Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whose Kingdom Do You Build?

 No question about it.  There is an ominous, treacherous and devious spirit covering the land.  In the churches it seeks to diminish the searing truth of the Gospel and replace it with social activism and social causes and build bridges with and to the world and to other anti-Christian faiths.

In such a time, nothing is more important than to hold fast to the truth and reject this soothing lullaby of death.  "I stopped outside a church house, where the citizens like to sit, they say they want the Kingdom, but they don't want God in it."  As Johnny Cash sings . . . .

Never forget where the arc of life and then death leads . . . that you will finally kneel before the Judge where your deeds are looked at and punishment or rewards are meted out accordingly . . . .

"Whose Kingdom . . . . What Kingdom . . . did you spend your life building upon?"

Were you busy working on kingdoms doomed to fail and be swept away with the coming of the new heaven and the new earth?  A business . . . a "foundation" . . . this or that social cause? . . . you own little kingdom in and of the flesh? 

Or were you busy in the work of salvation--saving souls?

The world groans in sin.

All sin and fall short of the mark.

There is no hope, no chance, no life to be found in the world. 

Every day--not just once in a while and vaguely--the disciple of the Lord is about His Master's work.

"Whose Kingdom were you busy building?"

One kingdom . . . is obvious--right before your eyes, every day, many workers toiling constantly polishing, adjusting, tweaking, adorning its edifice . . . . And it is doomed and sentenced for utter, complete, ignominious destruction.

The Other Kingdom . . . is currently invisible, harder to see, carried in the heart and soul of Believers in It.  It is destined to remain . . . perfected . . . gloriously fashioned . . . incorruptible . . . forever!

Beware the silver tongued devils in collars and robes and suits, mesmerizing from pulpits, holding hands with the captains of industry and social cause . . . . Our Lord's Kingdom IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!

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Jon said...

Amen, brother!

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