Thursday, March 8, 2012

There are purges . . . and there are PURGES

Very simply . . . what's going on . . . those with the scales removed from their eyes can see, is that we are in pitched battle . . . within a determined war against God, against truth.  It is supernaturally directed and "on the ground" is embodied by Godless humanistic communism.  The fight for the mind, and thus soul ("for as a man thinketh . . . so is he") is at its fiercest right now.

A chilling example of the enemy's control of global thought can be seen right now, for instance, with this sudden, "viral" "Kony 2012" campaign.  Here is a template for how vast psyop "enemies of the people" operations will be conducted against ANY who dare to defy the coming global regime--which will be primarily Bible believing Christians.

Why now?  Why this "Kony" move now?

Suspicious . . . and suspecting a new anti-conservative media psyop . . . I googled "Kony and Limbaugh" to see if some things were maybe showing some . . . convenient synchronicity.

And VOILA!  Surprise! ... not! ...  For one thing, this sudden "Kony" campaign . . . coincides "conveniently" with the "campaign" to remove/destroy Rush Limbaugh while simultaneously putting "Christian rebels" in the worst possible light.  Language and symbolism is key.

So, Joseph Kony heads a "rebel" group called the "Lord's Resistance Army".  [Hey, didn't I just write the other day that we are part of an "army" for "the Lord" in effect?  Oops.  Now, using such language, even metaphorically with spiritual connotation intended . . . will tend to be avoided . . . by Christians . . . as increasingly . . . propaganda is designed to attribute to zealous Christians the implication  . . . that such believers are dangerous and outlaw.]

Also, while Rush is under media attack . . . now it can be added that he (Rush) showed seeming sympathy for Kony and so, "supports" a "Christian" rebel outfit that "murders, kidnaps, rapes," etc.

You see, not too long ago, when President O. sent troops to Uganda, Rush made a comment on his show to the effect of  saying that O. was sending "a hundred troops to wipe out Christians" in Uganda, and that he was "help[ing] the Egyptians wipe out the Christians."  I vaguely recalled this and is what prompted to google "kony" and "limbaugh" . . . to see if the two "memes" had been recently combined . . . .

And what do you know?  Surprise . . . NOT . . . again!

Media Matters, the Soros-backed communist media attack group just published yesterday an article entitled: "When Limbaugh Backed Mass Murdering Warlord Joseph Kony". 

And this is how it will continue to go--the silencing of voices who dare to speak out against the rapidly descending tyranny.

Who knows the real story on Kony?  There ARE some conflicting reports as to just how bad and what he really is . . . though these are getting harder to find as the media continues to be "washed" of objective reporting . . . .

The main point is . . . here we can see IN ACTION . . . how social media . . . and young, aggressive, mind-controlled (mostly youths) can be triggered into instant frenzy and action . . . and be DIRECTED at a specific target--a person or group.

Of course, you will see that it is always going to be some type of "patriot" group . . . or dangerous "Christian" group . . . or some or other conservative "voice".

The objective is to silence the growing vocal alarm at what is happening to the country and the world . . . as global communist dictatorship finalizes its iron fisted grip!

And yes, it looks like we are in the ramped-up purge phase.  In general, things are going along just as I expected and predicted they would regarding the communist takeover.  Even 5-7 years ago, talking about the threat of a socialist/communist takeover of the country was mostly laughed at.  People rolled their eyes at the mention of "the communist threat" . . . having been sufficiently brain-washed over the years into believing that "communism fell" under Reagan and Gorbachev.

Now, however, it is common parlance to talk about "the Marxist in the White House" . . . while talk show hosts and various media pundits regularly describe the "socialist policies" being compelled on the people . . . .

I wrote and produced a satirical audio skit:  "T-Ray: NWO promo" . . . in 1991 . . . as I could see what was coming and wanted to warn about the media/propagandist techniques which would be used to elicit  peoples' acceptance . . . and even enthusiasm . . . for the coming tyranny . . . . (I think its #20 on my Soundclick player).

 "Where do you turn for helpful hints on coping with New World Order mandates?--T-Ray
Where do you go to learn 'new thinking' and correct 'global attitudes'?--T-Ray
Don't be caught doing things the 'traditional' or 'old fashioned way'--
You need a personality program that encourages self doubt, self criticism and individuality diminuation--
Those hallmarks of the remade global citizen--You need--T-Ray
Yes, T-Ray the renowned global regime facilitator and New World Order coach
Offers the latest in behavior modification techniques designed specifically to 
Make you confirm happily with 'democratic principles/executive orders'--T-Ray
So, get with the program and get on board
The New World Order train as we roll headlong down the tracks of social progress
Towards a bright and brave new future--."

I knew that "executive orders" (meant to circumvent Constitutional constraints) would be used under a guise of implementing "democratic principles."  Tyrants--especially of the communist dictatorial type--have always used the cloak of "democracy" . . . and this is what is happening now when the Czar-in-chief purports to be using his "executive" power "for the folks."

And we are clearly in the midst of an all-out assault on the "traditional . . . old fashioned way" as long held notions of "family" . . . "marriage" . . . and other Bible-based morality is mocked, perverted, destroyed.

And with the recent Rush Limbaugh flap, a new round of attacks on talk radio in general is under way--the last bastion, besides the internet, where conservative and traditional values are discussed and dispersed.  Eventually, most of the big time talk show hosts will just throw in the towel, tired of the hassle.

Also in the final phase . . . purges (which are always ongoing) intensify . . . for both the purpose of intimidating others (to not threaten or contradict the regime) . . . AND for simply getting rid of troublesome, effective leaders of the opposition (counter-revolutionaries).  Breitbart would be a good example of a troublesome "counter-revolutionary" figure, for instance . . . .

Eventually, if the takeover proceeds like the others before it, there is a time when most, if not all potential "opposition" leaders are overtly taken out . . . or imprisoned on trumped up charges.  It will happen suddenly and shockingly.

Same with the military assault.  It has long been the plan by the Soviet Bloc (which still exists covertly) to one day, during a time of economic chaos and collapse . . . to strike suddenly and violently and overwhelmingly.  The idea is to so shock the targeted population . . . and demoralize them . . . and damage their defensive capabilities . . . that there is virtual, guaranteed surrender and capitulation.

We see one of the other red flags waving just recently showing that we are close to the end.  Unilateral disarmament.  The revolutionary in the White House, you know, is proposing to slash America's nuclear stockpile from roughly 5000 warheads . . . to just 300.   There are more than 500 strategic targets in Russia alone, and most of them are hardened to withstand an attack, whereas the U.S. only has a couple of hardened sites and little to no civil defense capabilities.

Anyway, all in all . . . it would appear that the communist conquest of America and what's left of "the west" . . . is proceeding just as planned or better than planned, and all signs show that we are nearing the conclusion of that objective.

While noting these sad developments--saddest of all is how so many of the American people and others are willingly and even eagerly promoting, supporting, funding, voting . . . etc. the takeover and attacking/mocking/undermining the very people (mostly Christians, conservatives, patriots) who are fighting to preserve liberty, property, freedom of religion . . . etc.--
MY plan . . . God willing . . . is to continue focused on the matters of the Spirit, the Word . . . writing and speaking about the Gospel . . . about God, Jesus . . . the real purpose of this life as He reveals it . . . sharing the inevitable burden of persecution . . . while it lasts . . . as we walk the Way of truth . . . to that final, and DIVINELY purging day of ultimate justice.


Mark said...

Gods will be done.....even if it means the destruction of this land.
IF god wills.

Conrad said...

I also felt that there was something wrong with the whole Kony thing out of nowhere. I watched the video and got bad vibes from it - it really seems extra-libertine. It clicked when I realized that that's why they sent troops to Uganda; but why are we now knowing exactly what for? Now that I look at it, the whole thing looks highly scripted.

As I saw on youtube:
"Regarding KONY 2012, Too much attention on one single criminal. We have TONS of Konys sitting in government offices right now. Don't get it twisted, I love seeing criminal scum get exposed, but this is becoming a trend spreading.Like I've said for years now, if massive amounts of attention are focused on just one guy, it's a distraction. I agree that Kony should be taken down, but that also goes for the tons of other Konys who aren't gonna trend on twitter."

Just weird how people are all of a sudden pushing for Kony to be found and judged. Why aren't people protesting Obama and trying to get him out? Just imagine what a difference it would make if people protested to get the filth out of our government and demanded righteousness! The government should fear the people and not the other way around...

God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

ntselet distarl

Linda L. said...

Just because someone use's the Lord's name, does not mean he belongs to Jesus.

The Ugandan military is guilty of the same crimes that Koni is said to be guilty of.
Luk 13:27 KJV - But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all [ye] workers of iniquity.

Linda L. said...

June 2006 extended interview with Kony by a journalist. He says that 'many spirits' tell him what to do.
I doubt these spirits are the Holy Spirit. The men in his own army tell of being kidnapped by him as young as 7, trying to escape, but being 'caned' for trying to leave the LRA. He stole the innocent childhood of these men. Even if he did not mutilate and rape, kidnapping these boys and turning them into soldiers by force is wrong.

Conrad said...

Just found this - apparently the entire Kony movement turns out to be false. Kony has supposedly died years ago and there has been no threat from the LRA since 2006! Although, I don't know the motive behind this thing...other than it being a distraction and destroying credibility.

Linda L. said...


Your first link about Kony being dead is no longer working. Hmmm. White washing? But I listened to the 2nd one. Thanks for the link. Interesting. Yeah, I"m not contributing to the Invisible Children group. Sounds more fishy by the moment, for more profit than not. So, Bro. Thomas, could you maybe explain more in layman's terms about memes? Thanks.

Linda L. said...

And maybe it's about OIL in Uganda.

Kyril Stosz said...

Signs of the Times

By Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose

Another very symptomatic sign of our times is the next one mentioned in this chapter of Matthew: that the love of many grows cold. This seems to be a definite characteristic of our times, to a quite greater degree than at any time in past history. One can see this in what can be called nihilism. People commit crimes for no particular reason, not for gain but just for a thrill because they do not have God inside them. In all kinds of places now, one can see the lack of normal human relationships in families, which produces cold people. It is this kind of people who, in a totalitarian society, are used as slave drives, working in the concentration camps and so forth.

Recently we had the tragedy in Jonestown, which was composed of American citizens. The people there were idealists who devoted themselves utterly to a cause. Although it's come out now that it was actually a communist commune, still the people were supposed to be Christians. The leader was a minister of the so-called Church of Christ, one of the mainline denominations. And yet these people, supposedly having some awareness of God and Christianity, coldly killed each other. Those who drank and administered the poison to their children did so with calm faces. There's no problem: that's just your duty, that's what you're told to do. This kind of coldness is what Christ is talking about. Any kind of normal human warmth has been abolished because Christ has gone out of the heart; God is gone. This is a frightful sign of our times. In fact, they very thing that happened in Jonestown is a warning because it looks as though much worse things are going to come. This is satan's work, quite obviously.

Just a year or two before that occurred, we heard of what happened in Cambodia. A small party of men—some ten or twenty altogether—took a whole country in their hands and killed off at least two million people quite ruthlessly, based on some abstract ideas. We're going to get back to the country, they said; therefore, everybody is to leave the cities. If you can't leave the city, you die. People in the hospitals had to go from their operating tables, and if they couldn't go, they died—they were shot and left in a ditch. Corpses were piled up in the cities—it was frightful.

This was the same kind of thing as what occurred in Jonestown: coldness based upon the idea—which looks idealistic—of brining communism to earth. It turns out that Dostoyevsky was right. In his book The Possessed, written in the 1870s, there was a Russian character named Shigalov, a theoretician, who had an absolute theory of how communism could come to earth. He believed that the ideal state upon earth will be true communism. Unfortunately, he said, in order to make sixty million people happy, you have to kill a hundred million people. But those sixty million people will be happier than anyone else has ever been happy, and the hundred million people will be like fertilizer for the future world paradise. It so happens that in Russia there have been exactly a hundred million people missing since 1917, of which at least sixty million were killed by the Soviets themselves.

So this sign is very, very present in our times: that love grows cold. This occurs among Christians also, not just in the world at large.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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