Saturday, March 31, 2012

Think Again

[Some bad news . . . . ]

It's fairly common . . . if you were to ask someone, "do you think you're a good person?"  They will hem and haw a little bit . . . "well, pretty much . . . I try to be . . . yeah, I think I'm a pretty good person."  They will usually admit to not being perfect and wanting to do, to be . . . "better" . . . but overall . . . yeah, a fairly decent person . . . .

"Do you think you are going to Heaven?"

If they believe in an afterlife . . . they will usually hesitate . . . ponder . . . and say, "I hope so . . . but . . . yeah, I think I probably will--anyway, I hope so, yeah . . . ."

Now, a false, deceiving spirit . . . will be present here, comforting the self assuring person . . . "yeah, you're probably going to heaven . . . you try to be good . . . you're not perfect, but who is, right?"

The Holy Spirit, however, will take His sword and say, "What is heaven like?  What happens in heaven--what to people do there?"

The fairly knowledgeable responder will answer, "Give praises to God . . . . There is glorying in God's presence."

The Spirit asks, "Do you give praises to God now?  TRULY?  Is your main thought and purpose and desire right now in this life . . . to give glory to God?"

And the answer is most likely to be . . . no.

Then why do you want to go to heaven?  You have no desire to see God, know God, serve God, love God, praise God NOW . . . so why do you say you want to go to heaven to do that?  Because that's what someone told you happens in heaven?

But, is this your heart, now?


So will you really be going to heaven?  Why should you?  Why would you even want to?

Is it not true that actually, nearly all of your thoughts--IF NOT all of them--are centered around your self and glorifying your SELF?  Are you not constantly seeking after security . . . pleasure . . . money . . . love . . . entertainment . . . things . . . FOR YOUR SELF?

And is it not more true that you rarely, if ever think about praising God?  In fact, if one were to look at the total of your thoughts and desires . . . very little is there that is on fire for God; but rather, mostly you are on fire for your self.  If anything, you are mostly seeking to hide from God . . . to run from Him . . . to avoid Him . . . or, at the very least, PUT OFF UNTIL LATER truly, desperately, whole-heartedly, emotionally, continually facing Him.

Is it not more the case that you intend sometime later to "get serious" about God . . . but first you work to secure your standing in this present material world?

When He says "Seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness--" . . . is it not actually the reality that you are seeking 5 to 10 to 100 OTHER things first . . . and then, maybe, when you expect to   feel more like it . . . THEN you will seek Him more intensely?

When people say they want to go to heaven, what they are really saying is that they want to go to a place where they can finally have and do what what they want . . . to make themselves happy.  Why?  Because that is what they spend their lives doing and wanting on earth, in the mortal life.  They just want more of this life and without all of the hassles.

Here, they do not desire God, nor seek Him so much as they search for their self.  "Who am I?  Where am I?  What do I want, what do I need?  How do I get it?  Where can I find it?"

So, why does such a person say they want to go to heaven . . . if that very same self must in fact DIE before reaching heaven . . . ?

I typed the question, "what do you do in heaven?" and "Yahoo! Answers" provided a thread where the more honest ones wrote:

--"No one really know what happens in heaven, but to me it's hell if all you do is worship one god forever"
--"Exactly why heaven is so unimportant to me... why would I want to spend eternity alone, and licking the boots of the christian God?"

A self proclaimed "believer" might read those replies and respond, "How awful such comments are! What horrible pagans, atheists to say these terrible things!  Of course I want to go to heaven to worship God for eternity!"

But . . . really?  Are you doing that now?  Do you "Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" today?  Or is that something you intend to get to later?

Or, in fact, is the MAJORITY of your heart and strength . . . devoted to OTHER "interests"?

Many disguise their self interest within philanthropic projects . . . "good works" . . . doing "good and nice" things . . . in being "productive" . . . and so, when asked, they reply, "I think I am a pretty good person . . . and I will probably go to heaven . . . "

Yet, in truth, their interests and their seeking and their desire has little to NOTHING to do with God directly.  They do not seek the Lord first, but instead seek a world of their SELF, surrounded by their own works, in which they can boast and take pride . . . .

The Lord will not be fooled by such . . . .

Standing before Him . . . all the pretenses will be stripped away.

Did you sincerely . . . foremost . . . want heaven--to be with God?

Then why did you not, IN TRUTH, IN YOUR HEART, LIVE so when you had the opportunity?

No, you wanted something else . . . He will say, I never knew you . . . .

And you will go to that place you were always seeking anyhow--a place WITHOUT God--that place where He WAS not first to you . . . .

"Do you think you are going to Heaven?"

"I hope so . . . but . . . yeah, I think I probably will--anyway, I hope so, yeah . . . ."

Perhaps . . . you better think again . . . .

[next . . . some good news!]


proposed with spirit led love and concern,
for myself and others,
for God,
brother, thomas

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