Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Killer Techniques (pt. 1)

Killer Technique:  The Fast Tackle

When you look at others, and see how lost they are, ie., those following the world and their carnal selves, there is a tendency to feel superior--"better" than them.  There can be instant "looking down on" those rotten sinners.  It happens fast, in an atomic second . . . but if you are quick to observe, you can catch it there . . . .

Maybe you happen to see some protestor being interviewed on television . . . attacking Christians or Bible-based beliefs . . . . They've got nose rings, tattoos, green spiked hair . . . . You can't tell if it's a boy or a girl . . . . Oh, its a girl . . . she's holding hands with her "partner" and shouting about the "war on women" and demanding unrestrained right to abortion, gay marriage, tax-payer funded contraceptives and abortifacients....

One can feel superior, holier . . . thinking "what a heathen" . . . while I have Jesus . . . the truth! . . . .

It happens fast, this self-righteous judgment . . . and is still there, though it slips away back down to the recesses of the heart, and may even be followed by a thought, "ah, but I am to love even my enemies" . . . and then is compounded with subtle spiritual pride as you shift to "see . . . I really am a better person, more on God's side . . . because I know I should love my enemies" and now you feel pity for the poor, deluded girl, and may even pray for her . . . .

But go back to that first moment, when you saw her and that shadow of holier-than-thou passed over your mind and heart . . . and quickly recall . . . that YOU are chief among sinners!  You are just as God-hating and full of carnal tendencies as anyone else unsaved.  You are not "better."  What you are seeing is another creature God has made and loves.  God's will is being worked out in that "heathen" just as much as in your life.  If you have seen the light, seen the truth, remember it is ONLY by the grace of God, and not because you are special or deserved it or earned it somehow.  Your natural heart and mind and soul are every bit as antagonistic to the Lord as those of the worst criminal!

Do a fast tackle on that immediate inclination to feel "above" another person and remember that you are just as depraved, just as God-rejecting, in your self as they are! 

Now you can give honor to Christ, by returning yourself to the lowly position--if anything, BELOW everyone else . . . because . . . look how you who claim to see the truth--to accept Jesus, offend Him nevertheless by considering yourself "better" than those who haven't and don't.  Here YOU are . . . supposedly "walking the Walk" . . . and yet, full of pride, self congratulation, puffed up as if YOU are following the Lord's will but the other isn't . . . . At least the pagan girl is not making pretenses to being a disciple of the Lord!  But YOU do!

It is easy . . . and refreshing . . . and liberating . . . to instantly recall our deplorable, natural self and put it in its place.

But it's also hard--a hard teaching . . . to realize and to do.  And don't be surprised if it takes a while.  It is a lifelong habit.  Before you were saved, you had other reasons why you thought you were "special" and a little more "deserving" than others . . . . Maybe it was because you were so "meek", such a "martyr" . . . so, relentlessly self sacrificing."

However, now, you just use your "faith" as the self-assuring reason, forgetting that even if you actually do have some faith, it certainly isn't because you are a "good person" or extra smart, or unusually blessed . . . or have "earned" it.

What is great about this "killer technique" . . . is that there are multiple opportunities . . . throughout every day to put it into practice . . . .

I call it a "killer technique" . . . because it is a method . . . an actual skill or technique you can develop to help you realize the death of the old you.  If you have accepted Christ, then you already died with Him.  But old habits sometimes (usually) die hard . . . and there is an entropic momentum still attached to you, to the "new creature" . . . as the "old man/old woman" seems to yet want to rise from its grave to pull you back into itself.

At such times, a "killer technique" like this, which I'll call the "fast tackle" . . . helps to reposition your awareness away from the old you that died with Jesus on the cross . . . to the new creature who is risen with Him.


Mark said...

Thank you.a fast takle works well.I find myself talking me back down from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I fail this test every time and doubt I will ever pass. I do not think I am better than anyone or more righteous than anyone. I know I have miles to go before anything I do will ever be seen as more than dirty rags, but and here is my crux. “I don’t love my enemy”. I hate paedophiles, the sick governors of this land, people that get pleasure out of causing pain to others. I have tried to love them but I don’t. I have not got that gift unfortunately and if I am honest with myself I don’t want it. Even before I knew Jesus I was defiantly a sinner and still am but I have never got pleasure out of causing others pain or been what I call a siko.
Even so and this is the greatest confusion in my version of Christ. I also could not send them to an eternal hell. I’d just finish them If I was God and set us all free.
I know he has a plan just wish he would share it.
How the governor will view my short comings I have no Idea, but as he knows my every thought it seems pointless to kid myself I feel any different. I would honour your opinion.
Tabbycat x

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