Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amidst the Glorious Grind Part 1 (of 2)

Like the wonders of the continuous saving of 10% of all earnings put at the employ of compound interest (so I've heard) is one of the secrets to wealth building, even for the peasant, so too can little steps taken add up to many miles walked . . . and paragraphs or a page and two read (or written) here and there . . . compiles to libraries consumed and/or tombs transcribed.


What I mean is, in the instant case . . . my oh my how much fun literature, sacred scripture and edifying knowledge can be read . . . even if you just use a few spare moments of the day, here and there to do it, but on a consistent basis.

If I could, I would be reading almost constantly.  And writing.  But I can't--as in, I have no time or opportunity to ie., sit in a chair and just read a book, so am content with little moments found here and there . . . and slowly but surely, it all adds up.  

In terms of writing . . . hammering away at this blog, for instance, over the years, has equaled 6 or more fair-sized books worth of material.  I have written 40 or so new songs in that period and managed to record about 25 of those in some fashion or other.

Just through researching as time permits . . . bits by bits, but consistently . . . and writing a paragraph, a page or two . . . even sometimes just a sentence every day . . . I have reached the 100 page mark of a first draft on my ancient Indian history novel, though I must admit at this rate it will be a while until I have, hopefully, a decent final draft.  

I am going to finish it and make it the best possible piece of writing I can.  Primarily, I want it to be a good read . . . and then have some levels to it, so that . . . it can be taken as simple fun, edifying (hopefully) escapism . . . AND . . . also advance some possible insights, theories . . . on another level.

I do have concern, though, about what kind of market might be available . . . by the time it is complete.  As in, there may by little to no market at all . . . if we're in the midst of all hell breaking loose, which I don't think is out of the question . . . . Or, a more glaring obstacle . . . is how the political/social climate might be.  

When the communists take full control of a society . . . freedom of expression, of course, suffers drastically.  Everything produced . . . must be "politically correct"--must conform to the godless, Marxist/socialist view of reality . . . or it simply won't be allowed to see the light of day.  "Social Realism" is the loose term of art describing this.

We are very near that sort of stifling control already.  The current attacks on "conservative" talk radio and "politically incorrect" religious expression, will eventually lead to actual legislation criminalizing certain kinds of "speech" and expression, as it has done already in many socialist countries--as it is and was in China, Cuba and Russia still today.

According to communist doctrine . . . ALL "art" must serve the purpose "of the revolution"--no music, no painting, no poetry, no literature . . . is to be allowed in the public domain . . . which does not SUPPORT and enforce . . . communist policy and beliefs.  Sadly, it all becomes a drab, grey, superficial world, as individualism and free-thinking creativity is run through the ideological smasher . . . producing a sort of pink slime--an "inoffensive" . . . "pro-social justice", bland, nonthreatening, unchallenging "enlightened" . . . paste . . . now considered proper art.

Also, the "liberal" minded gatekeepers are constantly on the lookout for stifling and even "black listing" any expression which may positively convey "traditional values".  It is the objective of the communists now running our institutions to stamp out, malign and destroy art or craft which seeks to promote or encourage the classical Biblical world view:  ie., the pre-supposition of their being moral absolutes, right and wrong, even that there is such a thing as "truth."

The godless, communist agenda must establish a norm of relativity--there is no "truth" except what the "collective" says it is at any given point in time.  What was "true" or encouraged yesterday . . . MAY NOT be today.  It just depends on what the "party bosses" decide the current agenda is.  People must be prepared to change on a dime, what they support or attack, depending on the direction of the "leaders".  [Sidenote:  This is exactly how the Mormon church operates, it might be noted.  For instance, even though polygamy was taught as a NECESSARY and divinely ordered institution by the prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, today, the "prophets" say it is wrong and so, the people are expected to ignore the contradiction and just simply follow . . . "truth" being relative and all, depending on the CURRENT "leaders'"  direction.]

But, I will never kow-tow to this horrible, life and art killing agenda, so . . . we'll just have to see how it all pans out.  I'm just saying that I expect it will be increasingly difficult and near impossible, as the communists firm up their dictatorial power, to produce creative, honest, original art, music and literature.  Besides the opportunistic, spineless industry "gatekeepers" . . . there will be hordes of mindless, soulless ghouls who will be directed through social media to attack, boycott, terrorize ANY "artist" who dares to create works which do not tow the party line.

And, more importantly, this situation will be especially pronounced regarding those teaching God's Word.  Preachers, pastors, writers, speakers, bloggers . . . will be likewise targeted with increasing vitriol and violence, should they dare to continue to promote the "traditional" world view taught by scripture.

Hearts, minds and souls will be won . . . when sincere seekers shall look upon the stark contrasts . . . of those dark, prideful, self-seeking "social activists" screaming and enforcing that good be evil and evil be good . . . versus the light-filled, humble but fearless, activists FOR GOD, who will NOT be silenced--will NOT be bribed and threatened into submission to LIES and the Father of Lies . . . .

In part 2, I am eager to share some of the fascinating worlds, dimensions and truths visited over the past half year, all from just moments found here and there, amidst the glorious grind . . . some, thanks to you I might mention :)

God with you today, now . . . .
a brother, thomas


Nauticalboync said...

Thank you Brother Thomas! May God be with you always! I can't read enough scripture to fill the void

C said...

I can't get enough scripture, either. I love the words you put here.

I can see that creativity already has been stifled. Been to a movie lately? They all, no matter what they are about, tow the party line. Even when it is ridiculous for it to do so, it still does. And books are so dumbed down nowadays. It's slim pickings already for good entertainment. It is like a switch was flipped and now everything everyone puts out touts the government-as-savior, homosexuality-as-the-norm agenda. It's disgusting. It's Godless.

For however long we have you and Zeph and others like you, we'd better soak up whatever we can!

Thanks! You are a Godsend.

Kyril Stosz said...

On communism as a chastisement from God:

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