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Exposing The Church of Relativity

What is clearly happening . . . and is warned of in scripture, is an agenda of compromise hidden in a pretext of "unity".  The mega churches and the elite thereof . . . know which way the winds are blowing, and they are blowing towards a consolidation of all religions into one, global, inoffensive "faith" allied (at the behest of) one global government.  Wanting to curry favor with the "powers that be" . . . and take advantage of public/private/faith "initiatives . . . the mega pastors are led to de-emphasize and even OMIT altogether . . . the more difficult and controversial biblical teachings . . . in favor . . . of a pro-self, pro-pleasure, pro-world doctrine . . . which comes straight from the devil . . . .

And the insult--the BLASPHEMY--involved . . . and what makes it especially despicable . . . is the use of the Lord's name and the Word to promote it.

It was one thing, for hedonists and Luciferians and the worldly . . . to openly and un-apologetically disdain Jesus and biblical teachings . . . where they assert "do what thou wilt" blatantly and as a alternative world/life view . . . .

At least such . . . are honest about where they are coming from . . . .

But there is something profoundly and deeply offensive . . . when religious leaders . . . calling themselves Christian . . . followers of Christ . . . deliberately alter, obfuscate, pervert and promote a DIFFERENT Gospel . . . a DIFFERENT Jesus . . . .

And in these times, the effort to create a "new kind of Christianity" . . . through "convergence" and "dialogue" . . . is particularly ominous, where we know that there comes a day when TRUE followers of Jesus will be openly and officially persecuted, attacked . . . .

On December 29th, 2011 . . . looking ahead, getting a word perhaps on the coming year, I wrote, "change agents . . . are . . . kicking out the bible and Jesus.  Charlatan wolves . . . are in cahoots with the globalists, to transform "Christianity" into a mushy feel good set of amorphous beliefs that can be fused into the coming one world religion. I can see that it is going to be bumped up a notch . . . in a big way . . . this coming year."

Within the last few days the term "change agent" has been used numerous times by prominent "watchmen" referring to Pastor James Macdonald and his "Elephant Room" event and results . . . also noting that what is happening appears to be a bold and deliberate move headed in the direction of "transforming" the "church" into something more palatable to the world.

Mormonism has been doing this for years, such that their current "church doctrine" bears little resemblance to what was taught by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the other early "prophets."

Yet, we know that God is unchanging and His Word is not to be added to, nor subtracted from.

It is not normally my inclination to wade into and on the side of the accusers of false doctrine . . . but I go where led and this has been brought before my attention to note . . . and I can tell that we are entering a critical phase of challenge, speaking to the authentic and sincere Body of Believers.  And yes, we must use such terms as "authentic" and "correct", I'm afraid, going forward . . . .

It is nothing new, over time, this battle for the true understanding and acceptance of The Word versus a different doctrine--a different Jesus . . . but this is our time, so the battle is anew, plus we live in a time when so many end times revelations are seeming to be fulfilled and unfolding before our daily eyes.

And the whole color and tenor and stylings of the "new" take on Jesus . . . is shaping up to be built around RELATIVISM . . . emphasizing the SUBJECTIVE interpretation of scriptural meaning/truth.

I have been and continue to be supportive of a strong inclusion of subjectivity as a natural part of the spiritual experience . . . but always, and only so far as it doesn't offend or contradict biblical doctrine.  It must be checked against The Word and The Word has final say.

But where these guys are going--the mega church, purpose drivel, law of attraction, word of faith-prosperity, love yourself, EMERGING boys of no absolutes . . . is downright Satanic.  This is what violent, Godless, individual-hating COMMUNISM is based on . . . and they are brothers--this "new" church and political communist global dictatorship!

They will attack and eventually, I believe even OUTLAW in effect, anyone and any teaching which purports to be "correct" . . . "authentic" . . . "absolute" . . . "true".   The "TRUTH" WILL BE OUTLAWED, I predict, though the attacks and laws against it will be couched in all manner of Madison-Avenue, focus-group tested JARGON and now, I can see, even with the jargon of the "new emerging Christian church".

The outrage, and why these wolves-in-sheep's-clothing provoke such a strong revulsion and visceral feeling of defensiveness . . . is because of the great numbers of people they are able to sway and corrupt--and all in the Lord's name!  These leaders bear a greater responsibility, and woe to them, He has said, when they come in His name and lead the people to spiritual ruin!

This is why we cannot and are commanded not to be silent when the L.D.S. church aggressively promotes itself, condemning all other churches as false, claiming to be teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They call themselves Christian, but the earnest seeker must know that they are not.  Everybody DOES NOT get to have their own truth!

There is one TRUTH, and if you are a believer and follower of Jesus, you are bound to proclaim it, though the whole world comes against you.  It is a trick of the devil to shut you up when he says, "Everybody thinks they have the truth.  Who are YOU to claim to have and know 'the truth'"?

If you are sincere and honestly seek the Truth . . . "knocking on His door" . . . He will eventually open the door and you will arrive at the Truth.  Along they way, you may be mistaken at times, and have thought that you found it . . . only to be led to a higher and deeper and understanding of the Truth . . . but at last, "precept upon precept" . . . you come to Jesus, and the Spirit of Truth is born with you into a new birth--the AUTHENTIC new birth.

The devil's trick in this time is to so confuse and twist peoples' minds into mazes of relativistic thinking (ie., "who am I-who are you, to say what is true or not?") that no one dares stand up FOR the Truth, afraid to be called an "extremist", a "fanatic" . . . and then the whole field of harvest is just left to the charlatans and wolves to make dinner of a broad sweep of souls . . . .

While it is OUR charge--the Great Commission--to reach the world, make disciples, and teach them to obey what He has commanded.

Honestly, we don't have leisure to "live and let live" where this is concerned . . . .

If there is one thing that is not in danger of being overly exercised . . . it is COURAGE in the Body of Believers to stand and fight for, and promote . . . the saving Truth and freedom found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Savior of Mankind!

In love and concern,
your brother on the field,


[from left to right, top to bottom:  Rick Warren & Barry Soetoro, Rick Furtick, James Mcdonald and the Elephant Room mega pastors, Pastor Eddie Long]

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Linda L. said...

Preach it, Bro! This should be exposed. The gospel has been being watered down and even left behind for years, with false teachings from other systems being welcomed in with open arms.

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