Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Call Going Out: Prepare Your Souls

There are only two ways to go . . . to be . . . in response to what is swiftly upon us.

Everything is going right where I thought it would and warned as best as able to those with whom I share a small sphere of relation--ie., family, friends, acquaintances . . . you folks in cyberspace where we've crossed paths.....

I continue to expect it will be every bit as bad in every way that I have in the past described.  Most people will buckle.  May God be merciful, for very few will maintain the courage to stand on truth, let alone continue to proclaim the truth, though there are a lot of delusional would-be freedom fighters out there . . . who think they will stand tough . . . but who will crumble at the first real test, or the second or third--but soon.

I requested, back in 2006, for May Day to do a show with Zeph to roughly describe the character of the oppression that I knew was going to steadily increase, and would use May Day itself as a rallying point and symbol.  Now we are here, 2012 . . . and it's looking just like I thought it would.  There is little doubt--no doubt really--where it will go from here.

Having already spent plenty of time and space here over the years predicting the political and social and ideological character, machinery and methods of the oppression, as of late--because the hour is now late--I've shifted to emphasize the only guaranteed and certain means of "preparation" that is going to be of lasting value once this thing kicks into high gear.  And it's not guns, bunkers, food storage, legislation, "conservative" candidates or even Christian activism.  Those things have their place and anyone is wise to "prepare" as inspired and able in those areas . . . but I expect that quite swiftly, except in a few cases, all such preparations will be quickly made moot, irrelevant . . . as such measures are either suddenly outlawed, absconded, or violently repressed.

A single order of forced evacuation . . . for instance, will, in a moment, take the "prepper" away from their store and they will likely never be allowed to return for or to it, if you know what I mean.  "Hoarding" laws will be passed and enforced as will be laws forbidding the ownership any meaningful "self-defense" property, if you know what I mean . . . .

I am as certain of this as I was back on May Day 2006 . . . that something like communist revolution in the streets would be galvanizing in the near future around that date . . . and that 2012 would be "the end."  Not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we have known it, in a "radical" way.

The public targeting of high profile "patriots" (ie., like Ted Nugent) . . . and the sudden demises of perceived threats to the regime (politicians, journalists) have been increasing and will become ever more blatant and ominous.  The effect and purpose is to silence and intimidate any who would make a public stand and to overall make individuals cower and hope not to be noticed . . . as the dirty work of "liquidation" intensifies.

I am led . . . at this stage in the process . . . to reach out and exhort in the ONE area that CANNOT be threatened, killed, imprisoned, terrorized into compliance . . . and the ONLY area of preparation that actually matters IN THE END.  And here is where we must leave the pretenders and uncommitted, as such will simply be the case . . . because they will not have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear . . . because they have not the heart that desires . . . to answer the Call of the Lord to His people . . . .

Aside from the basic requirements of good temporal citizenship, I care nothing for the kingdoms of this world and look only to the coming Kingdom of God, and so will primarily, above all, be answering the Call, which is going out NOW, to be about our Father's business.

The most valuable and critical preparations for the great shakings ahead, rumbling even now, HAVE TO DO WITH THE INNER LIFE . . . . The Kingdom of God is within.

So why do you fret or try to change or obsess about . . . the kingdom without?  A perfectly JUST and RIGHTEOUS God . . . is going to recompense each person their wages.  The wages of sin . . . is death.

Death and hell can be earned, and those under the law will get their reward.

Heaven cannot be earned, but is a gift . . . which is not warranted but can be accepted.

The Call is going out:  Prepare your souls.

Every day is precious, while some modicum of external freedom remains.  Precious . . . to be used for SOUL preparation . . . above all else.  The storms of judgment are whipping up in disparate quarters, gaining strength and coalescing . . . . There will come a time when people's hearts are so frozen with fear and shocked by rampant wickedness, that they will not have cogency to choose rightly.  NOW is the time to establish the path of the heart--the trajectory of the spirit, of the inner life, so that when all is chaos and malevolence, the disciple stays anchored to the Rock of Salvation and is not moved . . . .

Then comes the time when there will be NO more opportunity to choose.  The mulling over direction will be done, and you will be ETERNALLY consigned to the WAY you chose to go.

There is a mystery which should not delay your choosing because you insist on understanding it beforehand.

The mystery is that you are both chosen . . . AND . . . YOU MUST CHOOSE.  You cannot find God unless He draws you to Him . . . AND you also are to make a free will choice to accept His gift of everlasting life in His presence.

A Call is going out:  We are to tarry no longer in resisting full, committed discipleship in the service of the Lord; if you are His and choose to be His.

There are only two kinds of work that will be going on.  The enslaving and destroying of bodies and souls, bound for damnation. OR, the saving and freeing of souls set for everlasting life with God.

Fear not then those who can enslave and destroy the body only, but fear He Who can kill both body and soul, to satisfy the demands of justice, rightfully returning the wages of the willfully sinful.

The world and its inhabitants groan in sin and are heavy with burden.  The Gospel Truth liberates the captive and brings abundant freedom, all the while within the protection and perfection of God . . . .

There is only one of two ways to go (to be) . . . . It's one, or the other . . . . to God or devil, Heaven or Hell?
The battle of life . . . is swiftly becoming focused into these two divergent camps, contending . . . .

There is nothing other than this going on right now . . . .

The Call is going out.  Get off the fence . . . stop stalling in the garden . . . .
It is time for SOULS to prepare.

Eight years ago, perhaps to the day, when I saw His Truth revealed, He told me there would come a time to proclaim, "Prepare your souls!"

That time is now.

Godspeed and God bless
yours in Lord Jesus, Brother, Thomas


Anonymous said...

Praise GOD for you!!!

Mark said...

Tied to the anchor stone.

Anonymous said...

Yes It is All about THE MOST HIGH GOD and your soul. Everything else is just a cattle prod be it gentle or otherwise. Than You for Your Love of THE LORD JESUS and for Sharing :)

pantherjim said...

Amen Brother T and Praise Yahweh for His Plan playing out. We all need to focus on the redeeming sacrifice of our Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) and accept our inherency of Abraham's seed. For we who accept the Messiah Yeshua are grafted onto the natural olive tree for inherent promise of Yahweh, our Heavenly Father. I honestly believe that the Father's plan coincide with His Feast's mentioned Lev. 23 which are to be observed by all His children, whether Jew or Gentile throughout their generation, forever. Basically, Yahweh's Feast Days layout His plan of salvation and He will soon Tabernacle with us after He blows the last Trumpet (i.e. Feast of Trumpets, which is a fall feast) also it is stated in Lev. 23 that it is the Feast of the Yahweh (The Lord) not the feast of the Jews. They are for all of us who believe and have Faith in our Savior Yahshua. Yes I believe the Father has been calling His children out of the main line churches and pulling some of us towards the Hebraic roots of what we call Christianity today and I am not taking about the Messianic movement, but more of a Israelite movement (not a replacement, but a grafting onto the main root; Romans 11), at least for me. I have been keeping the Sabbath for three years now and I have been blessed with so much peace and biblical understanding that I know it comes from the Almighty Elohim. Now I am not judging anyone who does not observe the Sabbath (what we know as Saturday)or the Feast Days, but during this time of Grace, please look into them instead of the news of world events, for the earth dwellers are going to do what they allowed to do which is what is allowed from Yahweh, think of the book of Job. With that said, B'nai Shalom which means be children of peace not strife or worry for we have a Father mightier than all the worlds kings and princes.

May Yahweh bless you all with His peace, wisdom and protection!
Shalom, Shalom!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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