Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The fish doesn't know it's wet.  Neither do most recognize the stew of sin they swim in.  Day and night, we breathe iniquity like it's air.

Inhale . . . sin, iniquity, depravity . . . exhale sin, wickedness, death . . . . So natural--such a normal part of daily so-called life.  It is so prevalent that you don't notice it anymore.

Sin?  What sin?  Don't talk to me about sin!  Tell me how wonderful I am.  Tell me I can have anything I want if I just learn "the secret" . . . or now, "the magic."  Don't bring me down with your negativity.  I want to feel good about myself.  I love myself . . . .

Do you love God?  NO!  Is He the first thought on your mind when you awake?  Through the day are you thinking about Him . . . talking to Him, listening for His direction?  And at night when you fall to sleep is He on your heart, or is it just the sights and sounds remembered from the day . . . worries, plans, desires for your self . . . as you fall to sleep?

Worse yet are those who claim to love God--to have been "saved" by God . . . but then nothing in them changes.  They call themselves "Christians" but they live just like the unbelievers and just as the pagans and world lovers.  Money, sex, greed, lust, lying, cheating . . . and not even aware of it.  Like the fish, they don't even know they are wet.  Drenched in sin!  Day in, day out, the same old wretch, claiming His Name but never changing and living just as the unbelievers do.

Here is how you know if you have really been baptized in the Spirit or not.  For if you have, YOU WILL START TO CHANGE, TO TRANSFORM!  Though you yet sin, you no longer look to sin.  You repent and lament your fallen nature whereas before you didn't really care about it--in fact didn't really recognize it.  But now you do!  And you want--you CRAVE that He changes you WHOLLY, COMPLETELY.  You loathe and detest that fallen nature and want it AWAY from you!

But look at the unbeliever.  They revel in iniquity.  They even glorify it in song and in their dress--in their words and habits.  It is all around and they notice it not.  "What sin?  What's the big deal preacher?  Chill out 'Jesus freak' . . . ."

Hey, it's just another day in the water, in the ocean, swimming around.  Yeah, maybe I'll check a few blogs, watch some t.v. . . . go to work, go to school . . . eat something tasty . . . another day . . . lukewarm, no big deal.


Lazy, lukewarm, satisfied, tepid, weak, enervated, careless . . . self loving, smug, not worried, not broken hearted to the point of tears about the unsaved . . . .

I pray you are as fired up as I am about God!  About Jesus!  About NOW, today getting ahold of the Holy fire, the Spirit!  Are you considering the brothers and sisters RIGHT NOW being persecuted around the world by godless, atheist humanists and communists in China, Russia, Cuba . . . by radical, violent Muslims in Africa . . . by radical hateful Hindus in India--children, women, pastors . . . attacked for their faith, threatened with death because they WILL NOT betray their dedication to Jesus Christ . . .?
Are you disgusted and do you mourn with me the false teachers in our churches preaching prosperity doctrine and love of self . . . talking about explicit sex at the pulpit . . . saying you can have it all--you can be worldly, love the things of the world AND God?

Wake up!  Shake yourself!  Come out of the fog, the heart numbing stupor of sinful indolence!  Let it NOT be the water you swim in for around you is a holy fire which burns away the sinful malaise~!  PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!  It could be today!  The Kingdom of God is at hand!

Do not party and truck with the dead!  Do not shrug and laugh it off!  BE A FOOL FOR CHRIST!  Be considered a madman to the world.  Let them mock and scoff and scorn--these are your stripes!

THANK GOD for His mercy that He has found you and saved you and forgiven you!  Be on FIRE for the Gospel!  DIE, DIE, DIE TO YOUR SELF!  Be done with it!  Live ONLY for God!

Please do not slog through another day, wishy-washy . . . half-baked, half-a**ed . . . half awake, groggy, unappreciative . . . nonchalant THAT HE SUFFERED AND DIED FOR YOU!  FOR YOU!!!

Come on now, WAKE UP and repent!  And give thanks!  And spread the Word!  You are His hands, His eyes, His heart, His mind, His mouth . . . commissioned to SHINE HIS LIGHT through YOU to the world!  THROUGH YOU He chooses others!  Through you . . . HE awakens others!  Through you . . . His story is shared, told, preached, shown!  Do NOT be lazy, lukewarm . . . the days are short . . . and then come the days when none shall work . . . and you do NOT want to be lamenting that you did not do your share!  There is NOTHING more important . . . at this point . . . NOW . . . in time . . . in this age!

Praise God!

Your brother in love, in Christ,


Cunneda said...

A great word, Bro T, thank you.

Brenda James said...

thanks bro.. I needed this uplifting word today! May He set my heart ablaze, like the first day I realized I was HIS!
This world is so blinding, it hurts my eyes! ugh! Thank you Lord Jesus for your patience and mercy!

Trish Daniel said...


Jeff Weiss said...

Thank you brother Thomas.
God bless you sir.

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