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The Stuff Of Life Itself (pt.8)

I have found that . . . the more the Holy Spirit has been able to find a place in me (because my own personal agenda has been --thankfully--highly damaged by the Truth) . . . and the more I have understood and accepted the Gospel . . . THE LESS interested I've become in novel or "new" interpretations of scripture and even the world around us.

What I see, for instance, are many people . . . who are fascinated and led to investigate all kinds of "mind blowing" theories, expose's, "discoveries" etc., . . . but because they are "dead" on the inside.  Life is so tedious and mundane, bland and rote . . . that they must find some excitement, and so, take their minds on journeys to consider the most mind-bending, esoteric, fantastic "explanations" possible--each one more incredible and alarming than the one before . . . .

For the spiritual seeker . . . this seems often to be the case . . . because in actuality . . . the seeker is simply still dead inside and has not quite yet had the "scales fall away" from their eyes and seen the Truth.

I am not saying that it is wrong and to be avoided . . . to be ie., curious about "mysteries" and the arcane.

I am just saying that I have noticed that . . . as the profundity and urgency of our situation, as described in (Biblical) scripture . . . is more fully realized and accepted and then acted upon . . . SCRIPTURE itself becomes so fascinating and enlightening and even mysterious in its own way . . . that the former fantastical topics and novel interpretations PALE drastically in comparison.

When you start becoming ALIVE inside, because you are truly born again--a new creature . . . everything unrelated or antithetical to that new life in Christ--which once was so interesting and fascinating perhaps--becomes more like an irrelevant, dead thing.

So, as I said, it appears that . . . those who are dead on the inside . . . seek and require great external excitement in both thought and action . . . because they are empty . . . whereas, those who find REAL life and true (eternally significant) sustenance ("living water") seek and require just more and more of that.

The "dead" look at the Bible and sometimes come across scripture . . . and it may occasionally strike them as nice poetry or "good advice" . . . but mostly it is boring, meaningless, dry, irrelevant, holding little to no attraction.  Same regarding Jesus.

They cannot understand--and are slightly even in fear of and loathe--those who seem "obsessed" with Jesus and the Bible, considering them "unbalanced", "extreme" and, of course, "fanatical" (my favorite descriptor.)

But what they don't know, as their "eyes" are blocked and covered, is that . . . as He is revealed to a person, that person's whole perspective changes . . . . The focal point RADICALLY shifts--180 degrees to an opposite direction.

["focal point": (def.) a point of convergence of light.] 

Before . . . let's say "the light of life" . . . came into a person . . . and passed through their SELF, their EGO, which is made up of a multitude of competing interests, desires, sin proclivities, memories, attachments, delusions etc., and then that light is diffused and refracted in multiple directions, many at odds with each other--a jumbled, dissipated confusion.

When the "light of life" . . . comes into a person . . . and that person has "died to self", there is no longer all of that multicolored, multifaceted lens of self seeking to divide and diffuse "the light".
Instead . . . the focal point has become (NOT self) . . . but JESUS . . . and "the light of life" converges on Him alone.  And since He IS the light AND the life . . . "living water" is found and, where once the person was dead . . . now they are ALIVE, connected and related to the source of life.

You see, there IS plenty of wonder and mystery and depth and breadth to satisfy the most curious and interested of seekers . . . throughout The Word.  You find that, if you want (which you DO as the Holy Spirit invests you) you can delve endlessly into the teachings and revealings, "always learning" AND arriving "at the knowledge of the truth." --(2 Tim. 3:7)

To the spiritually dead . . . scripture . . . and worship . . . and Bible study . . . may be things that you feel obligated to sometimes, even regularly, be involved with.  But there is no craving for it; no sense of need for it.  But a thousand other topics and news items and "latest developments" interest you.  Yet an emptiness remains within, never sated, never filled nor satisfied.

And to the dead, one explanation is just as good as another.  There is never a sense of being able to quickly and surely see the truth in matters.  It may be this . . . or, it may be that . . . . Often, the various conflicting theories and tales and propositions leave such a person . . . simply confused and non-committal to ANY particular viewpoint or "take".  "It's ALL interesting" and equally plausible . . . . (for instance, regarding subjects like alien abductions, UFO's, cryptozoology, hybrid Nephilim, the Illuminati, the New World Order, did Paul "hijack Christianity"?, ancient civilizations, "forbidden archeology", ritual abuse, bible codes, etc.)

Again, I am not saying it is wrong and to be avoided to be curious about and study ie., "the latest" on these kinds of topics and I don't doubt that some are genuinely led into ministries specializing in certain of these areas.

What I am saying . . . is that I've noticed in myself . . . and can observe often in others . . . is that . . . the more Christ lives WITHIN . . . the more HIS teachings and being satisfy and fascinate ABOVE ALL ELSE and the less important all these other (albeit intriguing) theories and issues . . . become.  If there were nothing else . . . but to be about the work of the Lord . . . specializing in It alone . . . that is more than enough to be about!  It is deep, wide, diverse, fascinating, fulfilling, rich, "mind-blowing", wondrous, endless, and THE STUFF OF LIFE ITSELF!

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord." (1 Cor. 15:58)

"Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them." (Psalm 111:2)

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Then you have seen your name written" in the book of life".

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