Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gather Together, Come Out the Burning House

People are fools, thinking there is time to stumble around entranced with this or that vain desire.  There is no time--no time to waste on dangerous excursions of the soul.

But the delusion is so strong that the selfish dreamy are lost in dark (to God) fantasies, deep asleep, wandering around a house which is full ablaze, on fire with rafter beams crashing and the air quickly vanishing.

Yet, on they go, as if they had all eternity to eventually wake up and come to their purpose.

The Deceiver--the Liar has concocted pleasant philosophies and "mystical" doctrines which pretend that there IS plenty of time and that certainly no god would be so "cruel" as to actually call "game over" and mete out judgments--rewards and penalties . . . .

The Deceiver whispers, "do not worry so much; just enjoy yourself . . . if YOU are not (self)satisfied first, then you cannot be of use to anyone else . . . . "

"He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth." -- Mathew 12:30

We have but ONE WILL to apply in the things of our life.  He who walks in darkness allows the many desires of his heart to live and breath and scatter in all directions.  She who loves the world is driven by torments which constantly seek to be satisfied.

But he or she who loves GOD above all must deprive the many desires of the heart of their life--not give them breath or hands or legs to move and act.

While the house in on fire, there is but ONE thing to do.  And that is to ignore, deprive . . . all the dreams, the distractions, the desires . . . which only lead to further wanderings in the crashing, burning abode, so that you die there yet seeking . . . . But instead--IN PLACE--of this . . . you are to GATHER in to ONLY the Lord.  One purpose.  One "dream".  One desire . . . which displaces . . . all the others.  Otherwise, your life, your breath, your energy, your time . . . is SCATTERED . . . and it is impossible to find union with God.  Grace can find no place to enter.  His Light . . . finds no receptacle--nothing to hold Him, because the receiver is broken into fragments--SCATTERED, dissipated . . . in so many directions and vying longings and plans and schemes . . . such that God can find no GATHERED will in you to conform with.

Unless and until . . . you have truly, finally rejected ALL of the selfish longings of your heart EXCEPT the longing to be completely taken over by the Spirit of the Lord, then you are fooling yourself, and you are still only walking around, lost in dreams, remaining entrapped in a house that is a blazing, burning and collapsing conflagration about to destroy you.

Hence, the urgency!

And . . . why the world will hate you.

For the world thrives on people who have desires to be fulfilled.  Fortune is made by exploiting the sinful, fallen, LESSOR desires and dreams of people who try at all costs, to avoid following the divinely intended ONE AND ONLY priority desire:  to surrender to Jesus.

It's not "good for business", so-to-speak, when people awake to their awful, burning house condition, and then seek ONLY to be within the will of God.

So, the Deceiver rushes and quickly gives you all manner of distracting and enticing thoughts to keep you from recognizing the gravity of the situation.

Knowing your human weaknesses, he--the devil--is likely to bring you another person--a desirable creature to love . . . using powerful emotions and bodily cravings against you . . . and will place that creature/person right in your vision of God--right in the way, so that, suddenly . . . you are no longer desiring or thinking of God, but rather, now you desire the person in front of you.  If he can get you into a relationship with the person, all the better, for now the matter becomes intimately AND broadly complicated . . . introducing many new implications.

But do not be fooled.  You cannot love another creature or person MORE than God and still please Him.

You have become "scattered" now, if you do, in your affections and will.  Now you are trying to serve "two masters", which is not possible.  You will offend one or the other.

And now that you are not "for Him" . . . you are against Him.

Now you are still wandering the burning house, thinking to be staying in there for good reason, but only just further deluded and dreaming, as it continues to fall, flaming all around and on top you.

At the time of judgment, it can easily be imagined that you stand there and the Lord asks who it was that you loved and served in your life, and you answer that you loved and served God, but He says . . . "you SAID you did . . . you went through motions and external shows as if you did . . . BUT, in your heart, you loved and served another, not Me.  I never knew you, you never knew Me.  You loved your own pleasure and desires . . . in collaboration with another creature, and avoided Me, regardless of what you claimed, and so, depart from Me and go be with the fallen that you loved and served."

This thing is real . . . . And it is dire . . . . And this thing is serious . . . . This life . . . .

A test to see who or what it is that you truly desire . . . .

And He knows what is really in your heart no matter what sort of pretenses and shows for others that you attempt to offer as evidence.

So, you had better GATHER TOGETHER . . . ALL of your straying wills . . . . ALL of your competing dreams and desires and pleasures . . . . And abandon them ALL!  Except that one, single-minded, single-hearted . . . desire to please and obey GOD and be in HIS will.

Do not let the temptations and seductions and distractions of the world--as it is currently designed by the devil himself--to lure your many selfish wishes and desires in all directions, dissipating you, scattering you, weakening you . . . so that your love of God becomes tepid and dark and confused.

Rather, FOCUS all your intent and will and desire only on Him, to the exclusion of everyone and everything else, as COMMANDED in the FIRST commandment . . . and THEN, follow the second commandment to love others--but do not reverse these commandments and love others first, for if you do, then you will NEVER be able to love God as He intends that you do.  The other . . . will be in the way.

When you love God first, and His perfect love begins to find a place in you to abide, and you have left the burning house . . . and now rest in His peace . . . THEN you are able to love others properly, without seeking selfish benefit and personal gain, pleasure or status.  HE will then give what pleasure and joy He wills that you are to have in loving and being loved by others, AFTER you first love Him.

And beware.  He is not fooled when you say that you love Him first, but secretly in your heart you do things for selfish reasons though you disguise them and explain as being selfless . . . .

And there will be signs and effects surrounding you, to let you know you are on the right path, walking in the way of the Lord, for the world . . . will hate you.  And you will not be comfortable with the things of the world.  They will offend you and you will want no truck with them.  And He will begin to separate you out of the world, though you are still in it, but you will be thinking with a mind more like His, not the worldly fallen mind.  And your heart will crave purity and holiness and righteousness--HIS perfection and righteousness, as you increasingly recognize and healthily abhor . . . the UN-righteousness that is YOU and in you . . . of yourself . . . .

And though the world call you "extreme" . . . or "fanatical" . . . or "backwards" . . . or "crazy" . . . you see ever more clearly . . . that it is THE WORLD . . . which is "crazy" . . . and "extreme" and "fanatical" . . . in its hatred of the truth, light, life . . . THE WAY--Jesus Ha Mashiah!

The house is burning!  Collect and gather your self into ONE SUPREME DESIRE AND PURPOSE, to be with Him and Him alone, scattered no longer, for a house divided will not stand, but the whole thing will come crashing down and you in it, lost forever!

These are the hard truths . . . that are both at once exhilarating and (holy) terrifying, as it is meant to be, so that you shake your self out of the world's (the devil's) insidious (spiritual) lethargy.

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” --Psalm 42:1
The angels rejoice in the presence of God . . . OVER YOU! . . . when you finally get to this point . . . !
Luke 15:10

Time is short . . . .

brother, thomas


Anonymous said...

Excellent message as usual!! Praise GOD for you!!

Anonymous said...

Excellant thoughts! Hope you don't mind if I share them with a family that needs to understand these things. I'll leave that up to God to open their eyes.
Thank you so much for your wonderful insight!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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