Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Face!

Come on saints in waiting, be of good cheer!  What are you facing?

Do you face the world?  Are you looking at the hatred of the enemy?  Do you see their armies arrayed on all sides, harrying your every step?  Are you facing fear . . . worrying about your provision . . . ruminating on what will befall you in the midst of battle?  Do you face your past--all the mistakes . . . your lack of courage, your weakness, your fallen wretched tendencies . . . so that you face guilt and shame and remorse, turning over and over again and again in your mind your failures?  Are you facing your pathetic attempts to be good, to be of good cheer, your lack of truly caring for the suffering of others . . . how you don't really love, though you know you should?  Are you facing others--looking at what they have, how they seem to prosper, maintain health, beauty, position . . . facing their facebooks . . . being tweaked at their boasting, their bragging . . . ?

What are you facing right now?  Which way are you looking and where are you turned?

Are you facing your seeming relentless inability to stay in God's will?  How you struggle within and without?

Maybe you are facing your pride . . . conscious of it, but every time you try to be humble you find just another subtle way to revel in your own attributes . . . .

No, no, no!  About face!  TURN THE OTHER WAY!

There is only one of two ways to face.  You are either facing the world . . . or the Lord.

About face!  Turn and face the perfect one!  The enemy wants you caught up, bound, beaten and stewing on your fallen, failed condition, as if this were news!

But instead what you should do . . . is lose yourself in the contemplation of . . . and wonder in . . . and thanksgiving to . . . the PERFECT, victorious, wholly HOLY MASTER . . . of your life.

Lose yourself in looking at His perfect mission--His FLAWLESS character.  Stop facing your sin nature and the depravity of the world, lamenting your powerlessness to change either.

HE has substituted His life for yours--imputed . . . HIS spotless character for yours--and THAT is what God sees in you!

Of course, you are yet aware of all the rest . . . and the trials of a saved soul working in the fallen world will be a part of your mortal walk . . . BUT, you do not face them . . . by FACING THEM.  YOU, instead FACE GOD, be turned toward Jesus, for He has ALREADY destroyed and defeated ALL of your failures, your sins!

By "facing" Him, I mean . . . that you stop allowing your attention to be consumed by a thousand-and-one--so-to-speak--concerns and details of your awful condition.  At some point, He has made you aware of this, which is when you KNEW that you needed Him and were born again . . . .

And for the new creature to develop and thrive . . . you will be wanting to now devote your attention--WHAT YOU FACE--squarely and directly upon the perfect and victorious character of The Saviour, The Messiah.  Look at HIM.  Lose your self in love of HIM.

Do you recall being "in love"?  How all the world and it's troubles seemed to not matter anymore . . . because you were so enrapt, so "in love" with another?  The world could all go to hell and you and your love couldn't care less!  As long as you were together . . . .

THAT is the same condition . . . the disciple must be in with the Master.  It is a marriage--bride and bridegroom . . . and let all the world fade away--let the dead bury the dead . . . for YOU . . . are focused solely on the pleasure and beauty and wonder of your love.  You are ready to die . . . without a thought given . . . for your love . . . .

The attributes . . . the character . . . . Everything they do--the way they do it, every small thing . . . is pleasant and thrilling to behold.

Well, this mortal experience of love between creatures . . . is just a type and shadow--a beautiful and charming one even--of what is intended to be our ULTIMATE loving relationship.

Either you are facing the Lord--His light blazing countenance--His perfection . . . and becoming lost in that . . . . OR, you are facing the fallen, dark, miserable world and your fallen self in it . . . .

About face!  Turn around and face your Lord, your Master--He whose righteousness WAS already made yours!

Then . . . you will find . . . that by having your attention on Him . . . through His gracious power of drawing Spirit . . . you will begin to change . . . to take on more of HIS qualities . . . which you so admire . . . .

This alone . . . beats ALL the thousands of mystical practices and techniques and esoteric and ascetic disciplines and rule following and law abiding . . . that tries to change a person's soul character.  THIS is the closest thing to a "secret" there is . . . what "magic" would attempt to achieve, but always fails in . . . .

What are you facing?  HIM . . . or NOT-HIM?

brother, thomas

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Brenda James said...

WOW, so well said it brought tears to my eyes! talking about my lover that way ;-) I believe it, this is the key.. eyes on flat out awe and wonder.. focused on The King Of The World.
I'm really sick of seeing myself and others, ugh.. it's dreadful!
Worshiping helps me see Him more clearly.. so I wrote this song to Christ on Mar 22.. I hope it helps inspire worship of The King! He is SOO undeniably worthy of our praise!

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