Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Church Of Satan

As a bible believing, Jesus following believer . . . would you feel comfortable going to a "house of worship" which is covered in the symbols of Satanism and witchcraft?

The inverted pentagram was adopted by Anton LaVey (head of the Church of Satan) as the greatest of symbols depicting the power of Satan, used laviciously in magic rituals.

Eliphas Levi, the famous occultist and necromancer, in his 1855 book, "Transcendental Magic" wrote:

"A reversed pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. It is the goat of lust attacking the heavens with its horns, a sign execrated by initiates."

Every wannabe sex, drugs and rock'n'roller knows that the inverted pentagram is a symbol of Baphomet--the devil, as they wave their devil-horn hands in solidarity . . . . 

Throughout the ages and today, witches have used a ritual of "anointing" to protect themselves, where they allow other members of the coven to rub special oils on their private parts of the body . . . .

Witches and warlocks through the ages and today, like the occultic Masons, wear "aprons" while performing their magic rituals.  How about if an actor dressed up as Satan gave you the apron to wear and be buried in telling you that it is a symbol of his powers?  Would you feel comfortable with that?

The "All Seeing Eye" . . . is a well known symbol of the Illuminati, Masons and occultic, witches and warlocks going back ages . . . yeah the same one on the dollar bill . . . the Eye of Osiris . . . or Horus ....

Secret words, phrases . . . and secret handshakes and magic incantations . . . have been a part of pagan-magic ritual since the days of Babylon at least . . . . In the Tibetan Book of the Dead special phrases, words are taught to help you navigate the Underworld after death . . . . 

How about taking blood oaths and vows of devotion to the coven, even though Jesus Himself said NEVER take such vows and oaths?  Or, talking to the dead and necromancy (works for the dead)?

Witches, masons, sorcerers etc., have long known and practiced the craft of designing architecture in such a way as to attract powerful demonic spirits.  The L.D.S. temple was specifically designed, with its 6 spires and cornerstones and "magik" measurements . . . according to a spirit that was giving directions to Brigham Young . . . .

 ALL of these obviously occult and devil worshiping symbols and acts (and many more) are found on and in the Mormon Temple.

Any Bible believing, Jesus loving Christian is horrified by such things and the Bible is strenuous in warning--PROHIBITING--that anyone should subject themselves to such blatant pagan rites and rituals.

Now, most people who enter these ceremonies and rituals . . . are simply naive and uneducated about what they are doing.  If they've been brought up in the cult since childhood, they know nothing else and have been deceived that it is all "holy".  Conveniently, if they should ever happen to stumble upon the verses in the Bible which warn against these depraved and vile affronts to God, they have been pre-programmed to only believe the Bible where it is "translated correctly", giving them an easy out to ignore whatever contradicts their occultic beliefs and rituals.

But woe to the person who knows better, who has been warned of these things and willingly, knowingly enters into these wicked practices.

But many, sadly do, just like those who join the Masons in order to make connections "in the world", to get wealth, position, fellowship, status and power.

I suspect there is little more loathsome to the Lord than to join a cult of devil worshipers in order to get gain and position . . . in the world.  Especially when using His Name in doing it.  At least the open Satanists clearly announce who it is they serve and follow.  But to use the Lord's Name and Word, where convenient, pretending to be a Christian, but then performing magic rituals and using Satanic symbols on your clothing and temples . . . has got to be one of the most perverse, wicked, deceptive moves made . . . by a group of people . . . . How can it not be so?

It is no small thing . . . not just "another church" . . . . This is a church, which, like Satan, says that we should become gods!  That God was a man who had physical sex with Mary . . . . That you must have multiple wives to enter the highest glory of heaven . . . . That God was once a man who sinned and "worked" His way to perfection . . . . That there are many, many gods . . . . That black people and people of color . . . are marked with dark skin because they were lazy in the pre-existence . . . . That when people of color turn to the good, their skin will turn white . . . . That Adam is God . . . . That Jesus, God the Father and Joseph Smith will judge you on Judgment Day . . . . That we are brothers with Jesus and Lucifer . . . . That "the fall" was necessary because that is how we were able to get physical bodies so we can have sex . . . . That women can't get into the "highest kingdom" unless their husbands let them in . . . . That Jesus' death on the cross was not enough--we must also WORK our way into heaven . . . .

And so on . . . .

It's dangerous and blasphemous stuff . . . and only a suicidal fool would submit themselves to it, knowing better . . . .

This is not a message of hate.  Don't change the subject.  This is a message from love for fear of any who would knowingly enter in these OBVIOUSLY un-biblical, anti-Christian practices and beliefs!

[masonic, magic, Satanic symbols on the L.D.S. church]


Traumahawk said...

The Pentagram just blows me away.

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
It is horrifying all the Masonic & occultic saymbols that are so widely used in church architecture and ornate designs on their buildings.

And most have become so part of our upbringing & culture - and part of the 'church experience' so many people have seen for years - that we hardly notice or think about what it means, or WHY would they put that there.

A guy that Zeph has spoken to a couple of times, Jonathan Kleck, has been revealing these symbols and what their intent is - and on this video, he goes around to 3 churches in San Antonio and shows these symbols so widely used.

If anyone wants to check it out -

Blessings Brother Thomas!


ROGER said...

Thanks again, Brother Thomas!!

This is totally wild. I remember one of your talks with Zeph about angels communicating supernaturally with the brethren. That the same info would be shared among all of the connected brethren. And that synchronicity was actually this angelic communication between us!!

This past week, I've been watching a lot of videos which deal with this very same subject. I have some of 'em posted on my YT channel for others to review. It's just amazing how these symbols are right in our faces on a daily baisis. What's really distubing is the fact that these symbols are also on the outside architectures of churches. These are shown in Jonathan Kleck's video called: Ezekiel 34 The Plus, another guy has done several videos on symbolic rituals. I can't imagine how disappointed our Lord is with all of this?? Plus, I kept thinking about the judgment(s) that our Lord is going to bestow upon these deluded individuals whom participate in all of this.

Peace always...

C said...

I appreciate you exposing these foul teachings and sounding the alarm, Brother. Much love to you!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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