Thursday, October 25, 2012

With Todd Friel on Wretched T.V.

Well, Todd Friel's Wretched T.V. show finally aired the episode shot at the Mormon Temple here in Salt Lake City.  I really didn't think he'd use the interview bits with me, but he did--two fairly long segments shot right there in the Square (Temple Square is what the place is called) in front of the famous L.D.S. temple.  I'm hoping someone may be able to help me get the clips into a youtube format which I can link to or embed here . . . . Should anyone care to see the whole show (30mins.) you can join Todd's "Wretcheder" club on his website for a month and then have access to all the archived shows both t.v. and radio.  He also did a radio show a couple weeks back where he talked about his trip to "Planet Utah" lol, and mentioned meeting me and my wife a few times and the troubling issue of our youngest son being lured and converting to the Mormon cult.  I think that show aired Monday, October 1st.

The television show on which I appeared aired:  Tuesday, October 23rd (10-23-12).

The t.v. show is pretty cool because it was shot just with Todd's assistant's cell phone, so as to not attract attention, but you can see the dark suited security dudes in the background eyeballing Todd and our little group of Christians.  I first spoke about our son and his upcoming "temple wedding" which we will not be allowed to attend (just my son's wife's family will be allowed) . . . because me and my wife and not considered "worthy" to enter a Mormon Temple.  Isn't it interesting that Christians are not allowed in Mormon temples . . . but Mormons are able to enter any Christian church.  (Since Billy Graham has, under political pressure it appears, changed the Mormon church's status from cult to non-cult after his visit with Mitt Romney, I join with other concerned Christians to use the "cult" status more frequently now, referring to the L.D.S. Church.  Because it IS a cult, centered on the personality of Joseph Smith, the man who boasted he did more than even Jesus to bring salvation to the earth . . . nauseating . . . .)

Anyway, yeah .  . . so Todd asked me about the sad and disturbing situation with our youngest boy and then later I did another fairly long stint with him talking about the creepy Masonic green aprons given by Lucifer to temple goers . . . blacks having the "curse of Cain" . . . Mormon sacrament (Wonder Bread and water) . . . and the relativistic basis of current L.D.S. doctrine which changes as the wind blows (usually depending on social and political pressures), where, the current "living prophet" can out-right contradict past Mormon prophets on core doctrine (ie., polygamy, black holding the "priesthood", drinking caffeine etc.) because they say "a living prophet trumps a dead prophet.)  . . . .

Also, on the Wretched episode, you can see the "bearded wonder" (heh, our son Isaac) in the background and also towards the end you can see the prayer circle we made, at the behest of one of the Christians there wanting to pray for our son . . . . You can see the security guards closing in getting ready to boot us out of Temple Square (we did not know that public praying is not allowed there) . . . . And Todd gives a running narration throughout the show with his thoughts and impressions and spiritual discernment regarding his experience in "the Mecca of Mormonism" . . . "Planet Utah" . . . Salt Lake City . . . and just how strange and oppressive the community and culture and atmosphere is here, which he says you can't really perceive unless you are here physically to experience it . . . .

Mormons love to call anyone critical of their religion "anti-Mormon" . . . "Mormon-bashers" and usually say, "why can't you just be loving and tolerant like Jesus and let us alone" . . . conveniently ignoring the fact that they send out tens of thousands of missionaries every day, going door-to-door to tell people (in so many words) that ALL the Christian denomination are wrong and only Mormonism is right and only through Mormonism and Joseph Smith . . . can a person be "truly saved."

They ignore how Jesus confronted the false religions and deceptive religious teachers and false prophets of his day and that he did so quite vociferously--even violently on occasion.

There is nothing more serious than a prophet or teacher or religion LURING people away from the true Gospel . . . because SOULS are at stake--the consequences are dire and eternal for those captured by a false religion.  Especially, when that religion claims to be God's only and true religion and using the name of Jesus Christ!  What could be more serious?!

It only takes a few minutes--maybe an hour of investigation . . . to find out, from historical facts and scientific evidence . . . that the claims of Joseph Smith . . . are completely bogus; the Book of Mormon is a fraud and the L.D.S. doctrines are NOT biblical, Christian or divinely revealed.

People stay in "the church"  . . . because of the "hook-ups".  They get good jobs, cover for each other, have a vast support system, and get accolades and social status . . . from their "good works" in and for "the church."

Can there be anything more insidious and corrupt to God . . . than using His holy Name, but using occultic, Masonic practices and doctrine . . . in order to "succeed" and "progress" in THE WORLD?!

No.  And nothing more blasphemous.

So, yeah, the matter is serious and requires strong talk and clear, bold discernment.  Not hate.  If we hated "Mormons" as they like to claim, we would leave them alone in their delusion, in their Joseph Smith cult.  Go to hell, we would say, we don't care about you.

But we DO care, and want any who can, to WAKE UP and get out of that anti-Christ blasphemous monstrosity!  It is because WE LOVE, that we care and seek to intervene as prompted by Holy Spirit!

God bless you all.
brother, thomas


Linda L. said...
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Linda L. said...

The TV episode where you are interviewed by Todd is dated October 24, not 23rd, in his archives.

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