Friday, November 30, 2012

"Go to Hell . . . "

It is related to having "a heart for the lost" . . . which I prayed for a while back; I have been asking God to reveal to me more impactfully . . . the doctrine and reality of Hell.  Like everyone else, I have a hard time imagining such a place--or more specifically, that God has made such a place and intends to send unsaved people there . . . .

And I would say His response so far . . . has been interesting and ongoing . . . . I hope and expect there will be more, for I want to really be hit with the gravity and reality of the situation. 

One way I dare say He has answered . . . is simply to direct me to His Word, the Bible. 

Now, folks don't like you much talking about Hell [and judgment] . . . but it happens to be one of the more discussed and warned about aspects of this mortal run than any other.  Jesus focuses on it a lot, in fact--more than the softer, sublimer sides of existence . . . .

I expect to have more to say on it . . . as my investigation goes on . . . but immediately I can say this:  If you believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God . . . and thus, that Jesus is God in the flesh and that what He spoke was true . . . then the reality of Hell has got to be the most pressing, dire concern a person can have.  What are we dilly-dallying around here for?  Are you kidding me?  People are nonchalant . . . flippant . . . apathetic . . . about whether to determine if the Bible is true and whether Jesus IS the only way to salvation . . . when the stakes are so high, and, quite frankly, so terrifying?

Whether a person is comfortable or not about the teaching of Hell . . . must be set aside for a moment.  First, it must be decided . . . if the Bible is correct or not.  If it's not, then the issue is probably not near so intensely pertinent.  BUT, if a person accepts the Bible . . . says they do . . . then it has got to be faced.  Why?  Because there it is!  Jesus is talking about it, warning, prompting.  And it means that all these people who are casually strolling through their lives with a vague and vain hope that somehow . . . "probably" . . . when they die . . . their sin and unbelief will be glossed over and it won't be so bad.

But look at it!  An ETERNITY bound in the most horrific torment possible . . . . Whether we can understand the why and how of such a result is beside the point.  If God, Jesus speaks the truth, then the possibility of eternal damnation has got to be BY FAR one of the most--if not the most--urgent, pressing, serious considerations a person must have!  AND, for those saved, it has got to be like a fire lit under you . . . to go out and try to warn, alert, awaken, SAVE people ignorant of the awful fact!  We can't be nonchalant about it.  The old scenario used is quite apt:  If you see someone about to walk off of a cliff--they are only steps away from the abyss and destruction--you don't stand quietly and "angelically" off to the side and hope maybe they notice you and the example of your saved life . . . NO, you scream, you shout and holler, you dash to save them!  Or someone asleep in a burning house . . . . Do you softly, politely suggest towards the flames, "hey, uh, person, you might want to wake up and escape . . . your house is on fire and you are about to be consumed . . . hello, excuse me . . . . " 
NO!  You yell . . . you dash inside with vigor and much noise to hurry, startle and awaken them . . . TO SAVE THEIR LIFE!

If the Bible is the Word of God . . . and thus, Hell is a very real place and threat . . . what in the world are we doing here blithely going about our mundane business as if all is well in Zion?  There is an incredible, drastic urgency to the matter--to the matter of this life, what to do about it, how to avoid such a destiny!

Do we need more evidence?  Do we need more people who, supposedly, have spent "23 minutes in Hell" . . . or who have died, gone there, then were sent back to report and warn?  Is the report of "Lazarus and the rich man" not enough?  --Luke 16:19-31

Are the statements of the Lord not enough?  Or, like Adam and Eve, do we listen to the serpent and doubt when he cajoles, saying, "Oh, c'mon . . . that stuff about Hell? . . . Did God REALLY say that?  What kind of God would make such a place? . . . . "

Who's going?  Anyone who dies in their sin.   The way there is broad and easy and many will go there.  The way to salvation . . . is narrow--a strait gate, nuanced, and only achieved through tribulation, and few . . . go there. 

" . . . through many tribulations we must enter the Kingdom of God."  --Acts 14:22

It has got to be one of the most devious, serious, ominous, subtly wicked maneuvers . . . the devil has used to garner souls to join him in damnation:  having gotten so many people to doubt, scoff, shrug off, ignore, mis-interpret etc., THE REALITY AND POTENTIAL OF HELL . . . .

"But, sir, I cast out devils in your name, healed, went to church, did many good works . . . . "

"Depart far from me.  Workers of evil [who died in your sin, unrepentant] I never knew you . . . . "

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not Ashamed

Can you believe that some people are "ashamed of the Gospel"?  THE Gospel of Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of the Universe, Savior, Son of God . . . . (Rom. 1:16)

They are afraid to tell others they are Christian.  They are timid and fearful of being mocked, ostracized, abused . . . . They love the esteem of others and the comforts of this world more than they love God.  Can you imagine that? 

They are somewhat like people who, having taken up the cross, piffle out after a few steps and return to their old habits like dogs returning to their own vomit.  Not fit for the Kingdom . . . .

How many time are you going to find yourself mugged, in a stupor, half-unconscious laying in a corner pile of debris, after your riotous night out with the God-hating demons of the Satanic world?  Only to come crawling back to God, repentant and determined to stay true this time . . . just until the next, new temptation comes along to sweep you away again in the pits . . . .

Maybe you never really "got it" . . . . A false convert . . . . It doesn't take much to knock you off your Walk with the Master and see you once again scuttling the side roads, mind full of worry, gossip, envy, angst, covetousness, self-pity, self-righteousness, legalisms . . . now does it?  Maybe you should forget this "God" thing and just go spend your time with the rebels--the haters and mockers of God and His people, for your mind is much the same--full of the same fallen, carnal, repetitive, self-centered tendencies . . . .

Well, not you . . . I'm speaking of the ones who are "ashamed" of the Gospel--who water it down and skip over uncomfortable parts when speaking of it, afraid to offend . . . those of whom the Lord says: "For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."  --Mark 8:38

Why is the testimony so weak?  Why do many fear the opinion of others more than the opinion of God? 

They don't really understand nor appreciate the gravity of the situation.  They are so full of themselves they cannot see around (their self) to God's glory.  He is a small thing to them.  THEY and the world are big!  God . . . is an idea . . . a little thought, a vague notion . . . nothing real, imposing and present.  God is far away . . . and intervening are self-made idols, pleasant and innocuous images designed by the person to mollify and embalm the conscience . . . .

Oh hallelujah!  Another day to look toward Jesus . . . pray . . . deny self . . . cheerfully anticipate the glorious future world He makes for those that follow Him . . . !  Another day to NOT let the lies and agendas and perfidy and tawdriness . . . of the flesh-eaters (consumers of the world) invade our hearts and minds and souls and strength . . . . Another day to consider my brothers and sisters in Christ, the Body . . . prayers and thoughts for the martyrs happening TODAY! . . . the hungry, the poor, the lonely . . . that angels encompass them and remind them of the reward . . . .

He says, "I know your tribulation and your poverty but you are rich and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan, do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison that you may be tested and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches, he who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death."  --Rev. 2:8-11

Praise God . . . to not be looking back, returning like a dog . . . past the flesh-eaters . . . staying faithful for the crown of life! It is REAL . . . !

Sunday, November 25, 2012

His Wrath

The sheer "physics" (and I use that term loosely) angle is certainly not all of it.  But perhaps it is one way, another angle to look at the situation which may be easier for some minds to accept than the notion of "God's wrath".

The Father's personal "wrath" . . . is (according to His Word) a very real element involved in the punishment of sin.  In the early stages of Belief, when a "babe", however, I'm not sure it is necessary to try and understand that troubling aspect straightaway.  In time, the Holy Spirit enlightens the mind and gives better understanding (I find, in a sort of wordless way) of some of the more difficult mysteries . . . .

Now, someone might say, "You MUST understand the whole thing--difficult mysteries included--or you are not really saved," but certainly this is not the case.  There are many issues and nuances of the theology, history and practices related to being a born-again "Christian" which . . . are learned later in the Walk.  Oftentimes, the first or early stage of conversion hinges on just a few, blunt but essential components, without the convert knowing much about the various basic, fundamental doctrines.

So, I say that . . . if accepting the reality of God (Who is love) also having a "wrathful" side . . . is too perplexing, so as to be a stumbling block, it is quite easily plausible, I think, to look at and accept the sheer "physics" of the situation: God is all good, pure, completely holy, light . . . and thus, no amount of darkness (sin), whether small or large, can exist in and among His presence . . . in Heaven.

Later, as the new, babe-of-a-Believer, grows in the Word, in knowledge . . . in sanctification . . . in spiritual understanding, THEN, the more confusing, mystifying, "thorny" revelations . . . can be grappled with . . . .

Myself, I am always wanting more and deeper understanding of Heavenly things; of His nature, His personality, His reality, His ways . . . and so, the matters of ie., Hell . . . His wrath . . . His Plan (involving wrath being poured on "His only begotten Son" . . . I tend to ponder and question and explore . . . .

As to "wrath"--God's wrath . . . . It must be addressed and preached nonetheless.  The Bible speaks more about His wrath than His love, in fact.

At least since the classical Greek philosophers, and probably before, the proposition of "God's    wrath" has been considered incompatible with "enlightened" and "sophisticated" notions of Deity.  Early heretics like Marcion excluded "of God" from the phrase "the wrath of God" in Romans 1:18.  Men and women for ages have bristled at the idea of a God of justice.  Why?

Because they don't want consequences for their rebellion and hatred against God, plain and simple.  So, idols--false gods--are created in the minds of the rebellious . . . gods who do not punish sin and even gods or a god that does not recognize anything such thing as sin.  "All is good, all is well, do what you want, no accounting taken."

But why do we automatically, knee-jerk, revulse at the prospect?  Why are we trained to think that "wrath" . . . "anger" . . . are somehow emotions that are below the qualities or nature we ascribe to God?  Who told us, who taught us . . . that "God would never be angry--He is only love and tolerance for any and everything."?  And who put it into our minds that LOVE does not include sometimes being angry, wrathful, jealous?  . . .  That such emotions are never part of true, "divine" love?

Who says?  Psychologists?  Buddhists?  Secular Humanists?  "New Agers"?  Deepak Chopra . . . Wayne Dyer, Gloria Steinem, Ted Turner . . . ?

I am a Christian.  I read and accept what the Bible, the Word of God says.  If I don't fully understand it . . . and even wish it weren't so . . . oh well.  I cannot make up some new god more pleasing to my carnal heart and tendencies . . . . I can have no other god before Him.

There is a time for everything--"to every thing there is a season."  "A time to kill, a time to heal . . . a time to love, a time to hate . . . a time of war, a time of peace . . . . "

There is a time and a place and measure for these things.  If I love someone DEARLY . . . and they are committed to me and I to them . . . and someone else, a stranger comes in and disrespects our bond and seeks to ruin our relationship (which is a "type"--a divinely designed "type" of the relationship between the Lord and His bride the Church) . . . then JEALOUSY is warranted.  Not a mindless, destructive jealousy . . . but certainly God has put this emotion in my heart to protect and to show meaning, love, value . . . pertinent to the one loved . . . . God is a "jealous" God, so says His Word.  Not jealous in the base and sinful way humans are too often prone to . . . but a word is needed that is close to the reality, something we can understand . . . and we understand when we have a loved one, or children or some other valued person or precious thing . . . we want to protect them/it, to see the best for them/it . . . .

Same with "wrath."  Jesus occasionally exhibited wrath, anger.  When the place that was to be most dear, holy was sullied and despoiled by the money-changers, righteous indignation was justified.

Who tells us that "wrath" cannot be a temper of the Lord?  What about when it is wholly justified due to the circumstances . . . and shows, in fact, His intense, real, holy character of love and perfection?  When those whose every breath . . . every numbered hair . . . every atom . . . is utterly dependent on the One Who made them . . . yet they ignore, blaspheme, rebel, hate that very One . . . and cause chaos and violence and perversion to His magnanimous, beautiful creation?

Who says God can't be "angry"?

The devil says it.

The one who hates God and hates humanity (created in the image of God) . . . and wants to malign, corrupt, pervert and destroy His creatures and creation . . . does not want to hear about an angry God effecting justice on the rebels.

The devil wants to lead people into easy sin and spiritual laziness . . . whispering in their ears, "oh, do not worry . . . God is 'love' . . . He accepts everyone and everything . . . there are no real consequences . . . be merry . . . live for the day . . . surely He will not care . . . you are only human . . . he wants you to be happy, right? . . . only backwards, uneducated, fundamentalist extremists would say that God will punish people with hell . . . no loving God would really do such a thing . . . it must be that men wrote the scriptures . . . men who wanted to control through fear, that's all . . . forget about it . . . this so-called "wrath" of God . . . "fear" is incompatible with a modern, enlightened concept of Deity . . . there is nothing to fear . . . . "

Now, it may be . . . that like the word "jealous" . . . the word "wrath" is but an approximation of something else, something higher in God that we cannot fully understand . . . and that it is not exactly the same as the "wrath" or anger we experience as a mortal . . . . BUT, it is the word He chose to use and, knowing our minds and how we understand words . . . He obviously intended us to conceive it a certain way--in a way that resembles the truth, and is the truth of the situation.  Only because of the sinful, rebellious tendencies of our fallen nature do we want to listen to the Adversary whispering in our ears and speaking through the popular culture, who lies to us about the wrath of God, of which we should be righteously afraid!

your friend in holy fear,
brother, thomas

 *   *   *

"With what indignation doth he look upon many of you who are subject to the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world! To you Jehovah is nothing. God is not in all your thoughts; you have no fear of Him before your eyes. Like the men of Israel, you have set up your idols in your heart. Your god is custom, fashion, business, pleasure, ambition, honor. You have made unto yourselves gods of these things; you have said, "These be thy gods, O Israel." Ye follow after the things which perish, the things of this world, which are vanity. O ye sons of men, think not that God is blind. He can perceive the idols in your hearts; he understandeth what be the secret things that your souls lust after; he searcheth your heart, he trieth your reins; beware lest he find you sacrificing to strange gods, for his anger will smoke against you, and his jealousy will be stirred. O ye that worship not God, the God of Israel, who give him not dominion over your whole soul, and live not to his honor, repent ye of your idolatry, seek mercy through the blood of Jesus, and provoke not the Lord to jealousy any more."  --Spurgeon, "A Jealous God"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Physics of Sin

Why use a metaphor like "fiery trident" describing a weapon of spiritual warfare?  Doesn't the devil use a trident . . . a pitchfork? 

Well, it is a slight pet peeve of mine--the stealing and warping of the language, of words by the haters of God, freedom and truth.  Symbols too . . . like the rainbow.  Or a word like "magic". 

The Marxist-communist change agents specialize in co-opting words and concepts of the common vernacular and them ruining or twisting them to mean something else to serve the collectivist, anti-God takeover agenda . . . . So, sometimes I deliberately take words or symbols back and use them in their basic meaning.  For instance, a trident . . . is not inherently bad.  Just because pop culture has depicted the devil in a red suit with horns holding a pitchfork . . . does not mean that all pitchforks are somehow satanic.  Commercialization has also wrecked a whole bunch of words which can longer be used without bringing to mind some name-brand or sales slogan . . . . The over-use of sexual innuendo has also made it dangerous and vulgarly humorous to use certain words, now that most peoples' minds are saturated and programmed to look just such a turn of phrase . . . . Wankers! the whole lot who have ruined this fine language!

I know . . . it's kind a of minor point . . . and a losing battle (ie., probably not until the new earth will the rainbow no longer instantly connote a certain sexual "liberation" agenda . . . . But as a writer, I mildly resent that whole swaths of language are taken off shelf, corrupted and put to work solely for grinding, repetitive political, commercial or social agendas . . . .

Anyway . . . re that 3-pronged tool  . . . . the "third point" I want to flesh out a little more.  It has been a nagging concern . . . and I know that many believers also wonder and worry about such things.  That is . . . . Is it really the case and how is it fair that God will send someone to Hell just for telling a little lie . . . or stealing something small . . . . Or, someone is a very good person--gives to the poor, visits the sick, is cheerful and helpful overall and a "blessing" to others . . . but they don't believe in Jesus.  They follow Taoism . . . or Confucius . . . or practice Yoga . . . . According to the Bible, Jesus is the only Way and this person . . . like the white liar or petty thief . . . is bound for Hell.

This seems too harsh, too "black and white" . . . .

The Christian is often troubled by this and tends to gloss it over.  Nowadays, mega churches and "rock star" pastors don't even mention it at all.  It is not "seeker sensitive" to speak of such things.  Others have denied it altogether, reinterpreting or excluding altogether those troubling passages in the Bible which speak of God's "wrath" and ultimate justice . . . .

Having pondering and prayed over the matter often myself . . . I share what came to me and is currently the way I tend to view it: . . . . [If I am wrong, I pray the Lord will correct me, if He so wills.]

I can see it is maybe more like a matter of simple, cosmic physics than personal.  "Why would God keep me out of heaven?  I'm a good person; yeah, I've made mistakes, who hasn't . . . ? . . . but overall I try to do good."

Well . . . God is absolutely pure.  He is like a consuming fire.  He is all light, all love.  Take the person(ality) of the individual out of the equation . . . and just imagine the soul . . . as like a container . . . a sheaf . . . a bundle . . . of components, some "light" (ie., "good") . . . AND some dark ("bad").

No dark component can be in the presence of the all-consuming fire.  No "bad" element can be part of the total, absolute LIGHT . . . that is God, the I AM.  Only complete purity . . . only other light . . . can be with the Greater Light.  It's nothing personal, dude, but you have shards of darkness, of "evil" in you (your supposed little sins) . . . and it is simply IMPOSSIBLE for them (and thus you) to be in a place (Heaven/the presence of God) as no "dark" thing can be there.  Like goes with like.  Darkness will go to darkness, light with light.  The two are mixed here, in this temporary, mortal plane of time and space . . . but, since God is eternal, any one or anything that is to be with Him eternally MUST BE LIKE HIM.  There's a basic physics to it . . . .

Of course, this is the meaning and purpose of the Gospel--the rectification of the problem.  Fallen, corrupt, "darkened", compromised creatures . . . once they accept and take on the gift of the Mediator, the Intervener, the Substitute . . . who stands in their place, who is Jesus, God as man . . . then, HIS perfection, His full light (His shed blood)COVERS the sins, the dark shards in the bundle (soul) of creaturely components . . . .

It is irrelevant that a person has good parts--even many good parts (attributes, works etc.) so long as there is ANY darkness (mistake/sin/corruption) in them.  Even one tiny sliver of sin, darkness . . . necessarily keeps that person from existing in the full light of God.  Simply can't happen, not possible.  It is a contradiction, an impossibility.  Only the WHOLLY pure and good can end up eternally with the One Who is the essence of wholly pure and good . . . .

One can look at it more as a basic problem of physics than a personal issue.  Imagine a piece of string--a single piece of string . . . and imagine that that one string is a sin.  Can that one string exist next to the blazing, all consuming fire of the sun?  No.  Only similar fire can be with the sun, become one with it.  It is a matter of properties, of "physics" . . . .

THIS is why, even though a person may consider themselves generally "a good person" but with a few flaws . . . that it is not good enough to warrant co-mingling with He Who is ONLY goodness.  Which is why we needed and continue to need . . . a Savior, One who can blot out our flaws with His perfection, so that, yes, we CAN be with He is wholly, absolutely, completely, eternally "good."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

No Longer Childish Things, Thank You

"Where real repentance is, there is obedience; for repentance is not only sorrow for past failures and sins, it is a determination to begin now to do the will of God as He reveals it to us."  --Tozer

+ + +

There is no good way to get through the intentional, designed and aggressive persecution of the saints that is now upon us, other than to proceed with a changed heart determined to do the will of God.  Those professing belief, superficially and claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ will despair and crumble under the assault.

The persecution is mostly going to be through social ostracization and mockery along with accusations leveled against Believers as being "extremist", "bigoted", "unscientific", "intolerant", "hateful" . . . . The campaign against true Christians is and will be increasingly vigorous, specific, persistent . . . .

When you see a person who professes faith in Jesus, but who exhibits no radical change in conduct and general outlook--who shows no signs of new spiritual fruit, but who persists in living (thinking and acting) roughly the same as before their supposed conversion, then you see a person who will turn their back on the Lord at the first signs of trouble and discomfort.  False conversion is easy to hide when times are good; God allows persecution of the saints socially, politically, militarily, religiously etc., to expose the real divide between the wheat and the tares, sheep and goats.

The response of the actually unsaved, unregenerate pretender, when put to the test will be to react like the world reacts: tit of tat, fight fire with fire, return evil for evil.  Such a one will puff up and seek to overcome through their own strength, cunning and wiles.  They will be hurt by the slanders and oppression and will try to justify themselves through assertion of their egos, not wanting to appear weak, submissive or lessor.

Those reborn of the Spirit, however, are weak in the Spirit . . . submit to God . . . and know that they are the least of all.  Blessed, in fact, are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The true and living disciples of the Master defer to their Master and rely on Him to fight their battles.  What does it mean to be "poor in spirit" and why are the meek blessed?  Because, out of the way, they are like nothing, so that the glory and power and will of God reigns in their temples, through their bodies, while here walking the earth--the "earth" in this case means, "the land", which means that what is the Lord's will be extended to the meek as inheritance.

Show me someone who professes to love the Lord but continues in their old ways of thinking and behaving and I will show you a liar.  It is not that we no longer sin once we are born again--we do.  But we are no longer attracted to it and search it out like we once did.  When we commit errors and offensives in front of the Holy Spirit, we are grieved.  We want it stopped.  We have tasted holiness and its aroma lingers in our soul so that when the rank of sin returns we rush to repent and clear it out craving purity, cleanliness, spiritual ardor . . . above the base and vulgar tuggings of our old, dying self.

Time is short, dear Christians and the spiritual battle is ramping up.  It will take the full length and breadth of your faith and trust in Him to move through and past the onslaughts, looking neither to the left or the right, nor looking back.  Eyes steadfast on the cross . . . .  What business does light have with darkness or the Children of God with his enemies?  Rebellion is put away; surrender, humility and brokenness before His grace is sweet and therein in lies the power and ability to walk victorious through the trials and tests.  Love of God and of one another is not a matter of feeling but a matter of will.  Keep your mind and heart on the things of God and leave the fruitless diversions to those who refuse to submit.

I am so thankful . . . for air, for water to drink, for breath, for food and shelter and clothing; for my wife and children (all of them); for you; for animals and plants and sky and mountain, sun and moon, rainbows, mist, clouds, books; the ability to speak and listen and write and read; to be able to walk, to feel, to hurt, to hunger, to give, to receive . . . . For God the Father, the Holy Spirit and our Savior Jesus Christ.

God is with us every moment; let us be with Him all the way, I pray, amen.

"When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things."  --1 Cor. 13:11

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

signs and wonders, errr . . . what?

We are often out on our front porch admiring the beauty of the mountains, the sky with its ever changing moods--swirling storm clouds, blazing sunlight on the peaks, the crystal blues (when they're not chemtrailing) and deep azures . . . . Isaac loves to look for anomalies in the night sky or just at the big moon coming over the black horizon . . . the twinkling stars . . . the occasional satellite moving by . . . . We also like to observe the odd lights that appear fairly regularly on the side of the big mountain across the way . . . usually four-wheelers going up or down the trail that leads to about half-way up the side . . . . Then there are the lights that make no sense--are too high up to be vehicles, but bright and big enough that they ought to be . . . and that are there at strange times . . . ie., 10 pm or midnight . . . and move too fast down or up the steep slopes to be mere hikers . . . .

From where we are, we can look down through the "V" of the canyon and see a portion of the valley and city in the distance, looking north toward the Great Salt Lake, downtown, and the salt flats.

Saturday night, my wife and I were outside talking, looking at the stars--I looked down, and just then my wife saw a strange thing.  She said she was looking at four stars in a roughly diamond configuration . . . and one of them . . . started dropping, falling and then disappeared.  Literally, as if a star that was there, stationary, fell . . . . A literal "falling star."  It was brighter and whiter than the typical "falling star/shooting star" you see and left no trail as it moved, like they tend to do.

Odd, we thought . . . .

Next night, Sunday, Al, wifey, Isaac and I were driving home from Bible study . . . . It was getting dark, and I saw, above the mountain we live on . . . a bright, white star fall.  Again, it was different than the fuzzy, yellowish "falling stars"/meteorites with tails that I've seen plenty of.  It seemed bigger, close . . . and . . . well, different.  No one else saw that one but me, but my wife said it sounded like what she the night before.

Later that night, Lindsay and Alexander were out with me on the front porch area and they both went "Wow! What was that?!"  It was way down in the valley, maybe a ways beyond downtown, along the salt flats . . . across the horizon . . . . Here are my notes I made as the strange lights and flashes appeared for the next hour or so, which I posted on a forum to find out if anyone was seeing the same thing (it seriously looked like perhaps a big explosion had happened, so we were a bit concerned, as there is a huge chemical plant and mind near that area with all kinds of toxic gasses that could--if they escaped--wipe out the population or a good portion of it) These would have been maybe 40 miles away:

--"--anybody in salt lake city ut. seeing the big orange fiery explosions of light shooting across the valley? we are on the back side of south mountain and can only see partially.. but seeing northward every so often big ... BIG explosions of reddish orange light across horizon .. then strange hologramic type flashes up higher in a precise section of the cloudless night sky? ... anybody else seeing that? Camp Williams? Another refinery explosion? err.... nothing to see here move along ... ?"

--"ok ... more flashes up in the atmosphere above clouds.. but weirdest are the ground uhhh pillars of light.. last one was a tubular big beam of orange from ground up out by Bountiful north of the city (slc) ..with a laser yellow rope like light down the center ... All very odd."

So, Al and L. saw the first huge orange-ish, fiery blast of light, as if a massive explosion happened . . . then me and Al saw in another part of the sky, higher up a quick flash of light in the sky, about cloud level.  The clouds were no storm clouds but more like the wispy, smeary kind that chemtrails leave and are starting to dissipate . . . .

Then I saw the orange, sideways blast of light shooting across the horizon . . . . I would have been about 20 miles long and a thousand feet high, the area of illumination covered . . . . None of us have ever seen anything like it . . . . Al, in his time as a wild-land fire fighter has seen all kinds of skies and conditions, btw . . . .

Then, me and Al saw more sudden quick flashes of white light, high up in the atmosphere, above the clouds, covering the whole night sky . . . for an instant (I've seen those before) . . . .

Over a period of an hour or so, various of us would go outside to watch for more . . . .

Al and Isaac saw the bizarre "pillar of light" . . .  close to where the first orange sideways blasts ended . . . . It was also orangish . . . but with . . . like a more solid yellow cord or beam running down its center . . . .

More of the atmospheric white flashes . . . . Then later Isaac saw a "shooting star", similar to the odd ones my wife and I saw, in a completely different area of the sky, back up by our mountain . . . .

Soooooo, we are wondering if . . . there has been a refinery explosion . . . or . . . or . . . well, the news was on talking about Gaza and Israel . . . so there was a half-conscious concern . . . "is this it?  are we also under attack finally?" . . . heh . . . .

Certainly . . . someone else saw these lights and flashes, we thought.  They were huge . . . . unlike anything any of us have ever seen . . . . We all though somehow knew that probably no one did . . . amazingly . . . and that there would be no report or explanation in the news . . . .

Checked the news . . . nothing . . . . The next day I called our local talk radio station--the host who happened actually to be talking about Planet X that morning.  Nothing.  Then asked a few folks later that day I ran into and at work . . . . Nothin'.

Sooooo . . . . hmmm . . . . Four of us saw varying degrees and versions of the different light scenarios going that night.  Was it something that only we saw?  Was it something that only we could see? I doubt that . . . . But it makes you wonder . . . . It was all so extraordinary that it is hard to believe there were not reports in the news, "people reported strange lights in the sky . . . . This is what it was" ie., . . . .

But no, nothing . . . so far.  I don't know what to make of it.  A part of me does think that, for whatever reason, maybe nothing significant even, we were the only ones who watched the whole display . . . . Was it our angle?  Maybe we had just such an angle that the light refracted or shone through . . . . As in, maybe it was in a different wave-length . . . intended NOT to be seen, but somehow we could see it from where we were . . . ?/? . . . .

More . . . in a bit ....
God bless

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

signs in the skies ...

don't have time this morn .. but have an interesting report re signs in the skies ... 4 of us saw sunday night... also some thoughts on 2012 "the end" ... back asap God bless:)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Employing a Fiery Trident (spiritual warfare)

I dare say that this is presently a time when . . . those who are sold-out, committed to the Way of the Lord . . . are receiving instruction, guidance and strength in the spirit . . . MORE than ever, firming up their walk and dedication, getting more light, more comfort and a greater ability to see the truth in things--clarity taking hold . . . . While those who have not been broken and submitted, are diving  deeper and more dangerously into the clutches of sin, darkness and apostasy.  The roads are diverging are a quickened rate. 

I see a growing, gangrenous eagerness to embrace carnality among the unsaved fallen; a rising championing of what is evil, rank, demonic, thinking it "good", claiming it "freedom" . . . with the same ever more quick to anger, vengeance, hatred and violence against the saints, calling light "dark", and dark "light" . . . glorifying self, reveling in rebellious spirit . . . lusty to malign Believers and attack those living according to the Spirit . . . .

While the people of the Word are growing in discernment, faith, charity, gentleness, longsuffering, courage . . . becoming firm in the knowledge that the world will always be in enmity against the disciples of the Suffering Servant . . . .

Here is a three-pronged spiritual weapon I find helps me defeat the spiritual foes of any given day.  I'm waxing poetic . . . to call it a fiery, blazing trident whose searing flames of truth burn away confusion and fear and stumbling . . . . It all results from the ongoing process of "sanctification" where the Holy Spirit, indwelling us, begins to transform our old, carnal, stone-hearted self into a creature more resembling the Son of God.

Point 1:  I don't know if this is just something that works for me and might not for another, but I am finding it so profoundly, instantly useful and edifying that I want to suggest it again (I've mentioned it before, but now have some successful track record in applying it.) 
As "sanctification" progresses . . . you become more aware of the hidden, often unconscious and reflexive sins you commit with constant regularity.  Many are not aware of the ongoing, negative, judgmental, self-righteous, egotistical thoughts that are bubbling up in our minds, in the back, yammering away throughout the day.  I like to use the scenario of being out in public--at the cashier in the gas station, in line at the grocery store, in the car and looking over at the nearby driver during a stoplight . . . . attending social functions . . . at your children's school events . . . at church, at the movies . . . etc.  Someone does something annoying, rude . . . to you . . . or you just observe them doing it to someone else . . . . Or, the way they are dressed . . . immodest, slovenly, ritzy . . . smoking, swearing, tattoos and piercings . . . .

There will be a (possibly justifiable) revulsion at the other person.  Especially if they cross you in some way--cut you off in traffic, cut in line, talk loud and obnoxiously, treat their kids poorly . . . .

When I catch my reactive, fallen mind leaping to a condescending or hateful attitude toward the person (note, we can hate the act . . . and should and will if it is offensive to God) I immediately bring to my mind that this is a person created by God, in His image, with His breathe of life animating them.  This is fellow creature, made by my Lord, whom He loves and cares over every bit the same as He does for me. 

This is the great equalizer, this view, which is proper and Biblical . . . and I have found that, while at first it took a little effort to catch myself up to see the other this way sometimes . . . now, it is instant!  At once, my sinful feelings melt away and a genuine compassion--even love--intervenes . . . my heart softens, becomes flesh not stone, and I am on my way to actually living and applying Jesus' "new commandment" . . . to "love one another as I have loved you."  --John 13:34

Each and every person is the handiwork of the Holy Creator--a being "fearfully and wonderfully made" . . . "knitted together in the womb" . . . by Divine Hands (Psalm 139:13-16)!  Every individual a wonder!  Unique!  A work of sacred art . . . gloriously constructed . . . with the astounding potential of being a glorified being, eternal, perfect in His sight! 

Reminding myself this FACT, I see my mind and heart and thoughts towards the other change, and I feel and hear and know the Spirit is pleased . . . .

Point 2: "Chief of sinners" . . . . This also works when someone has treated you unfairly, unjustly--usually a friend, someone close, family . . . . Or, perhaps they are continuing a line of behavior that you know is clearly wrong or foolish . . . .

Again, the typical fallen, carnal old mind wants to think, "I am better than that, than them!  Look at what they are doing!  How deplorable . . . . Why can't they see "the light"?  Why can't they do better, get it right, be "good"? . . . like me . . . . "  Heh . . . .

Well, I have realized that it is not just some empty catch-phrase, or a humble exaggeration.  It is not false humility.  I AM THE CHIEF OF SINNERS!  Not, I was the chief of sinners . . . though this is true too.  Paul, of all people--the "greatest missionary of all time"--said, "Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief."

We ALL are.  Do not catch yourself thinking, "well, Paul . . . yeah . . . he might have been, because he actually hunted down and persecuted early Believers."

But, "chief" means that one is the supreme most . . . sinner.  How can there be multiple "chiefs" of sinners? 

Well, besides that . . . in my own case, I have little trouble seeing how I could really be the chief of sinners . . . I think it is quite true that . . . each of us, in our own particular way, IS the supreme sinner, rebel . . . against God.  Because . . . as described above . . . we are each completely unique persons.  We each have personalities and proclivities and abilities, gifts and individual nuances . . . that no other person OR creature in the universe has.  Imagine that God has a perfect design in mind for every created thing.  So, for each distinct, intended, single creature . . . our rebellion is the utmost, supreme, CHIEF type!  For me . . . as God would have me be . . . in glory . . . I am the worst possible contradiction and rebel against such . . . !  For me, as God intends me to be, I AM THE CHIEF SINNER . . . against His divine Will . . . for me.

While it appears paradoxical . . . I think it is easily the case . . . that we could honestly say of ourselves, all standing in a room together, that WE--our self--IS the chief of sinners in that room.

Now, if you haven't come to "dressing down" moment in your life . . . where you realize just how sinful you are and have been . . . the lying, the stealing, the pride, the idolatry, the lust, the coveting, the hating . . . that goes on in you constantly . . . well . . . then this all sounds like overblown negative rhetoric . . . and you also haven't realized that you NEED a savior in the first place . . . . But to those who have had their "come to Jesus" moment . . . this is not so hard to comprehend.

And it works! 

Whenever . . . you find yourself irritated with the failings of another . . . just recall your own wretched . . . and VERY REAL . . . state of sin.  Remember how rotten you were before you got saved (by the grace of God) AND . . . don't fool yourself that you are that much better now.  Yes, in the Father's eyes, where your saved self stands in heavenly glory--where He sees the perfect, victorious life of His sacrificial Son, Messiah Jesus and accredits HIS righteousness to your account--yes, there . . . you are fine, whole, perfect, saved! 

But . . . we are not there yet.  We still walk the fallen earth and--and though getting a little "better" all the time, through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit--we still have a lot of the carnal and the fallen clinging to us, remnants of "the old man."

So, when tempted to get feeling all high and mighty over and above another who is making mistakes, I quickly remind myself . . . I am the chief among sinners, for real, and can therefor easier bear the sleights, hurts, mistakes of others, as I have done, and likely continue to do . . . just the same or worse, considering perhaps . . . what light is given me . . . that I still don't use or live up to . . . .

Point 3 of the flaming trident:  It is hard for people . . . in this world . . . to believe that God really "cares" about . . . oh, let's say . . . a "little white lie" here or there . . . . Or, if you "stole" a piece of candy once . . . . Or, if you glanced at a magazine cover and had a few untoward thoughts regarding the scanty clad model . . . .

Most people, if you ask them if they are a good person will say, "Yes, I think so . . . I try to be.  I mean, nobody's perfect, but yeah, I think I'm a pretty good person."

"Do you think you are going to Heaven?"

"Hmmm . . . . Well, yeah . . . I mean, I hope so . . . but yeah . . . probably.  I haven't like . . . killed anybody or anything like that."

If you press them, as in the "Way of the Master" technique . . . they will admit to having told some lies, stolen a few things, lusted, been angry (hated) . . . but that they don't think any of those "minor" infractions should be enough to send someone to Hell . . . .

And many Christians, I know, find it hard to believe that God would send someone to Hell, just for not believing in Jesus, even though they are a "really good person" otherwise . . . .

But the fact is, as His Word says, God's eyes "are too pure to look upon evil . . . [He] CANNOT tolerate sin."  --Hab. 1:13

And "no impure thing will EVER enter Heaven."  "God is light and there in NO darkness in Him."

God is absolutely, completely, utterly HOLY.  We tend to think of Him, however, as if He were a man--a really good, holy man--but a man just the same . . . who knows sin, has seen sin, dealt with sin . . . .

But His thoughts are not our thoughts.  He is so beyond . . . what we conceive.  It is simply the fact that even the slightest error, sin, darkness . . . no matter if it is a SLIVER . . . CANNOT be in His presence.  So, while we think a little lie here, a little envy there is ok, no big deal . . . in fact . . . just that one little bit . . . is enough to separate us from His glory . . . and send us to Hell.

Which is why this thing is so serious and why we needed a divine savior . . . God Himself, as the Son, to condescend down to our realm, take God's "wrath" against that sin and darkness . . . on our behalf, so that we, using the Son's perfection and righteousness, can stand worthy in His glory and presence, where no unclean can stand (fall on our face, more like . . . :)

So, we have got to stop projecting our comfortability with sin and darkness, which has wrought this fallen world and run it through, onto Him.  He can't stand it.  It simply can't be there.  None of it.
And that is why . . . no matter how insignificant it seems to our depraved minds, use to sin as they are, that indeed, we not "good people" . . . . We deserve Hell, plain. 

[oy, I'm late for Bible study... heh.. gotta run with no time to check for typos ... argh... hope there's not too many :0  God bless you today, my friends!]....

[You may be interested . . . may not . . . . Just thought to mention it, while it may not look like much goes on here as the comments are few (which I always appreciate nonetheless) the page views of this blog are in the hundreds per day and thousands (over 7 last month) per month . . . . Just fyi, for curiosity's sake.....

Quality over quantity (of readers) remains my interest in any case . . . . Thank you for visiting:)]

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interest In Truth cont.

Below . . . some snippets from a site my wife found out about . . . helping the sadly and dangerously deluded LDS to take truth and God seriously enough to investigate, search out the TRUTH!


"One of the most fallacious doctrines originated by Satan and propounded by man is that man is saved alone by the grace of God; that belief in Jesus Christ alone is all that is needed for salvation."
-Spencer W Kimball, former Mormon President (Prophet) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, In his book miracle of forgiveness.


"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is.
..not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast."
-the Apostle Paul inspired by the Holy Spirt to write Ephesians 2:8-9

And from Jesus (not Satan)
John 5:24
"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but HAS passed from death to life."
"I really wonder why it's okay for LDS missionaries to go out and knock on doors of people who usually don't invite them, and tell people that what they believe is wrong... but when I, or other Christians share with LDS people, and explain that what they believe is wrong, we are labeled "anti-Mormons." By that logic, wouldn't that make LDS missionaries "anti-Christian"?" Admin. at


"Where are we after 150 years of examining the Book of Mormon? No city even remotely similar to any of the Book of Mormon cities has ever been located. No names related to the Book of Mormon has ever been found in New World inscriptions. No genuine inscriptions have ever been found in Egyptian or anything similar which could correspond to the "reformed Egyptian tongue." No ancient copies of the Book
  of Mormon have ever been found. No people, nations or places unique to the Book of Mormon have ever been found.

In short, there is absolutely no evidence from archaeology that can provide evidence for the truth of the Book of Mormon! This is in marked contrast to the Bible, the accuracy of which has been supported in thousands of ways by archaeological research.

Why is that, do you think?"  Admin. 7
LDS Church Elders Andersen and Cook warned Mormons yesterday not to believe all the disparaging messages they read about their religion and its roots on the Internet.

Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

-Admin 7
“When the grace of Christ is fully awake in your life, you find you’re no longer doing something due to fear or out of shame or because of guilt, but you’re doing it through love. The dreadful tyranny of performing in order to please is over. . . forever.” - Charles Swindoll

Friday, November 16, 2012

Keeping A Mind Apart

I want to reiterate . . . the spiritual and healthy retreat of old books--reading 
for diversion and centering against the shifting, nefarious dialectic mind-controls
of the present superficial media age.  It is a way to escape and listen to sane, 
often enlightened and healthy minds which have not be so corrupted by the lurid
and base political and psychological propaganda of the present time.  Here is a
wonderful snippet from book I am reading about Apostle Paul, where I learned, for
instance, about the "mechanical" movie theaters of ancient Antioch; witnessing 
just how little things have really changed, as far as "the world's" allures, the 
cleverness of men and women to distract one another away from spiritual work at
hand, through entertainment, luxuries, art and games . . . the astounding techno-
logies of the day, central heating, plumbing, automatic doors, street lights etc. 
I don't recall where
I picked up this old book, which is fantastic, but it was probably at a yard sale
or used book store for 50 cents or a dollar or two.  With all that is going on
today, I find it critical to transport out via the mind to other times and places,
especially using inspired scripture or by writers inspired by inspired scripture, 
so that, my mind is filled, not with a garbage heap of neo-pagan, Marxist, post-
modern claptrap . . . but with the words and images and ideas of the dignified,
the humble, the surrendered, the honoring and honorable . . . . This all goes to
what I have suggested as a means to cope with the coming chaos, terror and darkness;
which is to inhabit "the spiritual mind" . . . be separate from the world . . .
stay vigilant . . . alert on the wall . . . guarding the heart, the "temple",
in the world but not OF it!

Join me, for a brief moment sitting with H.V. Morton, on the slope of Mt. Silpius, 
in the afternoon sun of 1930s Antioch, imagining 1st century Antioch, during the 
time and at the place of the wandering mission of indefatigable saint Paul . . . .

[As an example of town-planning, ancient Antioch was 
probably finer than any city in the world to-day. Its main 
street was a wide corso four and a half miles long about five 
times the length of Princes Street, Edinburgh. There was a 
central passage for horse traffic and chariots, and two covered 
colonnades for foot-passengers. At right angles to it stretched 
miles of colonnaded streets paved with marble, laid out on 
the grid-iron principle in emulation of Alexandria, and on 
either side of the streets stood public buildings, market-places, 
temples and triumphal arches. When the sun shone on col- 
oured fountains and gilded statues, on marble colonnades and 
prancing quadriga, and on the uplifted gold trumpets of 
Victories, the appearance of Antioch must indeed have been 
 If Alexandria reflected the permanent achievements of the 
new age, Antioch reflected the transient. It was a city of con- 
sumers. It was full of rich aristocrats and nouveaux riches, 
and of wealthy, retired people who sought here one of the 
finest climates in the world. Something that we associate with 
Venice in the eighteenth century, with Paris in the nineteenth 
century, and with Hollywood to-day, with its deification of 
youth and beauty, distinguished Antioch during the lifetime 
of Paul. It was up-to-date, amusing, elegant, wicked; and its 
epigrams could go a long way to make or ruin a reputation. 
The ridiculous quarrels which centered round the racing 
stables of Antioch were known throughout the world. The 
Blue Faction and the Green Faction, which were famous in 
Paul's time, enlisted even the patronage of the Emperor. Both 
Caligula and Claudius wore the colors of the Green Faction. 
In the realm of scurrility and coarse witticism, Antioch stood 
"The keen and wide-awake intelligence of this wonderful 
age was everywhere evident," writes Professor Breasted of the 
Hellenistic Age in his book, Ancient Times, "but especially in 
the application of science to the work and needs of daily life. 
It was an age of inventions, like our own. An up-to-date man 
would install an automatic door-opener for the doorkeeper of 
his house, and a washing machine which delivered water and 
mineral soap as needed. 
On his estate olive oil was produced 
with a press operating with screw pressure. Outside the 
temples the priests set up automatic dispensers of holy water, 
while a water sprinkler operating by water pressure reduced 
the danger of fire. The application of levers, cranks, screws 
and cog-wheels to daily life brought forth cable roads for use
in lowering stone from lofty quarries, or water wheels for 
drawing water on a large scale. 
A similar endless-chain apparatus 
was used for quickly raising heavy stone missiles to be 
discharged from huge missile-hurling war machines, some of 
which even operated by air pressure. As we go to see the 
'movies' so the people crowded to the market place to view 
the automatic theatre, in which a clever mechanician pre- 
sented an old Greek tragedy of the Trojan War in five scenes, 
displaying shipbuilding, the launch of the fleet, the voyage, 
with the dolphins playing in the water about the vessels, and 
finally a storm at sea, with thunder and lightning, amid which 
the Greek heroes promptly went to the bottom. 
told stories of the simpler days of their grandmothers, when 
there was no running water in the house and they actually 
had to go out and fetch it a long way from the nearest spring. 
Antioch, which has so remote a sound, is really much nearer 
to us than we imagine. After Rome and Alexandria, it was the 
third largest city in a world which prided itself on its scientific 
conquests, its material achievements, its emancipation from 
tradition; a world which worshiped wealth and employed 
its scientific skill in the invention of new engines of war.] 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Game Over" redux and tips

One of the first major posts I recall . . . back around 2004-5 in the old Lamb Cafe forum was entitled "Game Over. " I was making the statement from my years of study and analysis of the political/social scene . . . that "it's over", which began when, around 1988 I stumbled across a communist cell in Florida and learned how far "they" had infiltrated and influenced . . . American society.

 Through the years following, in posts and in audio interviews I have reiterated that the communist conquest and "Sovietizing" of America was well nigh complete and what we are witnessing now is the "mopping up" stages.  I put little to no hope in trying to "save America" . . . "take back America" . . . "turn the tide" . . . "return to the Constitution" and early determined that the best thing to do was marshal and use the energy, time and resources that could be spent on that losing battle . . . for higher purposes; for spiritual ends.  I have no faith in, for instance, the Republican Party to oppose the "takeover", as I have called it, knowing that they are and have been complicit for a long time.  We were sold out years ago and the structural damage to our constitutional institutions and governing procedures is well solidified.  The "church", for the most part, has long since compromised and thrown in with the world as well . . . and the few sincere, genuine Believers who persist will be harassed, targeted, maligned, ostracized . . . by both church and state moving forward.

Beware and be careful, Believer, not to allow your mind and heart to be led around on wild goose chases--distracted by the bread and circuses meant to pull you from The Way, luring you with false hopes while lulling you into spiritual laziness.  We are very much like Imperial Rome now, in her days of decadence, perversity, cruelty . . . . Rome became a vast welfare state as it grew ever more dependent on slave labor and inviting the barbarian hordes to come in to fill the gaps.  Eventually the barbarian hordes poured in, overwhelmed "the system" and took control of the enervated, corrupt citizens and government.

Today, the "bread and circuses" . . . is the daily news cycle.  Sex scandals . . . show trials . . . political intrigues . . . are laid out every day . . . to divert our attention and pull us down into the base levels of carnality--of materialistic thinking--while the criminal control and looting of the populace and nation(s) surges into high gear.  It is going to be difficult to maintain spiritual poise and conviction of the heart and soul as the distractions mount.  But the disciple . . . must . . . stay separate and not be drawn into the intended madness.

It is a temptation, like any other, to react to political and social events and intrigues, from the carnal self.  Our fallen self wants revenge--wants to return evil with evil, fight fire with fire.  Everything in the natural, sinful self strains to fight back with the tools and weapons of the flesh.  It is seductively pleasing to the carnal self to do so.  There is a powerful allure in it--real, spiritual temptation . . . which should avoided, if one is not to be brought down to level of the world and its agenda--to the base and carnal and worldly . . . .

Here is where the REAL battle lies.  Not in joining ihands with various "interest groups," becoming "co-belligerents", "struggling against flesh and blood" (Eph. 6:12) . . . .

Are we not told, "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?"  --2 Cor. 6:14

Are we not advised that we struggle against "the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places ."?

Are these admonitions to be read, then ignored, while we do just that:  yoke with unbelievers and war against flesh and blood?  The temptation is great to do so, no doubt.  As great or greater than the temptation to love money, lust, envy, covet . . . and more insidious . . .because then, the parasite of pride sneaks in as we pat ourselves on the back and feel superior being "right" and hating those who disagree or fail to join our self-proclaimed "righteous" cause.  Pride . . . comes straight from Hell and loves to inhabit the self-righteous agendas and persons who champion high-minded causes.  Pride will even drive out lessor, more base sins, ensconcing itself deep and hidden on the throne of the heart; ie., the driven and ambitious celebrity or ruler who shuns bad habits, fasts and meditates in order to be a more effective bodily vessel . . . for pride's ambition and goals.

At the same time, I don't want to feel superior or self-righteous in choosing spiritual matters over the temporal, criticizing those who do feel led to "get involved" and fight flesh and blood.  The same, sneaky danger is there just the same--pride is always lurking to slip in with the best of intentions and purposes . . . in me as in any other.

I don't want to make "my thing your thing" . . . . I'm just saying that from my point-of-view . . . I have deemed the political and nationalistic situation . . . capoot.  And have said so for a long time.  So, I am relieved to not be overly smitten by the socialist victory over liberty.  The writing has been on the wall for quite a while.
It's over--game over--but for the "mopping up stage" as far as I can tell.
 . . . . Time and life are short, so I want to be devoting myself as much as possible and granted through grace . . . to serve the commands and advice . . . of my spiritual Master . . . and the King of a different country and world . . .and leave the fools and the blind and the dead of the world to pick over carcasses.  My food is elsewhere.

I said years ago, related to the "mopping up" stage . . . to watch for purges.  Purges, especially of top military and political figures . . . are a sign of the final stage of conquest.  I believe we are seeing this now, disguised within the "bread and circuses" of sexual scandal and political intrigue.  "New faces" I have talked about . . . and the sudden "changing of the guard" . . . as tyrannical control puts in place lackeys and sycophants and lieutenants who will carry out the despicable orders of Dictator.  We are moving into the dangerous time now, where protesting speech . . . and the few, brave dissenters . . . will be liquidated (virtually or literally.)  Did the devil beat God in the last election?  If only a few more people would have voted or if the voting machines weren't rigged, then God would have had His way?
No, God is having His way . . . . The devil didn't win anything.  It's all going exactly according to the Author's script.  That is what I believe . . . .

Note, however . . . .
A main objective of the Adversary during this time . . . will be to stir up strife and dis-unity among The Body, pitting one against another . . . dividing and conquering.  Beware of this and know that His true disciples will be the ones showing grace, love, unity, friendship, charity, kindness, peace, joy . . . while remaining steadfast in the proclamation and sharing of the truth, unbending as relates to the right teaching of the Gospel.  Charlatans will seek to conscript, divide, control, gossip, back-stab, spreading darkness . . . hate . . . fear . . . .

What or who is there to fear for those that have faith in the Lord? . . . Who trust Him to provide and protect according to His will?  A lot of wheat is going to be separated from the chaff as this thing progresses . . . and hearts are revealed . . . .

It was during just such a time, in corrupt, degenerate Rome . . . that Messiah arrived . . . and in which the Apostles began their faithful ministries.  Look what they did under the harshest of conditions, amidst persecution and suffering.  God often, in history, has provided an extremely dark and wicked background . . . against which to contrast . . . His servants of light!  So it will be in the end times . . . . It is Written, is it not?

Family . . . "friends" . . . "church members" . . . co-workers . . . "authorities" . . .  WILL turn on you . . . will lie about you . . . will seek to undermine and harass you . . . if you are one of His.  Be ready for this . . . and don't waste time lamenting and wallowing and fighting the Way He has made it.  The worst of our trials are a speck, a pittance, a puff of air . . . compared to the glory and reward He has promised His faithful children, His bride . . . .

Take care, stay vigilant always, keeping gratitude close, as God blesses your way with deeper and more profound spiritual insight . . . into, through and past, the events of the day, anchored in the heavenlies . . . .

[re question posed in comments: the police said he was not allowed to pull his trailor up to the doors anymore . . . which just it makes it now more difficult to haul in the table, pulpit, media equipment used for the meetings.  Low-level harassment . . . suddenly . . . is all . . . but, I suspect will escalate...eventually]

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's Goin' On

Just because I find, by the grace of God, that I'm not as devastated by the ill tidings as I easily once would have been . . . and because I I refuse to be taken there, focusing instead on the glory of God and His sovereign purposes . . . doesn't mean I don't see what is going on.  Wise as the serpents I see their moves . . . and it is ill indeed.  An ill wind is blowing . . . .

It's anecdotal at this point . . . and maybe just coincidence . . . but it flashed in my spirit at the time that here was skirmish and portent of things to come.  That is, when we went to bible study last Sunday there had been a bunch of police cars stationed at the entrance of where we hold our meeting on campus at the Univ. of Utah.  They were there to prevent our pastor from bringing his trailer up close to the doors to unload ie., the podium, recording equipment, tables and stuff used for the congregation gathering.  We went ahead and held the meeting minus those usual accouterments . . . but also sitting there in the auditorium in the cold with no heat.  "They" had also turned off the heat.  It was about 25 degrees Fahrenheit that day.  So we braved the conditions, sitting there all in our coats, happy to suffer to hear the Word . . . .

Other reports from my older sons as they have been out and about . . . at work and such . . . in the world . . . reveal that people have become especially on edge, short-fused, irritated, agitated, depressed and exhibiting angry outbursts usually for no good reason.  An ill wind is blowing, no doubt . . . .

Myself, I don't believe the election was lost because a number of people didn't bother to vote.  I believe that there was massive voter fraud and the thing was outright stolen.  No way is the criminal cabal going to give up the power they have finally secured . . . . I also blame the Republicans for putting up another fall guy--moderate, flip-floppin' Mitt . . . who didn't fight back, who is just about as liberal as Obama.  Now the scene is set and the mouthpieces are once again targeting, blaming conservatives and traditional values . . . saying we need to compromise . . . with tyranny.

Meanwhile, behind the smoke of doctrine--whether "communist", "socialist", "fascist" . . . is nothing more than a gang of criminals.  "Political correctness" . . . "social justice" . . . "economic justice" are straw men terms . . . and techniques . . . simply and strategically used . . . to paralyze the population, while the criminal gang steals property, wealth and gains control.  That's all.  A lawsuit filed by a firm called "Spire" charges that 43 trillion dollars has been laundered through TARP and other stimulus schemes . . . with people like Geithner, Holder, Hillary--the ones suddenly jumping ship, implicated in actually pocketing vast amounts of that sum . . . .

Did you hear the awful story a couple weeks back about the CNBC producer whose children were murdered by the nanny--who supposedly then committed suicide?  That producer had just posted an article about the money laundering lawsuit.  The article was mysteriously pulled within hours of its release.  That same day, the nanny supposedly murdered the producer's children. 
Big money . . . big stakes . . . . The corruption and criminal activities currently underway, happening under the guise of "hope and change" . . . are breath-taking . . . . Why are we in Libya?  Perhaps because Monsanto, who is buying up lands throughout Africa, needs a port for shipping.  "Democracy movements"?  Ha ha ha . . . . It's all about the global crime syndicate knocking off those who won't play ball, solidifying control and putting the finishing touches of the gang's global domination . . . . The mafia don . . . is Lucifer.

It is all so ugly--as evil always is--that I just want to look at Jesus.  The ghouls can play their meaningless, violent games with each other all day long . . . . I am sick of it.  I am sick of any taint of it left in myself.  I want it gone.  I yearn for holiness and love and the purity, grace and mercy and justice of King Jesus.  So, that's where I spend most my time and thought and heart and soul.  I glory in being Justified!  Sanctification is real!  He DOES come into the heart given over to Him and cleans house!  It is exciting and comforting to watch and experience.  I highly recommend it to those still straddling the fence.  Come in from the ghouls, the mayhem . . . of self seeking, carnality.  The Lord wants to know you . . . in the most spiritually intimate sense of that word to "know".  Put your anchor in the "heavenlies", which is fixed.  The ground of the criminal, fallen, carnal world is shifting sand.

 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where Jesus, who went before us, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."  --Heb. 6:19-20

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Back To "Business"

It is striking to consider all the time . . . work . . . money . . . thought . . . attention . . . heart and soul poured into the recent election.  What if that same combined effort had been contributed to the spreading of the Gospel?  And which endeavor is going to mean the most when all is said and done?  There will be a day . . . when all is said and done.  What was your life spent on?  The things of the World . . . or the things of the Word?

Why is it this way?  Why do people exert, fight, strive, plan, maneuver, press . . . for matters which have no real significance beyond the grave?

Because they don't really look to God.  They look to a hundred other things first.  Their hope, their faith . . . is in what appears most tangible, in front of their face--what the eyes look upon and what the body can touch and consume and enjoy.  But faith--saving faith is "assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen."  --Heb. 11:1

And if you achieve all the dreams and desires of the world, yet never find God Who has the power to grant eternal life beyond the grave . . . what good is it?  Time, erosion, decay, entropy . . . make a final mockery of all great, purely material achievements.  How many wondrous spectacles have come and gone in every corner of land, sky and sea over the ages?  As I have been reading of Saul/Paul of Tarsus . . . I imagine the jaw-dropping scene visited upon the inhabitants of that ancient port city when Cleopatra arrived for her first meeting with her future paramour Mark Antony.  It was as though a goddess were arriving: 

   "...she came sailing up the river Cydnus in a barge with gilded stern and outspread sails of purple, while oars of silver beat time to the music of flutes and fifes and harps. She herself lay all along, under a canopy of cloth of gold, dressed as Venus in a picture, and beautiful young boys, like painted Cupids, stood on each side to fan her. Her maids were dressed like Sea Nymphs and Graces, some steering at the rudder, some working at the ropes.
...perfumes diffused themselves from the vessel to the shore, which was covered with multitudes, part following the galley up the river on either bank, part running out of the city to see the sight. The market place was quite emptied, and Antony at last was left alone sitting upon the tribunal; while the word went .through all the multitude, that Venus was come to feast with Bacchus for the common good of Asia."

Where is she now?  Where are her beautiful young attendants?  The purple-sailed, gilded barge with silver oars?  Do the records of her words and deeds help anyone today find and know God?  Yet Paul, who gave up status, wealth, position . . . to his death, to simply proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ has helped millions learn of and secure eternal life . . . .

You can say you believe in Jesus . . . and that you believe the Bible is the divinely-breathed Word of God, but what do you spend your time and thought on mostly?  Politics?  Social issues?  Did Jesus, Paul, Peter, John . . . agitate to change the Roman government?  "If My Kingdom were of this world, My people would fight," said the Lord.  Do you worry about the future?  Worrying like that is a sin.

No doubt, some are led to get involved to effect God's will in the kingdoms of men, but many times He worked His will just as perfectly through Pagan kings and rulers.  If we "lose America" do we lose the Kingdom of God?  Hardly.  It has always been the case that few prioritize truth, justice and Biblical government.  Are we surprised that the multitude chooses corrupt leaders, socialism, slavery and perversion?  Do Christians really believe that Mitt Romney--a man who believes God is a man who had sex with Mary . . . and that men can become gods through works . . . that polygamy is required to become a god, etc.,--would have advanced Biblical Christianity?  Does the Bible speak of a country in the last days which will triumph over the strongholds of Satan, be a light of Christ to the world, where freedom and prosperity will continue until the Second Coming?  Or do we read that Anti-Christ will reign over a world government and all will devolve into chaos, persecution, war, famine, earthquakes and ruin . . . ? 

Do we follow the materialistic desires of our hearts, hoping they contravene what prophecy clearly depicts . . . or do we accept the writing on the wall--the writing of the Book?  It is sad to hear that so-called Believers are dividing and fighting over political parties, corrupt leaders, whether from the "left" or the "right" . . . trading anger and vitriol . . . as if "saving America" meant "saving the Kingdom of God".

Fairly long ago now (about 25 years ago) I went through my grieving period for this once great country.  When I studied and discovered the forces and entities at work behind the scenes, and realized that the "people" were nowhere near educated enough to understand the depths of the alien/traitorous control ALREADY IN PLACE at the highest levels . . . I knew then . . . it was over.  Elections and "democracy" . . . are theater to keep the masses distracted and deluded to think they have an actual say.  No Godly leader is going to be allowed to attain high office or effect real change or reform which would threaten the global elite's power and interests.  I saw it then . . . shouted for a while to alert folks, then, sadly realizing most were asleep, had my moment of grief.  Since then, I have become only more and more focused and invested in the Kingdom of the justified "country" to come.  This place is corrupt and run by the devil, plain and simple.  Until the King returns, judges, dissolves and restores HIS perfect rule . . . I have little time, energy, heart, mind and soul to waste on the tawdry games and vain pursuits of those seeking worldly power, wealth, position.  Not that social and political matters are completely irrelevant . . . . They have their place.  We're in the world . . . .

But not to be OF it. 

"Skin in the game" . . . .
People with "skin in the game" are probably the most upset.  What game?  The worldly game.  My "skin" is in God's game.  Which isn't a game.  It's holy, sacred, divine, other-worldly, real life.  Where your treasure is . . . . That's where you will find peoples' hearts; where they are spiritually invested . . . .

Treasure in Heaven . . . the other-world?  No tyrant, no government, no communist dictator can take that treasure away.  What "skin" I have in the worldly game--yeah, he can take that.  It ain't much though.  ON PURPOSE . . . it ain't much!

It's easy to say one's "treasure is stored in heaven" . . . but actions speak as loud as the words that accompany the devastation of those who had stored their treasure, their hope . . . their faith . . . for instance, in a Mormon Republican.  Honestly, I must admit, I was physically a bit sick to my stomach as I saw the vote returns first coming in . . . and I sat with that for a moment; a natural response in my natural man/self--the part of me that does follow politics, social and world events.  But within about 20 minutes I made a deliberate effort to re-orient myself to what I claim to be and what I daily do: to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and to attend the work commanded by my Master to do, that is, to make more disciples, proclaim the Good News, and invest my treasure in the world TO COME.

When I look at the silly, uneducated, foolish and corrupt people who voted for the Marxist . . . and catch myself feeling superior . . . I repent immediately.  What am I:  good, smart?  No, I am a sinner, corrupt, self-centered like any other.  Who am I fooling that I would think myself better?  If I can see the truth of things more clearly than another, it is not because I deserve to or somehow earned such an ability.  It is ONLY by the GRACE OF GOD, and there is NOTHING of it of which I can boast!  Besides . . . I have been quite the fool, uneducated, lost . . . myself . . . once . . .  "chief among sinners"!  God found and saved me; I expect He will do likewise to others as He wills, though at the moment they are blind, ignorant, lost . . . .

The Lord says if we have hate in our hearts towards others . . . is it the same as murdering. 

"Every one that hates his brother is a murderer, and ye know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him."  --1 John 3:15

That is a serious condition.  Talk is cheap . . . . "Oh, I love Jesus, I'm a Christian."   

Then you can't go around hating and dividing people, let alone the Body of Christ--lambasting brothers and sisters in the Lord, because of a lousy political vote, which vote count was probably rigged anyway . . . .   At the same time, I certainly have understanding and compassion for those who are caught up in the disappointment of the moment.  It use to drive me crazy, how ignorant most people were about what was really going on . . . . And I use to feel superior in my better knowledge and understanding. 

Now . . . I just want Jesus.  The dead can fiddle with and bury the dead.  My head and heart are fixed, as much as He grants me, primarily in His Spirit and revealed purposes . . . in prayer, contemplation, good works, His Word etc., . . . . There is peace . . . trust . . . faith . . . reliance on His ultimate sovereignty.  No need to stress over the devil's childrens' playthings--what they do, how they do it . . . . If we as Believers spent more time helping the poor, feeding the hungry, healing and visiting the sick, orphans, widows . . . making disciples, preaching the Good News, we would much quicker "save America" . . . if that is even God's will to be done.  I'm not so sure it is, though . . . .  All I see is continued "globalization", the end of nation-states and the coming one world government ruled by anti-Christ . . . . Meanwhile, the people of God go about their business, which transcends all this world's governments . . . .

This election has revealed a lot . . . .
A lot of hidden idolatry . . . .
Which is a good thing for those honest enough to see it themselves, repent, and get back to His holy purposes . . . back to "business"--His business . . . .


Friday, November 9, 2012

Going Small and an Arab Tale

I am loving "getting small in the Word" . . . as I once described it; this experience of steady
sanctification by the Holy Spirit . . . drawing me slowly but surely away from the entanglements of the fallen world, into the world of our Lord . . . increasingly relishing His Word . . . . Big things, fanciful interpretations, prophet wanna-be's "divining" "new" insights that the early Fathers, Apostles etc. somehow missed . . . are to me like shiny trinkets in a tourist trap bazaar--cheap, plastic . . . painted gold, worthless when held up to the sun, Son.

The simple feast already provided is well ample enough.  Novelties bore me and waste my time--I only desire real "meat", pure "milk" . . . . Over fascination with the future has dried up and blown away . . . . I will know God's will for me today . . . tomorrow . . . when I see it.  Otherwise His will is clear and sufficient as given already.  Kingdoms come, go . . . the great and mighty plans of the ambitious are hard won and secured . . . but for a few moments, then all fall to corruption and ruin.  Everywhere I turn, all is vanity, but that done by, through, for His Holy Spirit, His Holy purposes for the eternal . . . . If I find myself in some difficulty, some conundrum due to the webs of spiders woven by the ghouls of this world, into which I stumbled . . . I first look to blame myself, suffering gladly, knowing that He is correcting my path and refining my soul through all trials and persecution.  In this way, I am always free, for I seek not to blame or hope to correct others; I can always look to myself and the spiritual adjustments needed there.  Together, He and I, and the brothers and sisters and loved ones who know Him . . . walk the Way, invincible in His ultimate protection and guidance . . . and victory!

Meanwhile, within the "going small" . . . I'm retracing the steps of Saint Paul, Apostle . . . and here a couple excerpts from the truly fascinating record:
"Sit down and tell us an Arab story," someone asked.
"All right," said Whiting.  "This is a story with a moral--like most Arab stories."

He looked like a Bedouin as he sat in the firelight, translating
the story out of Bedouin Arabic into English. 

"Once upon a time there was a king who wished to capture 
a certain town. He summoned his Grand Vizier and ordered 
him to go in disguise as a pilgrim to spy out the land. 
The Vizier went through the bazaars of this town to the shops 
which sold food. 'I wish to buy bread' he said. The shop- 
keeper said: 'Friend, my bread is stale, but my neighbor has 
good, fresh bread.' 
He asked for olives. 'My olives are naught, 
cried the merchant, 'but my neighbor has olives that are fat 
and oily.' 
So the Grand Vizier returned to the King and he 
said 'O King, we cannot conquer that town.'

In ten years time the King ordered his Grand Vizier to go 
again to this town. He went to buy bread in the bazaars. 'My 
lord, I have the best bread, and no man in this town can 
equal the quality of my olives and my cheeses,' said the mer- 
chant, rubbing his hands together and bowing to the ground. 
'Look around, my lord, what rubbish do you see in the other 
shops?' So the Grand Vizier returned to the King, and he 
said: *O King, the time has now come for us to conquer that 
town, because the people are no longer of one heart." 
"Know," said the philosopher, "that you are free from all passions 
when you have reached a point that you ask nought of God that you cannot ask openly."

And there is an echo of this in Seneca's rule of life:  "So live with men as if God saw; 
so speak with God as if men were listening."

--"In The Steps of St. Paul" by H.V. Morton

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Iconocalstic Explosion

Praise God . . . another opportunity to smash idols!  Those who feel devastated by the (suspicious?) win of Barry Soetoro . . . perhaps have some hidden idolatry exposed.  That's a good thing . . . for those who claim to be disciples, followers of Jesus.  I know many today feel sick, depressed, sucker-punched . . . . It may be because they had put their hope in "America"--in restoring, reclaiming, "taking back" back America . . . and now that hope is dashed.  Chances are, for many--too many--love of country . . . faith and hope and heart and "treasure" was overly put into that . . . and it had become an idol.

Whereas Jesus and the Apostles did not agitate for political change--did not fight "Caesar" . . . did not put hope and faith in changing or controlling or fixing or saving . . . the government.  Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God . . . and the Apostles preached the Gospel.

Yes, as I watched the election returns come in, that little part of me that is patriotic--that does appreciate "America" as it was established at its founding--got a little sick.  And a small corner of me grieved knowing the program of destruction--"transformation"--that is coming, continuing . . . full speed ahead . . . .

But really, this is the beauty and power and freedom of the Gospel, and I am glad to take advantage of being sold-out, above all, to Christ.  Sold-out . . . surrendered . . . committed . . . dedicated . . . to the Way of the Lord, subject to the eternal King, citizen of HIS realm . . . . So that, the kingdoms of men and women may rise and fall, and it is little business of mine.  Today is like any other--the focus will be . . . not on "saving the country" . . . but on God . . . . I will pray, commune, study, listen to expert preaching and exegesis, and serve others with my body, heart and mind, as I serve God, body, heart, mind, strength, soul . . . .

As Lindsay and I talked this morning about the results . . . and thought about the mainstream evangelicals who watered down the Gospel, looked the other way, and attempted to confuse the survival of America with the survival of Christ's Church, she said, "Ha . . . looks like Mormons go back on the cult list!"  The "Mormon Moment" . . . may have peaked . . . .

The good news in all this, I suspect, is that people who were overly focused on temporary politics, a temporal country, on political power . . . and had lost sight and track of the 1st Commandment . . . may now get back to putting their daily hope and faith in JESUS! . . . and not the shining edifices of men.  Those who were suddenly willing to overlook the unbiblical and false religion of the L.D.S. because they were more afraid of Obama than afraid of God . . . maybe now will get back to standing up for the purity and truth of the Gospel and extolling that . . . instead of standing up for this or that politician and extolling him

It's always a good day when we discover our hidden idols . . . and toss them out--smash them.
We always need God above all . . . but are usually too distracted or too invested in various self interests . . . to realize it.  He is making it so that our need for Him--ABOVE ALL--is going to be ever more obvious.  Let to our own devices and flourishing . . . we never think of or feel that we need Him.  It is by His mercy that He brings trial and suffering, lest we . . . gain a country . . . but lose our eternal souls . . . .

As far as predictions .  . . hmmm . . . perhaps the chaos and misery and destruction needs to get worse before it slaps back to the "right" . . . . Maybe Barry himself will be the one taking it "hard right" (by which I meant into a police state) . . . or maybe I was just mistaken.  I have thought all along that "they" (the communist "5th column") were not about to let go the reigns of power now that they pretty much had the whole enchilada . . . .

But regardless, for the Believer, there is all kinds of (spiritual) opportunity in this development.  Did you find an idol there?  Time to expose and smash it.  Will the Christian "church" . . . be further compromised through partnering with the blasphemous and unbiblical cult of Joseph Smith?  Probably not so much now . . . . The temptation to turn to a man, a politician, a political party to "save us"?  Repent and replace that with what should be the desire to turn only to our Lord to save us!

A lot to be grateful for . . . today, along with a bit of grumbling :)

God bless.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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