUT, you are starting to want more . . . . You want to be consumed, on fire, filled to the brim . . . with Holy Spirit presence and power and motivation . . . .

In either case, it is like you are that little, helpless, weak, shivering newborn puppy.  What is happening as you tumble about, wobble, try to walk?  Something like neurons are firing . . . and the nervous system is stimulated, being stimulated through the effort.  Pathways are connecting, firming up . . . muscles, nerves, and the sparking connections between brain and body members . . . are connecting, growing, establishing patterns and habits. 

The thing you want (ie., mother/food, or to be able to walk, run, maneuver, etc.) is just out of reach for a moment.  However, you are compelled, prompted, driven, innately to try . . . to attempt . . . to stumble, crawl in that direction.  Through the very act of struggling, the ability is being wrought.  Practice, repetition . . . in space and time . . . is creating a new you . . . that WILL be able to eventually easily and proficiently do those things. 

Our spiritual development/"Walk" . . . is like this.  You don't comprehend nor can quite define just yet what exactly it is that you are feeling driven, prompted to exert towards . . . other than, you want, "need" . . . something more . . . . In that very process . . . the pathways, the connections, the "muscles", the "ability" . . . is being established.  You don't need to know specifics or even reasons so much . . . for this inner impetus . . . . And it is uncomfortable, embarrassing, painful even . . . during the struggling, stumbling phase . . . but . . . PRESS ON.  God is guiding you to the source, to the food, to what He has designed you to be.  You are newborn, blind, deaf, weak . . . but He is calling you, drawing you . . . closer to His ideal for you.  There IS something "more" . . . .

There is a state of being where you are powerfully and thoroughly infused, filled, propelled . . . by THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.  It is not an intellectual achievement.  Knowing all kinds of theology and doctrine, even if correct, isn't the experience you crave.  It is more basic, more visceral, more transformative, more holy, more complete . . . and enters into the realm of joy bordering on ecstasy . . . which is involved with being in a real state of glory, near the glory of God, for the glory of God--the purpose you were created for . . . .

How long must we wait for it?  According to God's will . . . same get it in a flash, right at the start.  Others, it happens along the Way . . . . Some, may go all through this life and not really ever be fully in it, only seeing glimpses.

In any case, here is where our minds come in most handily, for we can put it in a perspective which comforts as it convicts . . . .

This life is a vapor, a puff, a flash in the pan.  Compared to eternity . . . . If we were to go through our whole life here and never be given that full experience . . . it is still but a brief slog.  For Heaven and the Kingdom of God is NEAR.  At worst, after death we have it to look forward to.  Compared to forever . . . a few years knocking around and stumbling in the dark . . . is hardly worth mentioning, and the Apostle even says so in one of my favorite verses:  "For I give counsel that the sufferings of this time are not comparable to the glory which is going to be revealed in us."  --Romans 8:18

When you wake up from a bad dream, you are relieved and exult that it wasn't real.  Soon, it vanishes from your thoughts as you get about the day.  As days go by, years . . . that one bad dream becomes a distant haze, especially when you are someone who has faith in God and in general treats waking ("real") life itself . . . like a bad dream and not to be too much obsessed with as far as the temporary things of it are concerned, for your treasure is set in another world, another life . . . to come.

Anyhow, it is still good Christian form to ask for it, for the "more".  He is pleased to see you wanting MORE OF HIM~!  OF COURSE!  AND, He responds, many times, to answer and give just what you were asking for.  When He doesn't, you can always know and trust that He knows what is best for you and your development, long term, and so, He has His holy, perfect reasons for withholding--which most definitely are STILL . . . just what is best for you.

So, here's the thing . . . . Worst case scenario . . . we get that "more" in the hereafter, which is coming soon enough . . . and will last forever.  OR, you may implore, follow His commandments out of love, which every true Christian does as they can (as Given to do) . . . and indeed, you WILL get that added passion and fire and filling of Spirit which attends the Believer (sooner or later, but for sure, either way) . . . .

Also, I want to reiterate what I said earlier in this topic discussion . . . which was that . . . if you do feel like there is some block . . . or that you are really wanting the "more" . . . but it just keeps seeming out of reach . . . and frustration and defeat are setting in . . . take a close look at yourself, honestly.  It very well could be that . . . there is still some stronghold within you, that you cling to . . . a hidden or besetting sin . . . that you have not quite gotten past, and which you still, deliberately entertain . . . and . . . are not being honest with yourself about it . . . which needs to be attended to.  The Holy Spirit is not likely to come in in the kind of presence and power you desire when you are still doing things or thinking things . . . that grieve Him.  More work needs to be done, and of a kind that YOU are being Asked to address.  Somewhere . . . you are still cheating . . . . Yet, you're wanting full blessings, saying, "just ignore that little problem in me, over there . . . . I want more!"

No.  Sometimes, it is back on us to do some lifting . . . . Not because our salvation depends on it, but because we are in a relationship . . . and love deepens in a relationship when we humble ourselves and work on some things in ourselves . . . so that our "spouse" or loved one . . . is benefited by our change, which we want to see-- . . . . We want to make them happy, please them . . . . And when they see us change some things in ourselves, humbly, honestly . . . for them . . . well, now the relationship is getting better, deeper, more meaningful, more fulfilling, more cherished and treasured . . . .

Our Lord is after an intimate, close, responsive and reactive relationship . . . like this . . . . We are the bride . . . to the Bridegroom . . . and such imagery and analogy is used by God in His Word to let us know that this thing is suppose to be real, loving, intimate, back and forth . . . . .

God bless,    

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Graced to Make the "More"

There are none so blind as those . . . who profess to serve the Lord, but really just serve their self.  We are warned of the many--yes, "many"--who will appear on the scene claiming to be "the anointed one of God" . . . who, while speaking the name of Jesus and of God, professing allegiance, actually seek to be followed themselves.  They do not point to the Master, though they claim His name and feign pointing His Way, but in reality are always pointing to themselves, amidst various layers of disguise.

Cults of personality . . . abound.

They (these false prophets) promise things will go better and blessings will follow those who follow them.  Abundance, power, special insights are used as bait to the unwitting seeker, as the false prophet announces "new" "undiscovered" interpretations and understanding of scripture.  Novelty is a seductive lure to the insincere seeker.

Who falls into the trap of the deceivers, the wolves?  Those of like mind and spirit, but with a little less ability, charisma and knowledge.  Give them some time and they too will be setting themselves up as a teacher of novelties, of "mysteries."

Why do some so-called seekers follow the deceivers instead of the revelation of truth?  Because they hate the truth, which means they hate the Lord, Who is truth.  And they love themselves more than they love Him.

What did the Teacher say to those who followed Him instead of the lies of the world?  He said expect trouble.  Family will despise you, lie about you, impune your motives, relish when you stumble, exult in your suffering.  But included in your uncomfortable position at odds with the world and its adherents, you also get a peace and a rest and a deepening knowledge of triumph.  As the Holy Spirit continues to minister to your soul you find that you have real love and compassion and concern for them that "despitefully use you", who hate and persecute you for His name's sake.  Even the unbeliever can return love for love, but it takes the supernatural, transformative power of the Spirit, of God Himself, to make it so that when your enemies attack you stop short of reacting in kind but instead search out the response which so pleases the Lord, doing what He did in similar occurrences.

Some--while not chasing after false teachers--feel stuck and outside a full pouring out of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  You believe and are saved, but where is the fullness?  Where are the fruits and the power and brimming with joy and healing that you know ought to attend a child of God?

Well, here is where your life really starts.  Before, you were dead and bound for the second death--blind, dumb, deaf . . . lost in sin, wandering in darkness, with no hope.

Whereas, as a newborn believer, eternal life has begun and you are justified--reconciled completely to the Creator.  Now, He gives you the grace and the ability to move in His direction.  And whether you are still a bit stuck nonetheless, count it as a great, wondrous blessing that you are able now to even care or want to have more of His Spirit and presence in your life.  When you were dead, you had no desire for more.  You only wanted more of the things of this world and those things particularly pleasing to your self.

But now, you are fed up with your self.  You actually and sincerely want less of your self . . . and more of His self.  "Less of me, more of He."

This new development, just by itself, is an astounding and blessed thing.  How can a creature who is dead spiritually . . . and who hates God . . . and despises others but loves self--how can such a fallen, depraved creature want anything, let alone more, of God and the things of God?

They can't!  ONLY when the Spirit Himself grants the eyes to See and the Ears to hear . . . and a new heart to yearn for holiness . . can then such a creature break free from the bonds of a fallen race enslaved to darkness and sin.

So, by mere fact of realizing that you genuinely do want more . . . you have therein a sign and mighty cause for celebration!

Now--and only because of His empowering grace--you have the ability to exert your will in His direction, to conform ever more to His immaculate, righteous will.  Before, you could do nothing, you were dead, animated only by perverse lusts and self seeking.  After . . . for once . . . you actually have the opportunity to exert, to show, to respond, to act . . . in ways that are pleasing to the Sovereign.  You are no more an automaton commandeered by the wicked one, but a free being who is given the opportunity to be in legitimate, real, tender, purposeful, meaningful, unending relationship with the God of all creation!

The getting of the "more" . . . begins in the desire and growing effort to get more.  He wants you to want Him.  He designed you for relationship with Him and gave you the individual assets and attributes, unique among all creation, which only you can give back to Him, as you lovingly respond to the dawning awareness, faith and knowledge of His reality--of His eternal "I AM-ness."

Before, when you didn't Believe . . . you were dead in the water.  Oh, you splashed about and made some noise and got wet, but really only were you spinning in circles, going nowhere, adrift in an endless sea of nescience (obliviousness, ignorance) . . . ultimately alone, though shouting and splashing at others, playing pointless games, whiling away the time, drifting steadily . . . to the edge of the world . . . where you were destined (according to that course) to drop off . . . with the other mutineers . . . into an abyss of deserved judgment.

Responding to His holy light, however, and now imbued with HIS Spirit living within, it is as though you have been given a fantastic space-traveling vehicle.  You are alive now--awake--and look about yourself, still "dead in the water" . . . only now you are not content to stay in that place.  You could . . . and would still be safe, as now your course is not the one with the rest headed eventually over the cliff to disaster . . . but, coming to your spiritual senses, you are beginning to yearn for more.  You want to fly away from that vapid and desultory place.  A new life is emerging within you, and like a tender shoot just breaking from the soil, you reach for the light, for the life-giving sun--for the life-giving Son.

What is this new super space-traveling vehicle now at your disposal, to get you out of there--out of the doldrums?

Well, for one thing, now you can pray.  Before, your prayers were dead, self-serving, earth-bound and lacking in merit.  His grace, however, now inspires your prayers to be formed of the right intention.  Still you make mistakes, but things are different.  Within your mistakes and slips of self seeking, is a sincere hunger and thirst for righteousness--for His righteousness.  He wants to hear from you--to respond to your entreaties and calls for more Spirit.  Just by making some effort and repeatedly striving to engage Him, you begin to move out of that windless drift.  You are lifting into the sky.

If you ask just once, then shrug and go back to your grumbling and inertia . . . well, don't expect much in return; for engagement--constant, intense, earnest, energetic, emotional engagement is what shows Him that you truly do desire more of His presence and Spirit and power in your day-to-day life.  Pray continually, His apostle says.  Make it a way of life, like breathing, like eating.

Are you searching His Word regularly . . . or just here and there, without much effort?  What a marvelous wonder we have in being provided scripture--God-breathed teachings, direction and enlightenment . . . given by the very I AM for our edification and benefit!  Here is a loving Father of our souls Who is pleased by our exertions in His direction.  Our "vehicle" is equipped with reason, faith, love, understanding, righteous desire--all mechanisms designed to propel us out of the current-less desolation towards real, experiential interaction with Deity!

If there is anything worthy to ask for, to strive for . . . it surely is to have more . . . of His presence, power and Spirit, and this kind of asking is well received.  Too often, we simply don't ask.  We don't bother too much straining ourselves . . . in His direction, utilizing the means He has already, graciously supplied!

If you hungering for "more" . . . it can only be because He has instilled this hunger in you and intends that you be increasingly satisfied.  What father, if asked by his child for a fish, gives instead a snake (Luke 11:11)?

The insincere seeker is satisfied with false teachers and phony prophets because those charlatans know how to entertain and seduce the vanity of such followers.  The true disciple is not placated with clever philosophies or imaginative theories.  Real spiritual bread and water is all that the truth seeker wants to consume.

If He has made it in you, so that you want more, show Him you want more.  Clamor, entreat, implore, study, practice good works . . . which is the beginning of relationship, which is what you are designed for, which gives glory to the Designer, as you fulfill His design.  Not to get saved or earn His greater love--He loved you already, even when you were in unbelief.  But because He has placed in you to want more, and given you the vehicle, the tools . . . to get more . . . as, through your very effort--in prayer, in study, in practice, you are allowed (in Him) to make that "more" . . . as you contend and strive toward Him, which is the beginning of that "more" . . . constituting relationship, trust, movement . . . with Him.

In other words, don't be lazy . . . or slothful in acting upon the basics . . . of your new life in Christ, while demanding or pining for "more" . . . for greater complexities of the spiritual life.  While the basics are neglected, it is usually fruitless to want, let alone expect . . . the abundance due for example, Apostles, prophets, Saints and martyrs . . . who have given all . . . .

Meanwhile, beware those, who seeing your genuine restlessness, step in to provide quick fixes, "signs and wonders" . . . pleasing novel interpretations . . . seductive answers which stoke vanity . . . .

"Through much tribulation . . . we enter the Kingdom of God" . . . . While His grace is freely given, it is not "cheap" . . . nor "easy" . . . but found in navigating the narrow and strait Way ("strait": A position of difficulty, perplexity, distress.)

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Without Reserve

CHRISTIAN PERFECTION is not that rigorous, tedious, cramping thing that many imagine. It demands only an entire surrender of everything to God from the depths of the soul, and the moment this takes place, whatever is done for Him becomes easy. They who are God's without reserve, are in every state content; for they will only what He wills, and desire to do for Him whatever he desires them to do; they strip themselves of everything, and in this nakedness find all things restored an hundred fold. Peace of conscience, liberty of spirit, the sweet abandonment of themselves and theirs into the hand of God, the joy of perceiving the light always increasing in their hearts, and finally the freedom of their souls from the bondage of the fears and desires of this world, these things constitute that return of happiness which the true children of God receive an hundred fold in the midst of their crosses, while they remain faithful.

What God requires of us, is a will which is no longer divided between Him and any creature; a simple, pliable state of will which desires what He desires, rejects nothing but what He rejects, and wills without reserve what He wills, and under no pretext wills what He does not. In this state of mind, all things are proper for us; our amusements, even, are acceptable in his sight.

Blessed is he who thus gives himself to God! He is delivered from his passions, from the opinions of men, from their malice, from the tyranny of their maxims, from their cold and miserable raillery, from the misfortunes which the world attributes to chance, from the infidelity and fickleness of friends, from the artifices and snares of enemies, from the wretchedness and shortness of life, from the horrors of an ungodly death, from the cruel remorse that follows sinful pleasures, and finally from the everlasting condemnation of God!

The true Christian is delivered from this innumerable multitude of evils, because, putting his will into the hands of God, he wills only what He wills, and thus finds comfort in the midst of all his suffering in the way of faith, and its attendant hope.  from fenelon . . . .

Thursday, December 20, 2012

His Face

I tend to believe that the Shroud of Turin is a genuine relic . . . . I think the 3D imaging that the History Channel did of the face in the shroud is a bit off, I am yet fascinated to look at it thinking that it might be a fairly good rendition of the face of the Lord . . . .

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eye Witness Accounts

[I was interested not only in 
their beauty, but also because they show one of the earliest 
mosaic portraits of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Apostles are 
seen on either side of our Lord, who is seated on a throne. St. 
Peter, who is on the left hand of Christ, wears a traveling 
cloak, and St. Paul, who is on the right, holds a manuscript in 
his hand. Both Apostles are pictured as men of about the same 
age, both are bearded, but St. Paul, although not bald, has a 
very thin covering of hair, which bears out the ancient tra- 
dition about his appearance. 
 "Many are apt to forget that the memory of an individual 
as to any outstanding event may extend over a very long pe- 
riod, and that besides this there is such a thing as a corporate 
memory in a community, especially if it be stimulated and
kept in being by a ceremony of annual recurrence. Yet this 
must certainly have been the case with regard to the martyr- 
dom of the two Apostles. Rome simply could not forget at 
least the main facts of the tragedy. 

"The present writer comes of a long-lived family, and need 
not go beyond his own family circle for instances to illustrate 
what he is saying. His mother died at a great age in 1927. She 
could remember clearly to the last, how she was taken to hear 
Princess Victoria proclaimed Queen in June 1837. There we 
have a clear memory, of an event only of secondary impor- 
tance, extending over ninety years. There was another old lady 
he was often taken to see as a child. She could remember the 
French Revolution and the execution of Marie Antoinette. 
As a child she had lived in Philadelphia, where her father 
held a high legal position, and she had known Benjamin 
Franklin. But Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706, three 
years before Dr. Johnson, and eight years before the death of 
Queen Anne. 
If the present writer equals the years of his 
mother, an improbable supposition, no doubt, but not an im- 
possible one, there would be a stretch of 250 years covered by 
three lives. It would have been possible for Franklin to have 
told the old lady in question of some event of his early child- 
hood the great fire, perhaps, in Boston in 1711 and for her 
to have passed on the account. 
Just in the same way it would 
have been possible for a Christian child in Rome in the year 
67 to have been actually present at St. Peter ' martyrdom and 
to have seen him nailed to the cross, and still to have been 
alive and able to tell the tale in 150. And the child to whom 
he told it then could have told the story again in his extreme 
old age to one who lived to see the peace of the Church in 312 
under Constantine. Is it conceivable, considering what the 
deaths of the Apostles meant to Christianity in Rome, that 
Rome could have forgotten? 
Did the Royalist child in London 
who knew how Charles I was beheaded outside the Banquet-
ing Hall in Whitehall, on 30 January 1648/9 forget in later 
years when and where it had happened? Did the Royalist child 
in Paris who saw and heard the tumbrel roll past with Marie 
Antoinette going on her way to execution, forget in after-life 
when and where that had happened, and whether it was be- 
fore the fall of Robespierre or after? Just in like manner, 
while there are some points in those early days where tradition 
may fail us, the date and place of the martyrdom of the two 
Apostles cannot be among them.]
excerpt above from In The Steps Of St.Paul by H.V. MORTON, 

I find fascinating this section quoting Mons. Barnes describing how accurate
and proximate eyewitness history accounts can be . . . in this
case the images of Paul and Peter.  The fact that we can have a
good idea just what they looked like--two apostles of our Lord Jesus
Christ . . . the God of the Universe! . . . is amazing and 
thrilling to me.  God came "down" into the flesh and walked
with these men . . . and taught them . . . endued them with 
the Holy Spirit, these champions of the faith . . . and we
can look at them, their likenesses . . . . 

Here are their images, their portraits from the early Church of
St. Pudenziana . . . .

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ok, Some Thoughts on SandyHook

Responding to InSearchOfTheGreatPhysicians comment . . . (btw, I trust you've found the Great Physician and are no longer searching) . . . I guess I will share my thoughts as well on the Sandy Hook massacre.

Uhhh . . . re your advice to "take every thought captive" . . . indeed, that's what I wrote on Saturday.  In fact, that whole post says pretty much what your comment does so I'm thinking maybe you didn't read it . . . no prob.

As far as "Have you ever wondered how much of that construct is really YOUR ideas that are taking shape?" . . . I warned in several interviews with Zeph and wrote here 5 years ago that a "tripartite" reality was being set in place.  Here's a snippet from just one of many times I described it from early 2008:  "I have described that as the mind-blanket descends . . . it happens so imperceptibly that most will never notice that it happened, or ever become aware after the fact. I have warned that a new kind of mind, a mind operating more in the spirit would have to be developed, to give oneself an alternative “vantage” from which to observe and analyze things…… and now more than ever I am utterly convinced I was right on this; that it has happened the way I suspected it would….and that it is only getting worse.

Through technology, news cycles/the media, games and entertainment, occult ritual, and a host of other combined tools, a collective Borg-like mind/one-world consciousness is being created, out of which, very few shall ever again escape to breathe the fresh air of free thought, free speech, free spirit. Those who remain outside this “one mind” will be seen as insane, dangerous, enemies, terrorists. And so, even those who suspect what’s going on and are tempted to “break free” . . . will be sorely challenged to do so, for fear of ostracizaton, persecution, if they “leave the farm”.

A main reason I haven't written much about the shooting is exactly because, as I wrote the other day, I don't want to just "talk" about the need for a distinct, free "spiritual mind" which stays "aloft" and out of the programming going on . . . I want to actually DO it.  And part of that is to not be drawn in to the back and forth, directed debates immediately following, ie., re gun control . . . and reacting to all of the deliberate "triggers" being tripped right now to induce certain kinds of conditioned responses.

I already know and have accepted that, as I have been writing and talking about for roughly 27 years that we are headed into a totalitarian, communist, "Godless", Satanic police state.  I already know and have accepted that they will abolish the Constitution and Bill of Rights . . . as they have fairly much already accomplished . . . except for a bit of "mopping up" . . . as I've also long alerted.

So, rather than stay in their manipulative game, I have moved on and genuinely am beginning to live in that other realm--which operates from that "spiritual mind".

Anyway, at least to put your mind at rest, lol, that I DON'T  "probably believe that 'laws should be passed,' 'tougher' this and that should be in place, and no doubt have a complex 'If ... then ... else ... otherwise ...' logic construct setting up in your mind." . . . . I will quick dive into the slop and let you know some of the thoughts that have passed through as this horrific thing unfolded.

Why do bad things happen to good people? They don't.  By God's grace and mercy many good and blessed things happen to a people and an earth that are fallen, in rebellion, hate God and love evil.  This fallen world and race deserve damnation--only One lived Who was perfect and pleased the Father. 
Which brings to mind the damnable and offensive and blasphemous Mormon doctrine and teaching that the Fall was a good thing--a necessary thing so that we could get physical bodies so that we can have sex in heaven with goddesses and make babies for eternity as gods in our own right.  The massacre is a result of the fall, of Satan and human rebellion.  Do I look at Sandy Hook and think, "that's great, that's good . . . we got our bodies, thanks Adam and Eve for taking the bait"?  God forbid, as Paul would say.
By the way, the worst massacre of innocent people in America was done by Mormons at the Mountain Meadow Massacre.  120 unarmed, innocent men, women and children holding a white flag of surrender were mowed down. "If any miserable scoundrels come here, cut their throats." Brigham Young Journal of Discourses, Vol. II., Page 311, shows the Mormon "prophets" mindset at the time.

RE wanting any laws passed . . . I would like one that requires school teachers to be armed and trained, but that's not likely . . . .

Also, when I heard the first aghast responses from pundits and news reporters and other people . . . I thought about the million or so abortions that happen yearly in the U.S.  Not many people shed tears over that.  Every day, babies are burned, cut, vacuumed to pieces in what should be the safest place in the world--a woman's womb--a slaughter that is actually promoted and profited from by the Democrat party and Godless liberals everywhere.

Also, for the atheists "hugging their kids a little tighter" each day since the "tragedy" . . . I say, "what's the big deal?"  Aren't we just soulless matter . . . some atoms and chemicals and brain "fizz" randomly constructed via material evolution where only the fittest should survive anyhow?  You, atheist can say you "prefer" that children not be murdered, but you can't say it is "evil" or "wrong".  There is no evil or wrong in a Godless, material, chance universe.  Nothing really matters.  Nothing has transcendent or ultimate meaning.  So enough with your boo-hooing.  Besides, you are largely to blame in present times for your removing God from society, from the city square, from schools, teaching your relativistic, serve-your-self humanist claptrap . . . producing movies and t.v. shows maligning Christians and the Bible and "traditional values" . . . moms working, pawning their kids off to strangers to raise, destroying the sanctity of marriage, pushing and glamorizing drugs, sex and the party-like-there's-no-tomorrow immoral garbage . . . calling good evil . . .and evil good . . . .

Yeah, a few thoughts and emotions have run through my mind . . . like everyone else's.  I am aware and noticed them in real time . . . all of the strange coincidences and discrepancies and apparent lurking agenda behind this thing . . . .  It's probably good that I'm late for work and gotta split . . . or I'd say more.  Most basically, there is nothing I can think of that could be more devastating to a parent, to a person than what those poor parents are going through . . . . In fact, before this event and every day, like the "man in black" . . . I remind myself and feel for and pray for ALL of the sad, terrible events that go on in this world, in every corner, to children, mothers, fathers, etc., that we don't know about . . . . The slaughter of Christians going on globally, in places like the Sudan, where massacres like this happen regularly . . . for instance . . . . I am never too shocked or alarmed when these things burst on the scene . . . because I make myself remember constantly how many have already happened in history and continue every day, whether we hear about it or not.  The Fall was NOT a good thing.  It has been awful.  God will work it to good, but meanwhile, we suffer.

God bless . . . God is Sovereign . . .all works to the good for them that love and serve Him.  For real.  Making it real . . . daily, I pray . . . . Your friend and spiritual comrade always, brother, thomas


April 9, 2008

Stepping Aside the Thick Blanket

It is amazing how much is going on, on so many different fronts.

I was thinking yesterday, after hearing about “the grid” [which will bring hologram capability to internet “role playing”. . . tied to much earlier thoughts on what I’ve called the electronic “mental fence”, or the “tripartite layer” [[where I “had an incredible dream/vision about ‘them’ adding the “tripartite” (3rd) layer to a solidify mind-control/brain functioning –I said that they had perfected–in their minds and intent and technology–a similitude of the function of Holy Spirit.
July 25th, 2007]] . . . .

. . . . and how it is now nearly impossible to communicate what is important to convey . . . .

. . . . how to do it? . . . . You see, the mind/perception control is so profound right now, and daily reaching new levels of containment, control–combined with the fact that the things that need to be done and said CAN’T be (if one wants to remain “free” a little bit longer) . . . that I despair a little bit when I see what I see/know what I know . . . and am really unable to expound, for various reasons.

I DO touch on it, in small doses, skirting the edges . . . but I’ve for a while decided that the only thing that can be safely conveyed, and which is the most important thing to convey anyhow, is to share a daily, intense foray into Spirit, connecting with God, with the Lord, constantly repositioning to remain of a mind SINGLE TO THE GLORY OF GOD, amidst the bombardments which would distract away from that base-level, daily life purpose.

I am not new to chiming in about doom and gloom. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated and interested in “end times” issues, and watching and watching and waiting and warning. This is no bandwagon I have suddenly jumped on. Nor am I going to much change from my general habit of considering the times of trouble, tribulation, and thinking of how best to navigate through them.

It is a blend of actions that I find myself taking at present. ALWAYS–and this has been my message since the beginning, since my earliest writings on these time which I’ve saved dating back to the mid-1970s . . . THE FIRST AND FOREMOST THING TRULY is to get right with God.

This, of course, should be done in any age, regardless of surrounding events…….And now is no different. So much is going to happen that is going to be beyond one’s immediate control; food storage, money saved, a bunker . . . can and will in many cases all become instantly moot when you are forced at gunpoint to relocate, taking nothing.

Being SPIRITUALLY stocked up, however, will be supreme at that moment, and can and will see you through many seemingly impossible situations.

At the same time, SOME physical preparations are indeed prudent and responsible. For there WILL be some who will survive through, relatively unaffected, if you can believe it. And it won’t necessarily be someone spiritually relevant, who manages to avoid much of the trouble.

My biggest concern is what has happened . . . and what IS happening to mind, perception, consciousness. I have described that as the mind-blanket descends . . . it happens so imperceptibly that most will never notice that it happened, or ever become aware after the fact. I have warned that a new kind of mind, a mind operating more in the spirit would have to be developed, to give oneself an alternative “vantage” from which to observe and analyze things…… and now more than ever I am utterly convinced I was right on this; that it has happened the way I suspected it would….and that it is only getting worse.

Through technology, news cycles/the media, games and entertainment, occult ritual, and a host of other combined tools, a collective Borg-like mind/one-world consciousness is being created, out of which, very few shall ever again escape to breathe the fresh air of free thought, free speech, free spirit. Those who remain outside this “one mind” will be seen as insane, dangerous, enemies, terrorists. And so, even those who suspect what’s going on and are tempted to “break free” . . . will be sorely challenged to do so, for fear of ostracizaton, persecution, if they “leave the farm”.

Many are called, but few are chosen indeed. It will be very lonely and requiring great courage and stamina for those who refuse to cower and give in to the beast. Like 144,000 out of millions and millions is the kind of ratio by which to comprehend how few actually “get it”–SEE what’s going on and what is to be done, in these and the immediately coming times.

By getting deeply and wholly into the spirit–which is the same as becoming a vessel for the spirit and mind of Jesus to indwell–all the mess is sidestepped. Aside from the ongoing details of the fall, pouring out daily now, THIS is what I have chosen to focus on in terms of communication and information, for the most part, with occasional sideline thoughts and personal updates thrown in for variety along the way.

Staying of good cheer, knowing the end from the beginning, being a support and friend to others, working tirelessly on oneself to be made READY . . . . are the order of the day.

God bless,

April 9, 2008

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Uplifted, I Pray

Lord, God . . . Master and Teacher and Comforter . . . Father . . . . Please uplift your people at this time and fill their hearts and minds with your holy presence.  The oppression is intense--the enemy is on the move, the wolves encircle and are ravenous for innocent blood and we are but sheep waiting upon our Shepard.  We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ--those who mock and attack and ignore and deride You and Your Sovereignty should be ashamed.  Lord, lift us up, strengthen our faith, our courage, our testimony and imbue us with Your love and power.  We need You, we want You, we submit to Your divine will trusting and knowing that all things work to the good for those who love and serve You.  Lord, give us peace and joy and holy sorrow amidst the storm.  The warfare is fierce, the earth trembles under the burden of the fall; but we glory in Your Name, Your purpose, giving You all honor and glory now and forever; Lord heal and invigorate and guide Your disciples come sun or rain, wind or fire, sword or pestilence, our time is mean and quick here to show ourselves faithful, earnest in Your causes.  We thank You for Your grace, undeserved and the gift of Your mercy.  I pray for all the Body, for all the fallen that they awaken with a start to our awful condition, Lord, give us strength and wisdom, love and power, charity and fortitude, in Your Holy Name, I pray, amen.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Disciple's Vantage on Current "Events"

A Believer will not (for long, anyhow) allow themselves to be diverted into one or the other of deliberately designed competing "camps."  "They" are fomenting deep angst, anger and lust for vengeance on both sides.  Being generally civic and more serious-minded the "right" is difficult to provoke and is the main targeted enemy, so we see the main weight of propaganda and psyops being directed at them; but similar, though more hidden (while direct) agitation is also being used on the "radical left" . . . and all their "fellow travelers."

From the Spiritual vantage, Evil Spirit wins when it gets the Believer to react from carnal, fallen self--to trigger "righteous indignation" of the kind which justifies "fighting fire with fire."  It is clearly justified . . . as the biased, vicious outrages continue to be aimed at the patriot and Christian community--blatant, unfair, debased, wicked, devious etc.--are "their" tactics . . . . BUT . . . the true disciple is getting (if they/you are paying attention) notice in the Spirit to NOT go there . . . .

Go where?  Into the fear and anger and hoped-for violent reaction . . . of a "worlder" . . . of an unsaved, unbeliever . . . who's "had enough" . . . and gets drawn into "their" orchestrated battle.

They are devising civil, multi-factional war . . . .

The slippery slope . . . lies in . . . being drawn into the mental and emotional scripts being perpetrated via media events and horrendous social events.  Where your mind goes in all of this . . . is where your body . . . and soul will follow.  The disciple . . . however, "takes captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" 2Cor10:5

We don't want to be playing "their" game, where the rules are all rigged and the agenda is to draw us away from relationship with God and into reaction against the would-be Satanic kingdom.  

The disciple . . . should they stumble and fall into "their" putrid stream . . . grabs hold of the Vine along the banks, pulls out of the downstream current, and remembers that the war is already won!  Now it is just a matter of giving glory to God and helping others to see the Light!  

The gist of nearly all that I have been warning and teaching about is now upon us.  The main thrust of my message all along is to get prepared spiritually . . . for the difficult, chaotic, sometimes violent and treacherous times ahead--don't let yourself drift into "their" programmed agenda for the "masses" . . . . You are a Child of the Most High and have no business with "their" rotten, doomed, hellish diversions and schemes"Stay aloft" is what I have advised before . . . . We keep to the "strait and narrow" . . . observing from a bird's-eye perch, taking our cues from the Word--which will keep us in good stead with His will . . . . When we are acting from His direction, guided by the Holy Spirit, we are able to respond with the appropriate kind of wise and loving action and not just dumbly jumping and fetching according to the yanks and tweaks of the "Illuminist" puppeteers . . . .

The sad and horrible events of the day brought to mind, among other things, some possibly relevant posts I have made here years ago . . . back when I use to have my "antennae" up, surveying the scene--[by-the-way, having fairly accurately indeed surveyed the scene years back and reporting on where things were going, I have gone on into the next phase, which is to--not just pay lip service to the notion, but to--actually SPIRITUALLY prepare and position . . . which is why I don't do much of the "antennae" thing at this time.]

Anyway, here are a few old entries that came to mind, considering our present situation . . . :
[old blog-post excerpts]

"What is happening now on campuses and in the ghettos and in certain unions reminds me of a version of what happened in Rwanda just before the genocidal massacre's exploded, between the Tutsi's and Hutu's . . . . For a while prior to violent outburst, there had been an ongoing litany of one side using schools, radio programs, t.v., churches etc. to stoke racial hatred, vengeance, animosity, conflict . . . pitting one group against the other. . . . . It is not just "happening". It is part of a well designed, sinister plot to divide and conquer the Republic. The violent aspect of the takeover is starting to take its shape . . . as you will see . . . increasingly." 6.29.10

"The "enemy" will be whites--and also ANY targeted as patriots, conservatives, Christians, Jews, constitutionalists . . . . What is happening now is ominous and similar to what happened not long ago in Rwanda with the Tutsi/Hutu massacres.  Preceding the day of slaughter, for weeks, months, there was an ongoing campaign in the media to dehumanize and blame and create hatred towards the Tutsi's as being the source of the country's problems.  The Hutu's, once the signal was given, went on a rampage, using machete's and whatever other weapon was available, killing 20,000 in the space of just a couple of months.  200,000 died in the bloodbath overall as it spiraled in mayhem, in only 100 days.  The same thing was done to the Jews in Germany, we know, as they were branded as "the problem" via a focused media campaign.  The same thing is in it's early stages with all the rhetoric being targeted at the "tea party".  All of this is simply the revolutionary's old strategy of targeting the "reactionary" forces (ie., patriots) who have woken up to the fact that there has been a coup and their country is being taken over by "alien" forces. . . .  it will be allowed to get pretty bad in certain areas, as it is all intended to be the pretext for police state rules which the people will clamor for in dread fear."  9.2.11

"I do think 2012 is an end for sure. THE end for certain things. Countries . . . traditions . . . old ties . . . a new world indeed, but no golden age to be sure . . . . Things will not go back to the way they were. It is over, this run, and we are entering a new age, a different time with different rules to different games ....(postscript: a la "25" ... Cincinnati)(postscript 2-07-10: ... was going to mention again the other day seeing "nn" .... as in also Cin. mentioned above earlier.... Today there was an explosion in Connecticut . . .) 12.3.09

"In February I kept getting a prompting on cities/states with double "n's" in their name .... like Cincinnati, Minneapolis . . . TENNESSEE would be one--I didn't list them all . . . . as being a locale where something newsworthy would happen . . . . . Here is the quick little note/postscript edit I made re this on a blog entry from December 3rd 2010:  (postscript 2-07-10: ... was going to mention again the other day seeing "nn" .... as in also Cin. mentioned above earlier.... Today there was an explosion in Connecticut . . ."  5.4.10

" totally unrelated news . . . Syria . . . I’ve always been keeping an eye on Syria as an initial flash point to get the real hot war in the Mideast started…….I’ve expected that the things will not start so much with Iran but Syria . . . that the first big attacks, either by Israel or the U.S. will not be at Iran but Syria . . . . Just noting it again, as its been coming to mind once more……."  6.7.07

"For a couple of years I’ve been emphasizing Syria over Iran in terms of important triggers in the Mid East and suggesting that war with Syria would likely precede was with Iran."  2007

"I've long seen Syria as a big trigger point.  I think if the U.S. takes any military action in or against Syria . . . Israel does, as seems almost to be starting today in the news . . . then we will seriously at last be entering into the real first bullets of the the 3rd Mid East related World War . . . . Russia will become engaged at the point . . . . It looks like the "octopus" I "saw" going into Pakistan . . . is now in Syria too . . . . Syria is a big deal . . . a major sign post, marker point, trip wire in the larger chaos operation ....." 6.15.11

Friday, December 14, 2012

Are You For Real?

--"A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats." ~ C.H. Spurgeon

--"Sunday morning in America is the greatest hour of idolatry in the whole week. Why? Because most people who are even worshiping God, are worshiping a God they don't know. They're worshiping a god that looks more like Santa Claus than the God of Scripture. They're worshiping a god that is a figment of their own imagination. They created a god in their own likeness and they worship the god they've made." ~ Paul Washer, sermon, "The Great Privilege."

--"Entertainment is the devil's substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need…when you can say, 'Thou, O Christ, art all I want.' But listen, be careful: it may strip you of everything else you have; you may lose some of your best friends who think you're fanatical; they don't mind you being kind or good, but you become holy and zealous…" ~ Leonard Ravenhill

--"This is evangelicalism today: sensual, carnal, unconverted people that have just enough deceptive religion to drive them straight into Hell! Are you that kind of person? Or do you have new affections?" ~ Paul Washer

--"If you have made the good profession, if you claimed to have passed through the gate, if you have received baptism in a public declaration of your faith, and you begin to walk—it doesn't matter how long it appears you're walking in that path—if you step off that path and there's no discipline and you continue on that path, you can have no assurance whatsoever of your salvation. And it is not that you lost your salvation, it's that you're showing now that you never had it. If we would only preach these truths…" ~ Paul Washer

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get To The Counselor's Office, Now!

I know someone who is almost always frustrated, depressed, angry at someone, envious of someone, in the middle of some clustershtoott (mess) and over it all usually having one, big, ongoing self-pity party . . . . "Woe is me, why can't I have ____?  Woe is me, why can't I go to ______?  I want ______ . Why does ____ get to ________ and I don't?"  . . . etc. and etc.

Now, I love this person . . . . And they also have some really good qualities (they are empathetic, nurturing, quick to laugh, always willing to talk to or help someone if they can . . . . )

But it is their ongoing depressed, frustrated, never satisfied existence that concerns me.  THAT is a sign of not knowing Jesus and . . . I worry . . . signposts along the broad way which leads ultimately to the "hothouse."

Psychiatry, psychology often say it's a matter of low self esteem or of chemicals, take a pill or talk it out.

In fact, it is usually just the opposite of low self esteem.  It derives from sin (which they don't mention) and is a product of TOO MUCH self esteem.  Oh, we ought esteem the self for being a creature created by and belonging to God.  But that is not the problem--few do that. 

No, the depressed complainant thinks of their self as entitled, deserving, due . . . something better than what they are getting.  It's ol' "king me" sitting on the throne, expectant to have a certain quality of life . . . because . . . well . . . because somewhere in their life they got, and hold on to, the inner idea that they are "special", a "cut above" . . . due privileges beyond what others receive.

Do you not realize that, in fact, you, in all your wallowing and groaning . . . have it "better" than probably 90% of the world?  Are you oblivious that there are millions--no billions--who dream of, but will never get to live in the condition you have.  Have you seen the paraplegic who cannot move arms or legs and cannot talk?  Do you not know that you eat for one meal more than many families will eat in a week, a month? 

Your depression and frustration . . . is not because life has given you a "bad draw" . . . or that you have had "bad luck" . . . . Actually, you are a sinner who deserves Hell right now, this minute because you hate God, never think of Him, take for granted this gift of life, demand more than what you've been given, covet what others have, are never satisfied, think only about your self, blaspheme, lie, murder in your heart, commit adultery in thought, hate God, ignore God, don't care about the Truth, self seek instead of Truth seek, support the world, love the world, pleasure, gluttony, self-indulgence, gossip, ignore God . . . then complaining all the while that you've gotten a bum deal . . . .

Depression, anger, resentment, frustration . . . almost always come from basic idolatry, from an ongoing sin problem.  The idol of the self is the culprit--that idol you serve with every waking moment, trying to appease, to pleasure, to serve, that you, in effect worship, trying to make it happy and giving it/you . . . all the glory.

But because there really is a God, Who is sovereign, Who actually rules this existence . . . you are bound to be frustrated as things continue to not "go your way" as much as you'd like.  It makes you mad, annoyed, depressed . . . .

Although, rather than fall on your knees asking for forgiveness and repenting and turning your life over to the Lord, you grumble and fester within . . . and a demon grows inside, dark, stealing simple joys like a black hole in your soul sucking all light to the shadows . . . depression . . . lethargy of spirit . . . constant irritation and never being satisfied . . . . .

A drug can short circuit the conscience and paste over the running sore of your sin . . . but the real and living fix comes in the Healer.

I say this not to condemn but to shout the good news!  I have been there myself; who hasn't to one degree or another?  And do we not all suffer in such ways at the very least from time to time?

Fast forward to that day when you will stand before the judge and give an accounting.  Was it all for naught?  For temporary fun--for chasing illusory fun and always serving the idol of self importance?  Depressing . . . to the utmost fathom and depth that will be to be faced with the harlotry of your wandering heart which searched out virtually ever possibility but never searched out and finally submitted to the one and only God, Creator of your life, your eternal soul. 

You don't need pills or a clever human counselor.  You need to recognize your sin, your idols and go to THE Counselor!  I pray earnestly and urgently, in love, amen!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Endued With Holy Spirit

[More on this aspect of . . . having been reborn . . . but not quite yet ready for the next stage....]

Not every case is identical . . . but it looks like it often can like this:  You have your "come to Jesus" moment, are born again . . . to where you are indeed a "believer" . . . . You are become "justified" . . . but then a period of time, short or longer, ensues where "sanctification" gets underway.  As the days go on as a Believer . . . you are drawn more and more to see those parts of yourself which are of the old self and need to go.  You no longer have the taste for sin you once had.  Yes, you still sin, but now it is a most troubling affair; you don't like it and you want it to stop . . . . The sanctification process continues and after a while you ahead and lament that you are still so far from the righteousness you are growing to crave and love, BUT, now you can look back and see that, actually, you HAVE changed--you are not the same person you use to be when you were dead in your sin.  "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I was!" you find yourself exultingly saying . . . .

Then comes the stretch . . . I recently described, where you "want more".   But, in fact, you are not really quite ready for "more" . . . . Although you have been "reborn" and have the Holy Spirit with you . . . there is still a new development to occur.  It is as though you were once a crawling worm--a grey caterpillar, who chewed on leaves . . . but you got reborn . . . and are in the sanctification process, which is like the caterpillar being in its cocoon . . . waiting, developing, changing, transforming . . . and increasingly you find you want more . . . you have a yearning for a certain new freedom . . . an inkling of a bigger change is coming to you . . . . You don't quite understand it yet, but you are starting to yearn to fly--an ability your previous self and creature new nothing about from experience, though had seen others capable of it (ie., the saints, apostles and prophets you know of) . . . . THEN, comes baptism of the Holy Spirit . . . . Now the Holy Spirit is IN you, not just with you.  You light on fire--are "on fire for the Lord" . . . . You now have POWER--power of Spirit you only heard of before . . . . This is the difference between the creature in the cocoon . . . transforming, no longer what it once was . . . compared to the wholly new creature, which lives on nectar and . . . rather than just consuming life (leaves) . . . you spread life (through the pollen collected), a messenger, going to and fro . . . flying . . . imbued with new power and ability . . . .

"I send the promise of my Father upon you; but do ye remain in the city till ye be clothed with power from on high." 

["Endued":  To provide with a quality or trait.]

So, it was the situation, for instance, when Thomas touched the wounds of Jesus and confessed He was "Lord" and "God" . . . that Thomas was "reborn" . . . but . . . had not yet received the "enduement" of the Holy Spirit.  In the Old Testament, the Spirit worked upon people, was with them at times . . . but it wasn't until Pentecost that He (the Spirit) penetrated and entered believers . . . in a new, powerful way . . . . .

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rising Dust and the Light of Fires

I was praying--rather intensely . . . amidst considering the "new normal" . . . which is, roughly, off-kilter..upside-down..and surreal . . . . Considering this state of being I suspect more than a few believers have entered . . . .

You come to a level of new and growing yearning . . . to be used by God . . . in this fallen world . . . saying, "I want more--more to do for You.  Please take me, utilize me in Your service, as You will,"  as the things of this world have become less and less appealing--dull, tawdry and  boring, in fact.  Whereas now you want more of the spiritual treasure you have found in Him, which sustains you.

You have probably felt all your life that you were made for a purpose--a higher purpose than just slogging through the rote, man-centered, uninspired expectations of "mainstream" society . . . .

It as though you have been treading water, floating out in the sea, where refuse, garbage (the corrupt, perverse culture) has steadily accumulated, bobbing all about you  . . . while you, who now subsists on Living Water--by Him--yearn for a big, fresh wave, a move of the Spirit . . . to move you into fuller, more intense and directed action and participation in establishing His Kingdom . . . to experience greater fruits of the Spirit and to share them with others, to bring in the lost, to heal, to preach, to teach, to save . . . according to your unique calling and service . . . "give me more, Lord, use me, put me where you want me, to work for you and you alone!"

Yet . . . some of us find ourselves, it seems, out upon that murky sea . . . paused in the doldrums....

["Doldrums": The doldrums are also noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for periods of days or weeks.  A period of stagnation or slump.]

From the old "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner": 

All in a hot and copper sky, The bloody Sun, at noon,
Right up above the mast did stand, No bigger than the Moon.
Day after day, day after day, We stuck, no breath no motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.

Now, you may be busy enough with the day-to-day routines, "surviving", working, playing, hobbying and whatnot . . . . But that is not the kind of activity--"work" and diversion--you desire in your reborn, new self that wants to walk in the Way of the Lord . . . . No . . . no . . . .

Now that you've realized the profound futility and empty vanity of typical, unsaved mortal life, and as the Holy Spirit has begun and continues the regenerating transformation of your soul to remake you into the person GOD intended . . . . Well . . . behold . . .  a sprouting and righteous "antsiness" starts to take hold and prompt . . . that you want to and should . . . do more, be more . . . for the genuine Christian cause--as a disciple of Jesus . . . to respond to and help fulfill the "great commission" which He gave:  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  --Matt. 28:19-20

. . . . . I believe I have heard this in response to the questioning prayers concerning this situation:

While you yearn for "more"--to be moved into a place and given responsibility and opportunity to do more . . . there are still some things in you that need to change.  You are not ready, in fact, despite how much you would like to be or think you are . . . . 

There are yet strongholds inside us . . . which prevent, in a sense, our calling to that forward, front-line position we ask for . . . . 

Simply--though our desire for "more" is indeed growing and starting to burn--we are not ready.

Hold your horses . . . . You will need them rested, healthy and ready . . . for when His time comes, to put you into service . . . .

There are "strongholds" in you . . . which still must be purged; otherwise, it is likely you will stumble later by them when put into the trying situations that inevitably erupt when you are on the forefront of spiritual mission/service.

Paul said,  "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds."

What to do to tear out these spiritual strongholds?  Paul explains:   “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”  --2 Cor. 10:3-5

Whether within or without, internal or external, we face "arguments and pretensions" that are set up against the knowledge of God.  Our "knowledge of God" . . . found in our faith in His completed work on the cross . . . must finally override those hidden, hold-out areas not yet conformed to His perfect image.  Although, in this life, they are likely to never be totally stamped out, HE will still use us when He sees fit, according to His time and purposes . . . .

And the time is coming when our world is going to be such that merely standing up for and proclaiming the Gospel . . . will be a revolutionary act.  I believe the time is coming . . . when you won't need to go out looking for "trouble"--for frontline engagement in His service . . . . IT will come to you!  So, use this time, this lull, this preparatory period . . . to gain strength in His rest; to accrue and sharpen the weapons of spiritual warfare, the "full armor of God", especially the knowledge and use of His Word!  --Eph. 6:14-17

Also . . . in the midst of the tides of darkness sweeping over the land, I see great revivals.  Some will be called to these stations and camps of spiritual fire, and will work out from there . . . .

You are being made able and ready . . . . Not just yet, for there is still renewing work happening within you, to the rooting out of strongholds . . . but soon enough, the horns will blare, and the ringing cries and shouts of battle will sound, where you will be put to greater service, your mettle tested and the happy chance for crowns to be won, all for the glory of God and His eternal Kingdom!

Now is the time . . . to check your equipment, expunge lingering strongholds, flourish in His grace and find courage in the Word . . . .

Rising dust and the light of fires approaches, just over the horizon . . . .

God bless you each, and thank you for your thought, prayers and support, always!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

While The Heathen Rage

There is little I am more certain of right now than the need and desire of the follower of Jesus to immerse in the matters pertaining to the holy walk with the Lord.  A full-frontal assault is well underway by the Adversary--every agency, all departments, each message and broadcast is designed now with the overriding agenda to stamp out Christianity and bully or seduce the committed away from their spiritual purposes.

The global agenda to establish a Satanic societal order disguised in so-called "free thinking", humanist garb . . . is viciously determined to succeed; all of their years and years of infiltration, corruption, perversion is finally taking hold--they are linking arms between institutions making an impermeable net or wall to exclude believers and using all means of propaganda through news, art, education, policy, philosophy etc., to establish their totalitarian Godless state . . . so that every little incident becomes an opportunity to push the plan forward to its final conclusion.

I can't imagine existing in these times without having recourse to the Holy Spirit to guide the Way, show the truth, heal, protect and encourage . . . or else one would be completely lost in the insidious, supernatural, anti-Christ fog . . . .

If you are a disciple of Yeshua, Christ Jesus . . . you should be finding yourself less and less troubled by the increasing surround of overt evil . . . [if you don't have Jesus, you are finding yourself more and more frustrated, bewildered and frightened.]

There is so much more to do . . . . There is a revival in the offing which will arise and flourish in the darkness and gloom . . . and there are many souls to be rescued from the fires of judgment.  For now, I come here to maintain a beachhead--a contact point and holy fire kept burning, lest the meek and dedicated lose heart, faint, and/or drift away into the deadly, evil waters swirling all about, lulled into trance-like apathy . . . . So as not to let the hearts grow cold, nor the consciences seared, for on all sides are the real demons and spirits which would nudge the saint into dens and streets of iniquity and backsliding.

Every day, by the hour, the disciple cleaves to His holiness and turns from sweetened calls (which hide daggers) . . . looking ONLY to the One Who was humiliated, tortured and killed on our behalf.

Every day, the disciple should leap within for joy, knowing that, not only are all their sins completely wiped away, but ALSO that His perfect, glorious righteousness is given to the disciple as if it were their own!  What a fantastic wonder!  Our sin, our death, our deserved punishment taken away--His flawless life put in our place, as if WE had lived it!

Little or nothing is more important RIGHT NOW . . . than to dwell and exult in this knowledge . . . while the heathen rage . . . .

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recalling the Puritans

Me likes the Puritan preachers . . . . Of course, the world is abhorred by many of them and has leveled calumnies against their type since they arrived on the scene to purify and fire up the church, which was--as it always seems to be--languishing in legalism, false conversions, apathy and worldliness . . . .

Thomas Watson . . . Jeremiah Burroughs . . . John Winthrop . . . John Bunyan . . . .Some that I am delving into . . . .

Here is some vintage Watson:

"Question: But why do persons content themselves with a show of godliness?
Answer: This helps to keep up their fame: 'honour me now before the people' (I Sam. 15:36). Men are ambitious of credit, and wish to gain repute in the world, therefore they will dress themselves in the garb and mode of religion, so that others may write them down for saints. But alas, what is one the better for having others commend him, and his conscience condemn him? What good will it do a man when he is in hell that others think he has gone to heaven? Oh, beware of this! Counterfeit piety is double iniquity.
1. To have only a show of godliness is a God-enraging sin
The man who is a pretender to saintship, but whose heart tells him he has nothing but the name, carries Christ in his Bible but not in his heart. Some politic design spurs him on in the ways of God; he makes religion a lackey to his carnal interest. What is this but to abuse God to his face, and to serve the devil in Christ's livery? Hypocrisy makes the fury rise up in God's face; therefore he calls such persons 'the generation of his wrath' (Isa. 10: 6). God will send them to hell to do penance for their hypocrisy."
2. To make only a show of godliness is self-delusion
Ajax in his frenzy took sheep for men, but it is a worse mistake to take a show of grace for grace. This is to cheat yourself: 'deceiving your own souls' (Jas. 1:22). He who has counterfeit gold instead of true, wrongs himself most. The hypocrite deceives others while he lives, but deceives himself when he dies.


Especially in this farcical, superficial and vain age . . . I think a book like "The Evil of Evils" by Jeremiah Burroughs must be read.  We simply have no idea just how serious our condition is and the consequences of our dabbling and mingling with depravity as if it's no big deal . . . .

From this book, some of the matters addressed:

"1. What is gotten by sin costs dearly.
2. What is gotten by sin is accursed to you.
3. What is gotten by sin must be cast away or the soul must be cast away.

He also marks three things that happen to men who become more prosperous by their sin:

1. Their prosperity becomes more fuel for their sin.
2. Their sin soon gives them more liberty to sin.
3. Their liberty and sin simply hardens their heart to indulge more and more. 

1. It is an evil choice to take sin over affliction (trials and/or temptations).
2. Sin is most opposite to a man’s good and far more opposing to the good of man than any trial he has to endure.
3. Sin is opposed to all that is good. It takes away the goodness of all things in life. It brings a curse on us. It is a burden to heaven, earth, and all of God’s creatures. It turns the greatest good into the worst evil. Sin, if left alone, will bring all things to massive confusion.
4. Sin works like poison.
5. Sin has an unending power and fallout that one has to deal with in life.
6. Sin makes a man very pliable in the hands of the devil. (Unique thought in that because Rob Bell’s new treatise has done away with the devil and Hell.)
7. The last part deals with many comparisons and observations that Burroughs makes when he notes the outcome of sin in a man’s life.

As E. E. Jolley would tell you, “This chapter is worth the price of the book!” That chapter to me is Chapter 52. Burroughs spends much effort in making a determination what the difference between depression (melancholy) and a troubled conscience. The question arises for our modern day society; Is the vast evidence of depression really a troubled conscience that God is attempting to use to turn the unconverted into the converted?"  (


Factoid of the day . . . . Did you know that the word "currant" . . . as in what makes up currant jam or jelly . . . is a version of the word "Corinth" . . . ?  Back to ancient times . . . ie., when Apostle Paul was wandering there to preach . . . currants, raisins . . . were a primary crop harvested in and about Corinth.  "Currant" . . . is from the name, place "Corinth"  . . . .

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