Sunday, February 26, 2012

"The Stargate Kit Aliens & Avatars Used-only $150!"

[Tarot "Ascension" card]

Running to and fro . . . gaining knowledge . . . .

And getting dumber and darker, where no light can enter because all the interior is filled with dirt.  Dirt?  Yes, because none of it has any eternal significance.  It may be interesting, fascinating even . . . but, in the end, nothing changes.  A PERSON does not change in their character by learning and applying "man"-made theories and exercises . . . .

I just briefly scanned some alt-news . . . and saw some kerfuffle between William Henry and David Wilcock.  David Wilcock, the ego-maniacal joke who claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and the Sun god Ra . . . and also the "first white man" . . . .

So, I was led to a youtube excerpt of  William Henry on Randy Mauguns show and listened to a few seconds of Henry alarmedly reporting that . . . SHOCK! . . . David Wilcock has been caught in some sort of lie and, oh dear, what news!

Are you kidding me?  Anyone who EVER took one word of Wilcox OR William Henry seriously . . . for longer than it took to check it against The Word . . . well . . . is living in that dirt filled interior full of (spiritually) useless . . . so-called "knowledge".

Here is a blurb from Henry's website:  " . . . William Henry is your guide into the transformative power of art and symbols of human ascension. He has been documenting humanity’s awakening to its spiritual magnificence for over 20 years."

Yeah, Henry is just as self-deluded as Wilcox, but maybe, he seems to be saying, more honestly so . . . .

I've heard Henry before, back when I use to listen sometimes to Coast To Coast.  When I got Born Again and realized/experienced that only JESUS is "guide into transformative power" . . . I could no longer even stand to hear these fools' voices.  Grating.  Nearly every word is a blasphemy.

So, we've got the reincarnated sun god Ra . . . being lambasted by . . . a guy who is our "guide into the transformative art and symbols of human ascension" . . . AND . . . . . . wait for it . . . he has also been "documenting humanity's awakening to its spiritual magnificance for over 20 years." !!!!

Wow!  That's quite impressive . . . I must say . . . .

In its self important, misguided delusion!

Since when did "art and symbols" have the power to transform someone into "ascension"?  Oh, since William Henry, who specializes in the research and "interpretation" of ancient art and symbols . . . started making a business out of it, that's when!

Ego.  Cult of personality.  Notice how in each of these cases, the "teacher" proffers theories and explanations . . . always leading back to the teacher themselves for . . . ie., increased "enlightenment" . . . "ascension" . . . "transformation" . . . .

It's never Jesus.  Well, they will re-interpret and offer some new twist on some gnostic version of the "secret" teachings of Jesus . . . but this is where I usually get straightaway nauseous, when some self-seeking, self-loving, self-promoting glorified snake-oil huckster uses the name and teachings of Jesus to present some "new" angle, some "secret" . . . but NOW REVEALED (thanks to the huckster) esoteric method . . . to . . .
. . . wait for it . . . . . . . to . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . .


You see, this is the so-called "spiritual magnificence" Henry is alluding to.

But, I thank God every day . . . that I know . . . there isn't one SHRED of spiritual magnificence in me, EXCEPT what comes by GOD, bestowed through JESUS, imputed to me through His bloody sacrifice on the cross!

Wilcox is such an obvious joke and charlatan that I won't waste any more time on him . . . but Henry is interesting in that he is presenting himself as the honest alternative . . . and so I am just checking out his website for the first time to see if he's still coming from the horrific place I recalled him from the last time I happened to hear him on the radio . . . .

And yep . . . there it is . . . .

How about this:  "Awaken the Power Within.
Join William for a stimulating and creative journey into the rejuvenating powers of Tarot"

The "rejuvenating powers of Tarot"?  Rejuvenating Satanic powers I suppose . . . .

This message of "ascension" is Satanic.  By the way, Mormonism teaches the same thing as "the law of eternal progression", which is just another version "spiritual evolution."

It's all occult and warned strenuously against in the Bible.

I find both Henry and Wilcox and all the other new age guru wannabe's "TEACHINGS" filthy and dangerous.  Strong words, I know . . . but what else can it be?  It DIRECTLY opposes and contradicts the biblically recorded life and Gospel of Jesus Christ!  WE DO NOT WORK OUR WAY TO HEAVEN! . . . or "ascend" . . . or discover our "spiritual magnificence."

What we DO discover is that we are WRETCHES!  Every single one of us, dirty, rotten, sinful, prideful, lying bums!

We NEED a Saviour.  And it ain't David Wilcock, William Henry . . . or Joseph Smith!

Henry has the audacity to place a scripture passage at the top of his web site home page:  "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good (godly) way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."
- Jeremiah 6:16

Of course, Henry is the revealer and presenter of the "ancient paths", if you've ever heard his overall spiel.

But he leaves out some important following words:  "But they said, 'we will not walk therein.'"

And THIS is the problem . . . with all such false teachers and "prophets".   They invent their own "paths" or "reinvigorate" certain ancient paths . . . but WILL NOT submit to the Lord and the clear Word of His Gospel.  Oh, they will follow multiple and diverse ancient paths . . . and new paths . . . and art . . . and symbols . . . and tarot . . . and channelings . . . and "new revelations" . . . and esoteric practices . . . and occult techniques . . . . . . And, they will charge lots of money to continuously offer new and updated versions of these once "secret" methods . . . "now revealed" . . . for only $19.95! . . . or you can go to a seminar ($$) . . . and get the new "kits" and books and audios and dvd's ($$$) . . .

And PAY for the "privilege" of . . . learning and practicing . . . an UTTERLY anti-Christ philosophy and practice . . . .

I don't doubt that Henry is a nice guy--maybe even a "good guy" . . . does some nice things and is polite and might be pleasant over a cup of tea.  But the messages--the teachings . . . are foul . . . to the highest degree.

Who am I to say so?  That's just it . . . . I'm a nobody.  I have no successful books or dvd's . . . no name, no fame, no power . . . a struggling house painter with a minor blog . . . . AND YET EVEN I have seen and heard and felt IMMEDIATELY . . . the self-promoting, anti-Christ, Luciferian, anti-biblical garbage--YES GARBAGE!  DIRT!--spiritually USELESS pap that these charlatans gush forth.  It doesn't take a saint, or a biblical scholar; but even a child could discern it . . . that what these new age "ascension" hucksters are SELLING . . . is . . . ultimately wicked, useless, dangerous and blasphemous.

Another version of this tripe . . . is very big in the city where I live.  The Mormons eat it up, because it supports their basic beliefs and yearnings to WORK to perfection . . . to become little gods in their own right.

Again, all that usually happens is just that people go broke paying a couple of hucksters at the top of the program who have devised a slick mind-control cult designed to enrich and empower the "gurus" at the top, while all the suckers get drained and tossed aside.

It's called "IMPACT TRAINING".  It's like "Lifespring" . . . and similar to EST, and ECKENKAR which were big in the 70s and 80s . . . though most of these scams end up in lawsuits and IRS investigations.  Lifespring is now called The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness or Insight Transformational Seminars.

They, like Henry and Wilcock . . . use biblical language to soften people up . . . obfuscate . . . and like all anti-Christs . . . attempt to co-opt biblical verbiage and concepts, though always just perverting them.

Impact Training . . . demands gobs of money from the people who get involved and many also conscript their family members and friends . . . and it is not unusual for folks to start charging on their credit cards hundreds and even thousands of dollars . . . to supposedly "advance" to the next levels of "enlightenment."

Mind control and brainwashing techniques are prominent throughout the whole operation and most people who get involved come out damaged financially, psychologically and spiritually.

OH how sweet and clear and pure and UN-dangerous is the SIMPLE, FREE($) Gospel and Person of Jesus!  So, so much complication and work and study and practice and exercise and burden CAN BE SIMPLY AVOIDED by merely SUBMITTING the self to the Lordship and guidance of the Son of God!  You don't need training, seminars, books, dvd's, kits, courses, levels . . . .

You need Jesus . . . . !  And HIS ascension!

[Jesus' Ascension]

"Are you ready for the next step in your soul’s evolution? Wondering what you can do to create a greater change in your life and the lives of others? Discover the power of SOUL RISING.
William Henry’s SOUL RISING is an extraordinary seminar designed just for you . . . "

"Soul's evolution"?  Sounds like Mormonism's "law of eternal progression" . . . .

But if you ARE "wondering what you can do to create a greater change in you life" . . . how about REPENT and SURRENDER to Jesus?!

No, I do not suggest that you get the "kit" "used by aliens and avatar's" to "transform into a light being and open a gateway to the stars," as Henry offers on his site for only $150.00!

I will say that I have understanding and some sympathy for those who do get drawn into such nonsense during a desperate seeking phase of life.  It happens.  I've been down a few odd roads myself and have known the delusion first hand.  It can be seductive and powerful, these shining lights of the devil . . . .

But once the scales have fallen from your eyes, how clear things become!  And it is holy natural and called for to warn others and oppose these fruitless and dangerous "paths".  So much trouble, money lost and wasted time can be avoided if one just never takes the bait.  Plus, more importantly, serious psychological and spiritual damage is done as these false and deceptive "teachings" are supernaturally designed to poison the seeker's perception and comprehension of SIMPLE biblical truth!  Here is where the wickedness lies....

William Henry complaining about David Wilcock's veracity?  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, lol!  Yeah, Henry, you're right on this at least, "it's not a good scenario" when "people are intentionally misleading people" . . . .

Though, forgive me if I'm just a little dubious . . . that you've discovered "the Kit" that "Mary Magdalene, Jesus and their gnostic crew reassembled" to open a stargate with . . . .

with love and concern for seeking souls,
 brother, thomas
"fair use" mentions . . . .,15925


Mark said...

Amen! "He is my rock and my fortress"
Thanks and godbless.

Michael Soaring Eagle said...

same lie as told in shall be as gods.....

Kyril Stosz said...

Amen, Amen, Amen
Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
"O Christ, having taken upon thy shoulders our nature, which had gone astray, thou didst ascend and bring it unto God the Father" (Matins canon for the Ascension, Ode 7)
"Having raised our nature, which was deadened by sin, Thou didst bring it unto Thine own Father, O Savior" (ibid.)
"Unto Him Who by His descent destroyed the adversary, and Who by His ascent raised up man, give praise O ye priests, and supremely exalt Him, O ye people, unto all the ages." (Matins canon for the Ascension, Ode 8)
As many have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.
Galatians 3:27
An explanation by Saint Gregory Palamas

Water is a means of cleaning, but not for souls. It can remove dirt from those being baptized, but not the grime which comes from sin.

For that reason, the Healer of souls, the Father of Spirits (Heb 12:9), Christ, Who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29), enters into the water before us to be baptized, as we celebrate today in advance.

He draws the grace of the All-Holy Spirit from above to dwell in the water with Him, so that later when those being baptized as He was enter the water, He is there, clothing them ineffably with His Spirit, attaching Himself to them, and filling them with the grace that purifies and illumines reasonable [1] spirits.

And this is what the divine Paul is referring to: “As many have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ” (Galatians 3:27) (“On Baptism and Repentance”, Homily Fifty Nine in “St Gregory Palamas, the Homilies”, Mount Thabor Publishing, page 487)

Brother Thomas ©2015

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