Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Poor Confounded Wise....

We were talking about God again out on the front stoop in relation to the night sky, the stars, the heavens--"Again? Is that all you ever talk about!?"

[Ha ha . . . YES!  Pretty much!  What else is there?]

And Sky expressed his wonder at how the universe--cosmic space--how it goes on forever (in his quaint, limited but blunt deafspeak . . . .) "It's crazy," he said, "that space just goes on and on . . . like . . . there is no end . . . it cannot stop . . . just goes and goes . . . . "

I love to think about that sometimes.  It gives me an immediate sense of the unfathomable awesomeness of God--knowing that He is even BEFORE and beyond that!  GREATER than the infinite boundaries of the universe!

I remember being about 7 years old, sitting in this little phone booth nook in my neighbor friend's house, where I could shut the folding door and make it dark . . . and I had a "Litebrite" toy in there, but somehow I started contemplating infinity, imagining being in a space ship and headed for the edge of space . . . but then realizing that it could not possibly end . . . . What would be behind the end?  More . . . something . . . would have to keep going.  There could be no end!  And to think . . . that somehow, some way . . . God is like that--would have to be!   Beyond and above and before and after and sovereign even over the vastness of unending space . . . beyond and master even of nothingness!

And then, because of what the Bible tells us, to realize that He is personable!  He is not some "force" or impersonal intelligence, aloof . . . . But He is loving, wise, omniscient, immutable, merciful, omnipresent, holy, rational, self sufficient!

I then like to think how It says we are created in His image.  There is something profound and holy even in the form of our bodies--the way He designed our appearance.  It is a spirit of rebellion and disrespect which wants to distort, pervert, change . . . the body . . . a fallen spirit of desecration of the intended "temple".

While we know that He is spirit, I would not be surprised to find that His spirit, in a real and objectively perceptible way will be in an "image" similar to what we have ourselves as an image or likeness.

Why not?  Darkened and earthly minds jump to a conclusion that . . . if there is a God, surely He is beyond any form or likeness that we can conceive.  They laugh at the idea that God is "an old man with a white beard" sitting on a throne in heaven somewhere.

But, what if that is just about exactly what He is like?  Why not?  It very well could be . . . that there simply is a being--a person . . . Who always was . . . always will be . . . Who is omniscient, omnipresent . . . Whose inherent nature is love . . . Who actually--though in spirit--LOOKS something like the human form.  And that it just is what it is.  "I AM THAT I AM."  Whether an earthly mind can comprehend it or not . . . it may simply just be the case. 

It is because of the uninspired, false narrative of "evolution" and supposed "scientific thought" that has infected our collective understanding . . . that we assume that God, if He even exists, MUST be something so different, so alien, so transcendent . . . to the human form.  Also, the devil has always been interested in maligning the image and form of humanity and has sought through the ages to demean, pervert, twist, and disparage the human creature, because he was jealous of it in the first place. 

But I tend to believe that the idea of the Father . . . may be much more like the proverbial "old man with a beard" than being some incomprehensible, formless "intelligent force" . . . .

One reason I tend to think so, is because when I do . . . I instantly feel a deep and dignified sense of honor and humility . . . to be created so . . . . And it follows that I find I want to honor "the temple", respect its usage and expression.  A real feeling of the sacredness of our image comes in . . . and a profound gratitude and worshipful attitude accompanies the idea . . . combined with that unique, quiet but powerful "ring of truth" sensation, as if the Holy Spirit is testifying to this being a great and wonderful mystery.

Also, I can see how the modern trend towards transhumanism and altering DNA--altering the human "form"--would be a likely agenda of the Adversary's . . . who wants to "deface" and pervert the creature "made in the image of God" . . . like how pagans and rebels for ages have tended to mar the body with tattoos and piercings and intentional deformations. 

Clever Godless theorists trivialize the natural human form saying we once were apelike and someday may look like something else altogether . . . maybe just brain stems plugged into biomorphic computers . . . .

Always, the unbeliever is wanting to run away from the plain words of revelatory truth . . . "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness . . . So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Gen. 1:26-27

I believe, according to His own Word, that He has parts--something like eyes . . . ears . . . a mouth to "speak" . . . hands which fashion . . . a mind . . . "emotions" . . . . From our fallen, ignorant, sinful state we tend to project onto Him our own fallen, ignorant, sinful attributes, but a perfect, holy version of these must be there and He has made us so that, even in our lowly condition, we are yet able to catch a "glimpse" . . . "get a 'sense'" . . . of His personal qualities.  For we are made in His image and those same qualities exist, even if infinitesimally, as part of our potential divine nature.

When I ponder these things . . . my inclination is to just fall down on my knees and praise and worship such an incredible, cosmic . . . YET PERSONAL being . . . this God, this Father of ours!

I think this is a perfect example of how "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty."  --1 Cor. 1:27


Linda L. said...

An 'ah hah!' moment. As a woman, sometimes I really have trouble relating to God or feeling that he doesn't really understand what I go through, because he is always referred to as "he" in the Bible. But today, when reading that verse in your blog where God said he made man 'in his image, male AND female he created them', it dawned on me that God is BOTH male and female himself in some way. I tried to reconcile it that he is without a sex, like the angels in heaven, but then I looked at this verse again just now, and something clicked in me. Yeah, I've heard it, that he is both, but never really felt it in my heart, until today. Thanks for that word!

ROGER said...

Thanks Brother Thomas,

I've often wondered at the vastness of space too and the stunning pictures which came from the hubble telescope: Natural Geographic had some amazing pics which I seen years ago. Also, I wondered and pondered at the microcosm of the subatomic particles. What truly blew me away was the fact that the "thought" hit me that God is conscious of and in control of it ALL... The glory truly belongs to God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ... Nothing compares to Him...

Peace always my friend...

Mark said...

The"ancient of days"..."the cosmic law"
The eighth symbol on "the rock" in the ogham is the symbol that represents "cosmic law"
God bless

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Beautiful...and yet simple, the vastness, personality and "all-being" that God is.

Thanks for the reminder that we are created like Him - He being the perfection of our attributes. And yes, He must have a 'soft spot' for us in His "heart"....a genuine love for us to create us like this, these 'body temples' and the capacity to love and create like He does!

So vast & complex, but perhaps so simple that He is a 'person' too!

It does give me a new sense of the holiness of my temple!

Thanks & Blessings!


smalls said...

The Emperor-Beyond-The-Sea...

I think the business-like clean shaven, clean cut look has to do with perverting the image. I recently cut my hair for personal reasons, but I believe everyone looks more handsome with longer hair. Mine had finally gotten to about "Jesus hair" length, and I intend to grow it out even more this time around.

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